Sunday, November 27, 2022


 Bright an early start for a Sunday here.

Stew and I are off to Palmerston North today.

Catching up with Mike, Joyce and the girlfriends.

A few photos from last night:

ABOVE:  The first swimmers of the season!  Way too cold for me.

ABOVE:  Bex and the girls... snuggling in the sunroom.

Those girls seem to forget who their parents are sometimes.

ABOVE:  Brylee snapped me at the doctors on Thursday and sent me the photo.  I was putting a mask on as it was required at the doctors.  This was before I turned around and saw her sitting there waiting to be seen.  

It was funny, she just nodded at me like... 'Sup?'.  😉

ABOVE: snuggles with Dante.  He's getting tall, won't be long before he's taller than me I'm sure.  

Right, time to pack the car and head off.  Longish trip ahead of us.

... trip is going well. 

We are about half way.

Stopped just south of Turangi and stretched our legs at the Red Hut Pools.

ABOVE: Not a big fan of suspension bridges. They wobble and sway.

Moving on now... onto the Desert Road and will be stopping for lunch in Waiouru. 

ABOVE: Another little stop

 This time at a mountain stream on the Desert Road.

ABOVE: I often collect a rock from various places on our travels. Today is no exception. 

ABOVE: Silly man thought I only wanted one. Nah. I found two I liked. 

We are now at Waiouru... about to grab lunch.

ABOVE: Three cheeses, pork riblet, added bacon and salads. Rather YUM.

Leaving Waiouru now. Next stop Taihape's Christmas Shop. 😊🙃

We didn't find anything that took our eye in Taihape so on we went.

ABOVE: Mangaweka Gorge. 
Mangaweka Village in the background.

4.38 pm. Safely here and settled in our motel. I've even had an hour long nap, which was lovely.
Now we are awaiting the arrival of Mike, Joyce, Sandra, Neil and Chris D for dinner.

I asked our dinner guests to bring a plate as there are not enough in our motel unit.


ABOVE: Sandra's plate! She grabbed them cos they were disposable.  🤣

ABOVE: we went for a walk after dinner to the Rose Gardens with the kids and Beau.
The gardens are fantastic... 94 different roses to view.
It was raining lightly which was neat.
Note the little pussy in a heavy raincoat? 🤣😅😊

Now we are back and its time to just chill out before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Safe travels. Geesh those kids have grown!!

  2. Enjoy the Journey!
    I picked my dog up at the Kennel (after our Thanksgiving Journey). As I was waiting for them to gather him up, I was visiting with a Greyhound named Greta in the lobby. When they brought my dog out to me... was he happy to see me? Heck no! He got one look at Greta and just wanted to play with her! You could just see his eyes light up. "OOH! A new dog to play with!!! Pop a wheelie! Jump and play." Once he got home he went fast to sleep. He probably won't move for a few days after his intence playing in Doggy Day Care for three days!
    So, you aren't the only one whose dog finds great joy elsewhere! Traitors! Nah - just well adjusted happy pups!

  3. Did YOU go on the wobbly swaying bridge? You would have a hard time getting me off of it! I love things like that!

  4. Not long indeed before Dante is taller than you. Not usual photo he usually smiling. Stew looks like he lost weight. Enjoy PN

  5. I hope you and Stew enjoy your time away. I'm not fond of those wibbly-wobbly swaying bridges either! :)

  6. You are a long way from home!

  7. Anonymous2:55 PM

    My mum collects a pebble or stone everywhere she visits too :-)

  8. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Would love to have caught up and I’m actually feeling ok but only day 5 so not happening - enjoy your get together

    Anne - Palmy

  9. Kiwionholidays6:44 PM

    Fab photos all of them, and great you’re there safe n sound

    Enjoy dinner n happy catch-ups
    Homesick much when seeing the travel ones esp,

    Cheers 🥂


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