Monday, February 11, 2008


Well.... YES... and NO !

Yes, cos I love him to bits!

No, cos he drives me nuts sometimes!

When he's not here I say to myself "OK, you have to do it all, so just get on with it"....

When he's home I kinda expect him to do all the 'usual' bloke stuff... you know, empty the bins, put the rubbish out... empty the bins....

And he must 'forget' sometimes how much I HATE full/overflowing rubbish bins in me pantry.... and I feel mad cos he lets them get so bloody full!

When I'm on me own they get emptied the second they are full... not once they are overflowing out the freaking door!

So, I'm happy when he's not here sometimes too!

OK, rant over! Today: kids to school, then... I'm hitting the shops for some stress relief! I NEED IT....
I have been shopping... I bought:

These cute as boxes... now all I have to do is find a use for them! Probably toiletries/makeup/hair products?

Can't wait to see if these VACUM bags work! I've got masses of blankets and pillow taking up so much room in the cupboards!

I also bought a neat new dress and black shrug - thingee.... will get a photo up one I've done the hair! I look a fright right now cos its like TROPICAL out there right now! Rain then sun... talk about humid! So, me hair is frizzing all over the place, so NOT a good look!

This morning I rang THE BOSS of our Real Estate Agency.... and expressed my concerns about lack of communication, and a few other things.. and he's coming to see me this afternoon! EEEKKKK... I hope I can put my views and dissatisfaction across without sounding like a bitch!

the new dress and shrug... not a good photo, could not get the lighting right, but you get the drift... the dress has a black band around the bottom, and it's above the knee... I might wear it with black leggings.

Had a very good meeting with the BOSS MAN... lots of issues resolved hopefully. Something very funny happened while he was here!

Brylee saw him and said "Are you our NEW DADDY while our OLD DADDY is in Auckland"? Tim and I just laughed over that one! So funny! Hmmm wonder where she got the idea I could get a new man while Stew was away? NOT likely babe!

End of Day: totally could not stick to the diet today.. not sure why but one thing is for sure, DAMAGE CONTROL starts tomorrow! Might even try to get to the pool! God that would be nice!

NSV: Limited myself to only 2 slip ups today, this is good (it could have been much, much worse!). nite nite.


  1. Mine keep forgetting to empty the dishwasher once in a while or forgets all the times about taking out the trash. But he does do other things so I don't bitch too much but it is a bummer as I'm just as busy as he is.
    Hope you have a good week and had a good open house.

  2. Hmmm Stress relief hey....
    Ok.. buy me a postcard and write me a note and post it... hahaha...
    Well... thats shopping... you would have to pick it specially for me...
    and it isnt going to be something else you have to pack for your move hey!!

  3. Men! Yes, my DH has "issues" where our bin is concerned too. It is one of those swing top jobbies and (when he's around) I'm sure there is more garbage stuck to the lid then there is in the actual bin. Gross!

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    yep - bins are my pet peeve too and filling up the water bottle from the rain water tank!

  5. They work for you Chris, don't forget that. At the end of the deal, they get the big profit cheque .... they should be doing their job properly to begin with.

  6. Hope you get somewhere with the "boss"!!!!!! Where did u get your space savers from. I got some from Avon and I love them, but need more. :)

  7. Good luck with the Real Estate BOSS guy. I'm sure you will come across just fine, and hopefully he will do something about it rather than just spin you some crap about the market dropping etc etc. Don't take any crap my friend, it's your life that's on hold, not his!

  8. I like that dress too. Blue definitely is your color.

    Hope all goes well with the Boss man from the Real Estate. I'm sure if he is taking the time to come see you then it will get sorted.

    Glad to see you're on track and on fire. Can't wait to catch up again at the wedding.

  9. I LOVE your dress and shrug. You look great!

    Let me know if those vacuum bag thingies work. I need about a million of 'em!

  10. Your new dress and shrug look fantastic! One comment (don't hit me...) a smile would make it look even better :)

  11. Love the dress ...

    and good on you for sticking up for yourself re:the agent. I would have moaned and groaned to Bill and been too damn scared to do anything about it, and in the meantime causing an arguement because I'm a moaning chicken... hahah!!

  12. ROFLMAO at Brylee's comment......Where do they get these ideas.....I'm sure Stew would be impressed...LOL

  13. You look great!!

    I love those new containers too!

    Ive had space bags and they work well:)

  14. The dress looks great - and you look slim!! Yep I'm with Lynda - give us a smile:-)

  15. Yes love the dress!
    And good luck with the damage control!!

  16. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Dang girl you look mighty fine in the new dress. I love it, very HOT!

  17. A new daddy huh... was he any good???

  18. Like the dress, done a bit of retail therapy on friday myself lol, now I'm off shopping in the new ezibuy catelogue hee hee, and that red line on the chart looks great you are doing well keep going you can do it...:)

  19. Big congrats on Saturdays weigh in. Hope the retail therapy has helped your stress level. Good for you having it out with the Real Estate Boss. There are sometimes when I quite enjoy when DH is away. A little absence makes the heart grow fonder. Too cute about the new Dad. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  20. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Do I detect someone else with a storage crisis! Maybe I can drag up the courage to have a yard sale?

    Best wishes

  21. Let us know how the vacuum bags work. I've thought about getting those a few times, but wasn't sure how well they work.

  22. aww... you look so pretty!!


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