Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been TRYING for weeks now to get Mike to move out... he was supposed to be moving into a flat with his brother Steve and Steve's fiance... that hasn't happened yet!

IN FACT..... bugger me if Steve hasn't moved home! The fiance has moved home to her parents too, they are having a 'break' from each other!

I'm thinking the only person who will to ABSOLUTELY thrilled to see Uncle Steve home again is Griffin... he idolises his Uncle Steve! Steve can do no wrong in his eyes, he LOVES him THE MOST I reckon!

So now every morning I will have to go upstairs and tidy Mikes room AND Steve's... oh joy.... like I have NOTHING better to do! Secretly, it's kinda nice to have the extra company!

This was the little guys face when he saw who was sleeping upstairs this morning:
And of course he had to get into bed for a cuddle:

I have been at it again..... SHOPPING..... "Harry the Hand Cart" did die.... I loved my hand cart.... so I went and bought me a new one... here is Harry II :

Gotta love him, he's got *6* wheels no less!!!! Old Harry only had two, and they kept going flat! These little beauties are never going to go flat! YIPEE !

I also bought some bubby stuff for our new Grandbaby, due next month.... Can you tell I'm hoping for a wee girl ? I have 4 grandsons and only 1 granddaughter so far....

I just couldn't resist!

MADDY: a hand cart is used to move heavy stuff/furniture... you slide it underneath then tilt and roll... I can move ANYTHING on my own with Harry! And wait there's more... he has three wheels either side so he can 'walk' up stairs... it's amazing ... no 'thump, thump, thump' as you go up or down, the wheels just kinda roll up the stairs! I love it!

End of Day: it's been STINKING HOT today, almost unbearable really! Maybe not as hot as it gets in Aussy, but hot enough for me! Stew is safely home again till monday morning... the company is bending over backwards to have him here as often as possible for me!

NSV: I have been on track today, not counting but not being evil either. All is good. nite nite.


  1. Oh how cute that he idolises his uncle - maybe you should get Griffin to clean up after Steve, thinks might change then ... lol

    It's so good to see you back blogging regularly (yes i'm late) but have just caught up on all the posts I missed.

    Cut yourself some slack girl, you have a lot going on at the moment and don't even have Stew at home to share it with. I'd be surprised if things weren't a bit tough on you at times.

    I'm glad that blogging gives you a chance to feel a little more connected to people, i've been down that lonely path before and know how tough it can be.

  2. Ohhh - gorgeous photos - you can just see how much Griffin loves Steve!

  3. That little guy is just adorable. What a face on him. Watch out, Chris, he'll grow up and be a heart breaker.

    Sorry about the return of the messy boys... I'm guessing there's little chance they will clean up their own messes?

  4. You're cleaning up after your adult sons?! Hmmmm.....that just does not sound right at all!

    (my opnion anyway!-LOL!)

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Im sure it is nice having some more company around home but im with you on the not wanting to clean up after them. Griffin looks adorable, he is going to have to fight the girls off.

    Hope you are having a wondeful day. Im feeling the need to go shopping now as well *wonder what i can buy?*

  6. Dare I declare my ignorance publicly and ask what one does with a hand cart? I know what it sounds like. I can see what it looks like, but somehow I just can't marry the two together!

  7. Am so glad Maddy asked and you answered I had no idea what it was myself lol gawd im more convinced then ever ive lived under a rock .....thats so nice seeing Griffin with Steve .....hope its not too much extra work for you , you already do enough....I cant wait to be a grandma .....x

  8. lol, ok I'm a dork, for a second there I thought Harry must be something you take out shopping with you to help carry the bags or something. lol lol (still laughing at the thought).
    I was trying to figure out how on earth it worked exactly so thanx for clarifying, the mental pic of you running around Palmy with that contracption had me laughing out loud.

  9. What cute photos of Griffin! My son is like that with me. I can't get him to sleep in his own anymore.

  10. mate it got to 36 here today I have such a head ache from dehydration I guess naugthy me.

    pink and pretty oh how I luv pink and pretty grand daughters still no word when mine is coming over boohoo

  11. I know what you are doing wrong...your too nice!!

  12. Hmmm If i went upstairs and saw him sleeping there I would have gone in for a snuggle too... ;o)
    hehehe shhhhhhhhh dont tell Mark tho..... hahaha

  13. Dear Chris
    I must apologise, I just discovered two comments from you waiting to be moderated. I must have missed them in all the NZ excitement (!) - sorry - I wasn't ignoring you lovey!

  14. Oh so cute to adore his uncle so much. See you've got a full house too. Just when you think you've got them out the door their back thick as thieves. Good to see you've got your darling home again. Don't worry about everything, one day at a time. Enjoy all the company.


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