Friday, February 08, 2008


Ok, last night I was grumpy, hope today is better! Maybe I need to go do some more retail therapy?

It's been a funny week with the kids starting school, having Stew home, public holiday smack bang in the middle of the week... and now I've got the weekend looming and yet another Open Home on Sunday. This house selling (or not bloody selling !) is really doing me head in!

I spend quite a bit of time every day looking at houses up in Auckland on the 'net..... knowing that we are still in NO position to buy and move.... that also does me head in!

Yesterday I was so grumpy in the evening I did not read ANY blogs... so that is kinda first on me list today... see what everyone has been up to. I feel guilty when I don't ..... this blogging is HARD WORK! But, I do love it!

I am proud of myself for NOT throwing a hissy yesterday and stuffing me face too... some things are going right!

WANNA... told me off! I must stop being so grumpy! OK YA TART!

We got mail.... how cool! Me Mum has been shopping....

She can't resisit linen.... so the kids have a GORGEOUS new beach towel each...

And we have some lovely new duvet covers and matching sheets. How lovely... has brightened up me grumply old self.

I'm having a lovely quiet morning.. must pull finger in a mo and get the washing out... then I might do....NOTHING!

- Stew came home with essential supplies (Diet Coke)

- Just had the front door lock changed, some bugger has been dicking with our locks.

- Am off to pick up the kids from school.

- Struggling to stay 'up beat' today... must go shopping... must go shopping....

End of Day: did bugger all, but held it together on the diet front. Starting to feel very tired and weak.. no carbs will do that to you!

NSV: I did not go shopping, Stew will be relieved! nite nite.


  1. Hang in there mate - that house of yours HAS TO sell soon for the sake of your sanity! Well done on not resorting to food, you'll be glad you did when you next jump on the scales.

  2. chicky ... with all that you have on your plate right now, the fact that you have been 'a little grumpy' I wouldn't be concerned about. If it was me I would be stark raving mad by now!!

  3. Well done Chris!! You've got through a up and down week and not resorted to food!!

    LOL Izzy likes eating cherry tomoatoes from the garden, and socks from the laundry! She is gorgeous:-)

  4. Oh you're a grumpy tart... poor Stew..... Just remember things could be alot worse... You have gr8 kids.. you have a wonderful husband with a job that lets you spend what you like and lets you live well... alot of people dont have half of that.... Focus on all the good things... You have the rest of your life ahead of you to live in Auckland... enjoy where you are now and sped the time with the friends you have here before you cant see them anymore...
    There is the perfect family out there wanting to buy your house that are probably in the same position as you are.. needing to sell thier home too.. take a happy pill and try and look on the bright side of things... being grumpy isnt going to sell your house any quicker... it will just give you permanant frown lines... ;o) Big hugs to ya...

  5. Awww your Mum's a sweetie sending you a parcel out of the blue like that! You won't need to go shopping now yourself! hehe

    PS not coming to morning tea on Saturday, have got friends coming round to give Jorja a birthday present :)

  6. Chris am so pleased that you have stayed on track and not been tempted to "pig out"... You received some lovely things from your mum.... Out of the mouths of babes know kids could buy and sell some adults ....can appreciate your frustration with the sale of your house ....keep smiling x

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Love the linen and towels, its so much fun getting parcels in the mail.

    Maybe us bloggers all need to fly to NZ and stand on your front lawn and harass people into making an offer on the house? There must be 30+ of us who want it sold for you, i think that number on the lawn would be very impressive hehe

    Hope you have a great friday

  8. After reading your house-selling advertures, I have to decided I will never move.

  9. I love those beach towels and so perfect for your Brylee and Griffin. Cut your self some slack mate - yourve got a righ to be stressed, your handling things as well as possible. Have a good weekend

  10. My goodness - that Wanna did give you a pep talk didn't she? Ha Ha! And as you obviously agree she's talking a lot of sense - but still I can understand your frustration - but just keep on hanging in there it WILL come right and so good that you've managed to stay firmly on the wagon this week. Well done you! Love Z xx

  11. I have that very same pink flip flop beach towel :) and I love it!! And I hear ya on blogging being time consuming....and you're so good at it....I'm 50% flake!!

  12. Have a great weekend!! Hope the right family comes around and buys your house!!!


  13. Good luck with the open house.
    And its ok to be grumpy sometimes!! :)

  14. Chin up!! It will all work out in the end!

    Loving the beach towels:)

  15. Lovely pressies from you mam.

    WELL DONE for staying on track today!

    Hugs xx

  16. You doing well Chris, thou how ya have gone without the carbs and not gone "bonkers" I don't know...ya stronger than me!!

    Your weigh in tomorrow...sure to be a good one, I bet !!


  17. It will sell soon! It has to.

    Hang in there kiddo.

  18. Grrr.... I'm sure all of the house selling/not selling has been extremely stressful!! One of those days the perfect buyers will snatch it up and you'll be free to move!!

  19. You didn't go shopping? must be grumpy lately! ;) Good luck on the house selling...its bound to happen sooner or later!

  20. Good for you holding up through a difficult day. How nice to get presents. Hope the weekend perks up for you. Difficult to do, but try and relax and enjoy the weekend. Keep up the good work!


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