Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning... go to town and get some stuff... home, do the housework etc... put some bread on to bake!

I'm being POSITIVE today... we will get some people through looking at the house, it is going to WOW THEM.... well I'm practising THE POWER OF THE POSITIVE !

After the Open Home we are meeting with the Agent to discuss lots more vigorous advertising.... and tomorrow we get the Valuer in... his written valuation should be due end of week. So, it's all looking good and feeling good.

So EVERYONE.... visualise me signing an UNCONDITIONAL CONTRACT will ya? !
We bought... binoculars!!! Don't ask why, I have just always wanted some of my own! Watching boats, people etc while at the beach.... bla bla bla!

WELCOME BACK to TARNS !!!!! I have missed you!

STEVE has been home 3 nights... can ya tell????

Open home is soon...... think we have everything done....

Well despite my best efforts... and freshly made hot bread... no bugger wants to buy my house today it would appear! A couple of families came through, but no sale... BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST.

End Of Day: well tomorrow is another day, we are going to have HEAPS more advertsing done, and I just listed the house on TradeMe too... so we are doing all we can! And then some.

NSV: I've been a bit bad actually.... shrug shoulders... I can't be perfect all the time ! nite nite.


  1. ive got my fingers crossed for you honey...

  2. Couldn't see your house in the paper last night?

  3. Well, since you are living in the future and I'm living in the past, all my visualizations will just be of your present...

    GL though!!!

  4. Good luck.....!! sending 'selling' vibes your way!!

  5. ESP'ing loads of "contract signing" thoughts your way... good luck!

  6. I am sending positive vibes your way girl!!!

  7. Vibes coming - contract signed.....contract signed.....contract signed......

  8. Binoculars! An interesting buy!!

  9. Anonymous11:32 PM

    i have been naughty tonight i had chocolate ice cream!! mind you it was 97 % fat free 100% sugar

  10. Fingers crossed, keep thinking good thoughts, partake in booze at night. ;)


  11. I got binoculars -- they came with my old camera. I don't use them because everyone around here would think I'm a peeping tom or something.


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