Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My picture is nearly finished... so I think I will go and get more materials and do another one!

They come in handy as gifts! Might do a few wee ones next....

Can't walk to town today though, will need my vehicle to bring said supplies home....but I will try to get on the treadmill today, and the exercycle too. Followed by a sauna me thinks! BLISS.

I'm really lucky the kids have 'taken' to Stew's coming's and going's so well, no tears or tantrums... and Brylee realises now that I DO KNOW how to tuck her in at night! Sure makes that aspect easier to deal with, no upset kids.

Anyway... onward with this day....

HA! So far today I have done nothing I intended to do! Instead I decided to move my computer desk and 'stuff' from the dining room up into the little single bedroom upstairs, so that way the dining room would be less 'cluttered'..

- I had to move the bed etc from the room upstairs and take it DOWNSTAIRS and set it all up in the room I've been using as my "Dressing Room"...

- Which meant dismantling my 'dressing room' and putting all my clothes in other wardrobes etc....

- and putting a big double door cupboard into the garage...

- which meant tidying and rearranging the garage....

- Which then lead to me being able to take all my computer stuff UPSTAIRS....

- which meant then rearranging the dining room .....

OH MY GOD, WHAT DID I START???? I am KNACKERED! On top of all that I have done the dishes, three loads of washing, vacumed the house and cleaned the loos... SOMEBODY give me a friggin MEDAL! I deserve one. AND IT'S ONLY 11.15 in the morning ....



Now, whenever I want to use my computer I have to go up the stairs... this is maybe not a bad thing!

End of day: I've had a neat day! Being busy suits me! And I got bloody tired from all the furniture moving and going up and down the stairs so many times.... this is good. Janene and Jorja visited again this evening, all 3 kids were hyper! Was pleased to see mine go off to bed!

NSV: being busy kept me away from the pantry/fridge... nite nite.


  1. Glad kids are coping well..
    Enjoy your painting!!

  2. You do deserve a medal!! Where's the photos of your hard work?

  3. Holy Moley... wish I could get that done in a day and I have no kids... but then work keeps me busy right now... take care

  4. I like the newer profile pic~

    I agree where and when do we get to see these revolutionary images you are working on????

  5. Wow, that's a huge difference! You've been very busy and it's only lunchtime! Well done :) PS might call round for another visit tonight on our walk, maybe not as late as Monday night though hehe

  6. Dining room looks great.... andGod know the feeling, Im knackered just thinking of things that have to be done, offer that I have on my house expires Friday, and I know in my heart, it will collapse, so here we go again..


  7. Dining room looks great - no wonder you're exhausted though. Love Z xx

  8. Dining room looks great.....much bigger :) Just a thought though .....could you have changed the dressing room to a study???? Saved the stairs ROFL :)

  9. Wow what a difference that makes to the room.

    I officially present you with the 'what did I start?' medal! There ya go!

  10. Hi Chris,

    Long time lurker here.....

    Wow what a great job and I totally understand how you start one thing and then that leads onto another and another.......

    They do say that when you are trying to sell your house to make each room its 'official' use, so I reckon moving the computer will hit the nail on the head - well fingers crossed. It looks heaps better.


  11. Can't wait to see you picture!! No doubt it will be fantastic ....
    It's amazing how well kids adapt to new situations ....

  12. Think of all the calories you have burnt thru doing all that moving!!!
    Love the new look in the dining room... well done!!

  13. gees girl your like a whirlwind hehe this comes from someone who is up at 4 45 every weekday ...glad the kids are adapting well pretty resiliant little tykes these little people we call children tho :) x

  14. Well moving stuff is cheaper than going to the gym!!

  15. Well done! Your house is sooo neat, I need lessons:)

    Where's the artwork???

  16. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Sounds like you have had a very busy and productive day. The dining room looks great. You will sleep well tonight after all that moving of furniture.

  17. What a difference, simplicity at it's best! You most definitely deserve a medal. Hope you had some help moving the furniture. Everything looks wonderful. Hope you get back to your painting tomorrow.

  18. Well, you know...anytime you'd like to use that energy to rearrange someone else's house..please keep me in mind. (o; I would LOVE it!! LOL!!
    Your diningroom looks great!!


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