Saturday, February 23, 2008


Off to morning tea this morning, then no doubt it will be lunch in town followed by housework.... how RIVETING can it get???

I did get a decent sleep last night though, so that's one good thing.... was up twice to the loo though, monthly from hell.... such a pain in the arse. Can't wait for my hysterectomy!

Oh yeah, I am going to finish that bloody painting too today, Stew can help me with the wood glue stuff... I havn't used it before and don't want to stuff it up. Then I will move on to doing some smaller ones ..... still havn't gotten the materials either... maybe later today.
Right, it's 9 in the morning and shit a brick, I'm still in bed! Better get moving....

Morning tea was lovely, met Chris D's sister-in-law who's out from England to visit her brother. Now home and stressing out as Steve is bringing all his shit back into the house! I'm trying to keep it tidy man!
Off soon to get some new plants for pots to make the deck look all pretty again... bla bla bla.

This afternoon, the guys did prune a tree...

AFTER: it's a bit dark....but ya get the drift.

It makes a HUGE difference to the light around the house front. We now move on to potting some pretty colourful plants around the back. laters...

End of Day: very productive... quite happy even!

NSV: Was a good girl! nite nite.


  1. How did you get on with the valuer yesderday? Have a great weekend and will catch up with you during the week.

  2. Love that new profile pic! You've got such gorgeous hair!

  3. An Chris the busy life of us Mums eh :) Hope you are feeling better now and take care x

  4. LUNCH in town? That you didn't make yourself???


    Um, I'm riveted. Tell me more about these mysterious things!! A photo of your club sandwich would also be appreciated. I live vicariously.

    PS. A little zealous on the pruning, but now the house doesn't look like it's about to be eaten!

  5. So just another quiet day for you then? :-)


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