Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 I'm sad we are going home today. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the kids and girlfriends. 

Next time we are coming down for much longer.

But for now.. we gotta go home. I've got lots to do before our next markets.

Dinner last night was really neat... I've not done a grazing 'platter' straight on a dining table before...  it looked great:

ABOVE: The food was laid out on baking paper. No mess at the end to clean up. 

ABOVE: The girls.
I really miss seeing them all the time. But we are forever friends and are only a phone call away from each other.

Right.. its probably time to get packed up and leave.
Catch ya later


ABOVE: The mountains were on show today. Beautiful scenery to drive by.

We are now in Turangi for a bathroom break. And to blog.... no reception on most of the Desert Road of course.

Moving on soon.

ABOVE: We had lunch with my bloody hard case cousin Janice and her Dad.
Left with our ears ringing..  my God that girl can talk! Love her to death.

We are on the road again... not long now until we get home. 

ABOVE: Whoops. We stopped at a very small fabric shop in Putaruru... where I grabbed a few meters of fabric. Its WAY cheaper here AND she gives you a 10% discount as well.
So worth stopping.

4.15 pm and we are safely home again.
We took much longer to get home today, we had decided to make a day of it.  And we did.

ABOVE:  If you are ever in Wanganui, I highly recommend this BBQ Sauce from The Yellow House Cafe.  It's delicious.  I would have bought more, but they only had two left when we were there.

ABOVE: These are the fabrics I got in Putaruru.  Look boring, but perfect for many of my projects.

We are all unpacked now, and just taking a break before moving on to something else.  
I want to get in the sewing room and sort out a few things, so I'm ready and organised for tomorrow's projects.

Dinner might be crackers and cheese, I'm sure in hell not cooking. 

Dinner was indeed crackers and cheese, so easy.
We are now watching mindless telly before bed.
Which won't be too late as we are both kinda tired.
It was quite a bit of travelling in three days.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Lovely ladies and tasty treats!

  2. Safe journey home. Me im going to an all day seminar to learn strategies to deal with dad and his dementia.

  3. I've not heard the term "grazing platter" before - it is very apt and I love it (and your layout looks great).
    Have a safe trip home :)

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Beautiful pictures

  5. I am glad you had a nice trip & stopping on the way home to make a day of it is a great idea. That grazing platter looks fab, your creative skills used in yet another way 😂

  6. That platter looks absolutely amazing, glad you have a good catch up with those two girls.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your time away and the catchup with Mike and Joyce and the girlfriends. Great photos of the trip home.

  8. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Looks like you had a great time and lovely pics....Peta

  9. Nice platter glad you had a little time away warehouse $5 chiccies favourites.

  10. Nice little trip! Love the grazing table


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