Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Isn't this just the most adorable photo? My little kids reading a book! Well that's what I thought.... Griffin hates school... reading and writing.. he only goes to play and eat his lunch! So I was wrapt to see him engrossed in a book he had brought home from the school library last night!

I asked him what was so interesting about the book and he said ....... "the gorilla has tits" ! My bubble popped! He is sick that boy!

Not sure what I have planned for today, kids to school obviously (and THAT book can go back!).... might try for a walk even if it's raining! Actually, I hope it is raining, it helps keep me cool! And it's even better for all the poor farmers around the country who are struggling with a drought! I don't think I better go to town again.... I have quite enough dresses for now!

Morning: went for a walk, it was perfect weather, cloudy and rain though.

Lunchtime: met my friend Chris D in town for lunch.... I as bad. Let's leave it there!

This afternoon... I'm hoping to get Mike to clean the outside of me car! It only gets done about once a year....he's got today and tomorrow off work so he's home to do it... he just got up out of bed and it's 1.15pm... wonder how lucky I will get? OR not.

TOTALLY not feeling well.... got a sore tummy, cracker of a headache... maybe that pie I had for lunch was not good! Or.... the monthly is a-coming... either way I'm not feeling too good.... might go lie down for a while. Kids can just watch TV this afternoon and BEHAVE! Or I might have to kill them. (joking you understand)

Seems I have two shows of getting Mike to clean my car.... a shit show and no show! Little areshole.. I'm going on STRIKE! He can cook his own friggin dinner, do his own bloody washing .. I'm over doing it all for his useless lazy arse.

And I've been doing a lot of thinking today (well for a while actually) and I've made a decision about something.... and will reveal it tomorrow. For now

End of Day (early)... I'm tired and not feeling happy at all.

NSV: I'm still feeling positive about a little loss or a maintain this week.... even though I'm battling a lot of fluid retention this week. nite nite.


  1. It is a gorgeous photo:-) Griffin cracks me up!

    We are loving the rain!!!

  2. haha. That boy sounds like a *real* handfull. =D Always good to have someone around to make you laugh.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Gosh, where does Griffin get it from???? What a crack up!

  4. ROFL! kids can be too funny!

  5. Hope you are feeling better chickee :) Will phone you or e mail re where & what time to meet on Friday. Thought maybe about 11am.
    Cheers :)

  6. Yes-he should be cooking his own dinner and doing his own laundry at his age anyway! hope you're feeling better tomorrow-can't wait to hear about the big decision.

  7. Ha! Funny boy. The things kids learn from other kids(?).

  8. hello stranger.. what a cute photo!! that is very precious!!! i think you would make a good real estate agent... Put it on your list of things to do :)

  9. Aww I hope you are feeling better in the morning:)

  10. Hope you stuck to your strike!
    What have you decided????????!

  11. Griffin is priceless! what a boy! I have 3 of 'em and I wouldn't change them for quids!! Oh, and I'd employ you to sell my house... if anyone could convince someone to do something they don't want to do, I reckon it would be you! x

  12. Cute picture!!

    Matthew is getting sick again too..
    it's soo not fun.


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