Thursday, July 16, 2015


Brylee and I are heading to Sylvia Park today.
I can't get stuck into anything else at home now until we sell the house, then I can start packing again.

Until then.. it's like being in a holding pattern.
Keep the house spic 'n' span, prepare for Open Homes and go to Hamilton to look at houses.

So... might just go do some 'window shopping'... or better yet... get something.

I've got my eye on 'something' ... and if I can find it... I will show you when we get home!

Another thing I am probably looking for today is a really nice, warm scarf to wear.  It's freezing here, so of course it's gunna be even colder in Hamilton!  I want something really nice, made of wool. There's a place in Sylvia Park that sells lots of scarves too, so I'm going to look there.

Brylee needs warmer outer wear too, so we shall have a ball together today, I'm sure.

Griffin is like Stew, they just don't feel the cold like me and Brylee.  They walk around in t-shirts still!  

So, that's the plan for this morning at least.  

My poor right arm is still killing me... it aches non stop right now.  And it gets worse if I do anything with it.  I never knew cleaning could do that!  Imagine if that was your job?  How on earth do people do it?


Well... I have to blame NICOLE for my shopping trip today!
She showed me a link to some gorgeous table lamps at Freedom Furniture... and Stew said we should get two for our bedroom!
So of course... I hot footed it to Freedom this morning!

Only ... they didn't have any!  So the lady rang around for me and found 2 in Rotorua, and 2 in Palmerston North!   Well I don't know anyone in Rotorua to ask, so I rang my girlfriend Sandra in Palmy and she went and bought them on my behalf.  SCORE!  So happy now.  

They look like this:

 ABOVE:  See how I simply could not resist them?  I might see if our son Mike is coming up this way soon, maybe he can bring them up for me.

ABOVE:  saw these lovely cushions a couple of years ago, at $95 each, they stayed in the shop!  Today, 75% off, so I got them.  $23 each.  SCORE!  Again, how could I resist?

ABOVE:  Next, went to Kathmandu (thanks for the tip Leanne) and bought Brylee this super warm jacket.  It's fleecy inside and SO warm.  Also on sale, half price.  SCORE!

ABOVE:  Finally, a super warm scarf and gloves for me to wear in FREEZING HAMILTON.  I doubt it will stop me bitching about the cold though!  lol

After shopping, we went and had lunch with Bex and the boys.

ABOVE:  how gorgeous are our wee boys!  I am going to miss them something rotten when we move.

ABOVE:  Dante was being a show off, he gets so excited when we visit.

ABOVE: He loves his little brother.  

Home now, and about to put me feet up.

Well I'm guilty of keeping me feet up for most of the evening!  It's been lovely too.  No jobs too pressing right now.

End of Day: a lovely lazy day.  Shopping was rather fun too.
nite nite


  1. For Brylee a Katmandu or Mac PAC jacket are great, the young girls live in them down here, so warm.

  2. Christ have you ever tried a tens machine? I swear by mine and don't even take pain killers now. I use it on my back, arms, the kids use it for sports injuries. You can get small ones on eBay.

    1. Never heard of it Bec. I will do some research on them. Thanks.

    2. I'm so sorry for the typo, didn't mean to write Christ - hopefully you realised it was meant to be Chris :) or you thought I was super passionate about my tens machine ha ha

    3. Can't say I noticed Bec! LOL

  3. Hope your arm improves soon for you! Is hard to be on hold...but I am sure the house will sell quickly...Auckland seems to be the best place to sell am told.

  4. I got Samyson a Kathmandu jacket for his birthday & Gary got me one a year or so ago, I love it - they have great sales and if you are a "Summit Club" member (or in my case have a friend who is, you get even more discounts.

  5. I have those exact Possum Gloves..they are amazing!!! Wish I got the scarf to match too!

  6. Love the lamp - very you! :) Lovely photos too of Brylee and the boys. Enjoy the time having your feet up - you deserve it after the marathon effort you've put into getting your house the way you want it over the last few weeks.

  7. Whoa just LOVE those lamps Sis. Shit wish I knew where to get them. Did you say Freedom, we have them here. May have a look myself for a couple. Really nice photos again of the kids to. Brylee is so gorgeous, melts Aunties heart. Give her a big hug and kiss for me please Sis. Good luck on the hunt for house. Must be all exciting time now. XXX

  8. You are just ALL OVER THE PLACE! You have way more energy than me!


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