Monday, February 01, 2021


 Stew and I are up bright and early this morning, and about to head off to Cambridge.

This is going to be my last market for MONTHS.  I'm taking a protracted break from them so I can just relax and not have the added stress.

It's called taking care of myself.  

I am going to be taking care of my MENTAL health, because there is quite enough going on in our lives right now that is stressful.

I will continue sewing items for sale, but only for my shop after today.  (until October anyway!)  It feels like a huge load off my shoulders to be honest.

After today I am going to devote a lot of my time to getting the inside of the house ready for painting.

Taking wallpaper off, and prepping the walls.  That is going to probably take me a few months.

By then I hope I've settled on a colour for the walls.

I'm doing the entire house in ONE colour only, but with maybe an accent wall or two in a slightly darker shade of the same colour.

ABOVE:  Luckily I have time to narrow it down from that lot!  I've already crossed a few off for being too light/dark.

Right, I'm off to get dressed, put me face on etc etc.  I hope to post a few photos of the market during the day.  

Catch ya later.

...8 am and we are set up.

Let the day begin.

10.30 am... and it's fair to middling here.

4.42pm:  Well... it wasn't a 'bust' as such, but it wasn't that good either.  I'm sure it's because we simply do not have any overseas tourists due to Covid, and New Zealanders are hesitant to spend money when employment is uncertain due to COVID.
So I'm very happy I've made up my mind to pull back for the next 9 months!

Stew and I got home and had some toasted sandwiches for a very late lunch, then we jumped in the pool with Steve, Bex and the kids.

Now... cooling down and just relaxing.
Later on tonight, once it's MUCH cooler I will unload my car and set my shop up again.

Right, it's 8.17 pm and I can hardly keep me eyes open!  I'm knackered, so an early night it on the cards.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I have not regretted stopping craft fairs. The people who seem to do really well, are like "full-timers". They can load their entire booth, tear down, set-up, in minutes. They are made for it and set up in a way that a "once in a while" person like me can never do. I now sell online, Etsy, eBay, and my own website. I even tried FaceBook! Good luck to you today!

  2. I think you will really like a house that is mostly the same color. I think it makes it look bigger and refined.

    When you get it down to 3-5 colors, I suggest getting samples and painting large pieces of foam core. You can then set them in different rooms, different times of the day, to see what the colors do in light. It helps determine pink and yellow undertones.

  3. Have a great day weather is awesome here I have rested recovered refuelled....

  4. Hope u r busyvwith lots of sales looks like it a hot day xxx

  5. ooh love the setup! good luck with the paint one colour throughout the house is so much easier i think you have our colour up there - "Quarter Tea"

  6. OMG Cambridge is a pretty place! Good luck with sales.

  7. Cant wait to visit Cambridge, fam moving there this week , hope the market is successful for you x

  8. Reminds of an English village market back in the 60s when I was at boarding school. Hope you sell a bit.

  9. Kiwionholidays10:51 PM

    You will be glad today is done and dusted ,,

    Take care n catchup soon

    🥂 Cheers

  10. Wow, your stall always looks so inviting! That makes total sense, these are such unpredictable times even here in Australia and NZ where it is currently under good control. Hope you recover and sleep well tonight. Penny xx

  11. Sounds as though you had a very busy weekend. How lucky to have your own handyman. Enjoy your break.

  12. Bummer wish you would have done better! The gal that sets up a lot of the events I did is still doing them but I just don't feel like it is safe here yet.


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