Friday, February 22, 2008


Stew and I had a long discussion last night and have decided to get a Registered Valuation on the house, and have another meeting with the Real Estate Agents to give this house a big push with lots more advertising and whatever else they can recommend.... we want this house SOLD! No more pissing around, it's now or never.... I have to get to Auckland and get this family reunited.

So, as a consequence... my mind was on FULL when I went to bed and I just could NOT get to sleep at all.... I even tried sleeping on the couch... it did not work. So today, I am going to be a bloody ZOMBIE!

Today, kids to school, ring and get a Valuer to come ... (must tidy house).... maybe go into town with Stew and have lunch....

Still working on that painting... fine tuning to be done! Thought of adding something else to it last night... so no photo yet.

WE be having lunch in Bulls... at my favourite Kebab shop! OOOO I can't wait....

- Lunch was lovely

- got me legs waxed again.. love it!

- just made an enormous meatloaf for dinner

- am VERY tired... looking forward to relaxing

- bought a Recipe Book today... RELAX... it ain't for me! I just make 'em up as I go usually.

End of Day: it's been nice having Stew around all day with me, at least this weekend I actually want him around! Last weekend I couldn't have cared less.... poor man!

NSV: The meatloaf was delicious, but keeps repeating on me! Not so nice. Oh well, can't have everything. nite nite.


  1. Really does sound a good idea with the valuation and pushing the advertising. I know it is on the net - but the ad in the paper is not really out there.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world - you have been patient and I know how hard it is not to have you all settled together in a new home. It will happen!!!

  2. Great idea to get a valuer in and up the marketing. You guys need to be back together, it's time for the stress of being apart to come to an end so you can get on with your life :)

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I just cannot understand why your gorgeous home hasn't been snapped up yet! It really does boggle the mind!

    Sorry to hear that you didn't get yourself a good night's sleep, though it's not surprising if your mind won't shut down what with all of this house buisness :-(

    I hope that the weekend will be a good one for you, Chris!

    Take care...

    Lins x

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I have been to the Bulls Kebab shop OMG devine is for sure. Love it...

    It must be so hard that you haven't sold yet but they say the bloody market is slow at the moment and I KNOW you have a LOVELY home there. It is huge and well presented.


  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Sounds like a great plan to get the valuation and to push the advertising. I really hope you guys manage to sell soon.

    Enjoy your lunch out with Stew

  6. Oh, I'm so bad for that lying awake with the mind going in circles! It really doesn't help if the caffeine consumption has also been creeping up. Have you tried having a hot shower and then doing some stretching? That works for me about 50% of the time.


  7. Hope your valuation and more advertising will get the house sold! It's hard to be apart and hoping and a praying for you to get that sale. Our market way over here is slow too..

  8. I really hope this works and you sell your house ....I know what being apart from your loved one feels like plus I know the girls miss DF when he isnt here so am crossong everything that I can for you guys.....hope you sleep tonight..have a great weekend x

  9. gawd supposed to read crossing lol

  10. Ugh. I do not envy you in the house sale thing. I'd rather have my legs waxed than have to do that again. Good luck!!

  11. The independent evaluation sounds like a good idea! Fingers crossed that that and the push on advertising will be your first steps to selling the house so you can move on with your life!

    Sounds like you got some much deserved pampering today - well done! Have a great weekend.

  12. I also dont understand why your house hasnt been sold yet, so great idea to have an extra push.
    Mmmm love meat loaf!

  13. I think the whole issue is that the market has just slowed right down due to the interest rates so maybe you hve to drop your price a bit, the valuation should help with that. At the end of the day you make take 5K less than you wanted but you will have less time away from each other.

    I love your home by the way so I don't understand why it's not selling!!

  14. Good luck with the valuation. Sounds like you've had a lovely day. It certainly feels good to be pampered. Have a relaxing and fun weekend.

  15. Good idea about the valuation. Just a shame it is a buyers market when you want to sell. The whole of NZ has slowed down. Good luck :)


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