Saturday, February 27, 2021


I've remembered a few things Leo, our old, but new doctor said yesterday.

We talked about weight.

He's lost 20+ kilos in the last year.

I asked him how he did it.

He said he did NOT eat breakfast or lunch, and only had a small dinner!

I said "Oh, so you starve then?"   And he said YES!


Then he said he only drank tea and coffee during the day.  I told him I only drank Diet Coke, fully expecting him to tell me off.

BUT, instead he said that was perfect!    PERFECT!

He said Diet Coke was good because it has NO sugar in it, and it won't hurt me.  He said it is even better for diabetics, but I can't remember why.

OMG... I was gobsmacked.

Here's a DOCTOR of 40+ years telling me it's perfectly OK to be drinking Diet Coke.

He told me, (YES TOLD ME), I had OCD!   I asked him how he figured that out?  And he said he could just tell by listening to me, and how I was overwhelmed by all the different situations/issues in our life right now.  He's right I suppose.  

I do like everything to be just so, running smoothly and so on.  

I do find myself in a flap when things are not going right, or I can't find something, bla bla bla.

So, there ya go.  I officially have OCD. edit:  To a MINOR extent, not full blown OCD.

What else?  Oh yeah, he said I'm the sort of person who takes on far too much, gives of myself far too much and probably always will.

I don't see that so much.  I've been trying to do more for me and Stew, certainly in the past few months.  But I feel I'm selfish more than giving.

I do what I want, when I want mostly.  I feel like a fraud when people say nice things about me.

HMMMmmm... this post suddenly got a bit deep.

Better change the subject. 😟😒

AND NO you damn haters out there, I'm NOT fishing for compliments.  I'm just stating how it is/feels for me. 

This weekend we have Lacy and Keera to stay.  It's Lacy's access weekend ... so we shall be doing kid stuff ... I even thought we could go to the movies?

I will check online and see what's showing.

Tonight we are babysitting Liam and Emily,  it will be lovely for the little kids to have a sleep over together.  I even thought of a pop up tent in the lounge for fun.

We have one somewhere...  in fact I think I saw it in the Tin Shed when Lacy and I were tidying up in there the other day.

I think we shall have a splendid time with the kids tonight.

12.30 pm:  And we went out to the Te Kowhai market this morning.
Bex was out there selling her soft toys.
It was PACKED!  So, so busy. 
And HOT.
Not only was a market on, there was also a car display, all sorts of vintage/hot rod/classic/muscle etc etc.
AND because it was being held at the Te Kowhai Aerodrome, there were helicopter rides, small plane rides (for a fee) and so on.
Just heaps to see and do.

ABOVE:  Bex and Keera.  

ABOVE: There was a line up of little planes and helicopters to look at.

ABOVE:  This was a pretty cool car.

ABOVE:  this was a really good market, and it's one I will be doing next year for sure.
I saw NO ONE selling anything like what I make.

ABOVE:  We sat and cooled down inside Bex's stall... and her cute toys were selling quite well!
I hope she does really well, she deserves to as she works hard to make all the toys.

ABOVE:  I saw something I thought would look cute in our garden, so we went back to buy ONE.
I say ONE, but stew had other ideas and he wanted to get THREE.
So... we ended up with three.

ABOVE:  We now have our very own flock of chickens.
Stew wants to name them:

HERBS..... and

YEAH.  I wanted to call them Daisy, Doris and Daphne. 

So... Lacy has said, let's have a VOTE.
Who wants Stew's names?
Who want's Mine?

ABOVE: Griffin and Kayla called in for a visit this afternoon.
It was lovely for him and Keera to see each other... big brother/little sister.  Just a bit cute.

They have now left, and we await the next lot.

Well... it's 7.46 pm.  The 'next lot' arrived and promptly got in the pool for some fun.
Then we fed them all fish 'n' chips, and now they are happily playing together before bedtime.

My head is pounding, no doubt from the oppressive heat we have had today.  I feel like I'm constantly taking Panadol at the moment. 😒

I really, really can't wait until winter!
And on that score, I'm signing off for the day.  It's gunna be another long, hot and noisy day tomorrow.


  1. Well, I am going to take that as the green light for ME to continue drinking Diet Coke! Perfect.
    I am glad you get a weekend full of Grand Kids! That will be fun!
    I think I have the same issues with family and stress. I worry about everybody else's problems. And want to fix them. IS that giving too much of ourselves? I think it would be weird to NOT be concerned. The kids don't stop being your kids (or your concern) when they turn 18 - that's for damn sure!
    I am starting a "junk food" puzzle today! The Foods We Ate as a Kid - I think it's called. I wonder if you ate different food as a kid being in a different country? That's an interesting thought!
    Have a good day... and good luck trying to get the weight of the world off your shoulders! I will try to do the same.

  2. Have fun with the kiddos!

  3. This Doctor puzzles me, eating 1 meal a day is not recommend and not sustainable. also Diet Coke may not have sugar in it, but it has artificial ingredients which are not healthy. Sorry not being negative, just my opinion.

  4. The 3 D’s for sure cute neat pics market looked busy as hope you all had fun.

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Hello, completely annon here...i think you should call them
    Eleven, Herbs and Spices 😊

  6. I'm 100% behind what your Doc says... I'm a food addict and will eat anything anytime of the day. I can deal with the one meal a day thing too. (I just eat at snack time/lunch/snack time because I CAN)

    Oh and Stew is right naming the Chickens!

  7. Sorry Chris im with Srew names Eleven, herbs and spices made me chuckle

  8. I am going with Daphne, Herb, and Spice!

  9. Sorry Chris but I like Stew's names for the chickens.


  10. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Hi I drink heaps of coke no sugar...I don't think it is that good for us due to the artificial stuff and the acidity and also the way it works on the body (google) but I am not going to stop drinking it as it is better than sugary drinks and concentrated fruit juices as sugar is really bad for us I eat chocolate too...LOL. I like the three D's for the chooks but maybe we better let Stew pick this time? lol Dogstars idea sounds good too...


  11. Definitely Stews names, brilliant 😂

  12. Anne K - Australia3:50 PM

    Stew’s names for sure lol

  13. There are so many conflicting opinions out there on diet and weight loss (as we all know!!) I also think there is way too much pressure to be perfect and if you drink diet coke and it works for you, go for it. At least you're getting fluids in. No, it might not be as good as water but if you can't drink water it's a no brainer. We are only on this merry-go-round once so enjoy it.
    And I agree with Leo re the OCD and over giving of yourself. It's what makes you the wonderful soul you are. But maybe take on board some of what he says and wind back a bit. Or not!
    Enjoy the kidlets this weekend.

  14. Ha ha ha - love Stew’s names for the chickens. Very funny 😂

  15. I think the fact you really like this doctor is going to help you so much. He seems to be a bit more open minded so that sounds great :) I do love Stew’s name, cracked me up and made me hungry LOL

  16. Definitely Stew’s names. 100% love them.
    Doctor Leo doesn’t sound like my kind of doctor, but then I don’t have to like him. You do, and that’s great. Did he refer you for counselling or to someone who can teach you coping strategies for your OCD and to identify triggers to enable you to focus on not getting so stressed out about some things that you can’t change but that are having a great impact on you. Or maybe Dr Leo specialises is personality conditions or is psychic (only joking about the psychic bit lol). Enjoy your weekend with your lovely family

  17. So Eleven, Herbs and Spices it is then......yea 😂😁

  18. Sorry chick (excuse the pun) Stew definitely wins 🏆 hopefully Bex made some bucks today bloody hot here too 😎

  19. I have incorporated intermittent fasting with WW, I finish eating at 8pm and don’t eat until after 12 the next day. I stay within my points and I’ve lost 50kgs. I have black coffee and lots of water, it allows me to have a decent size lunch and helped with my belly fat. I swear by it, it makes me feel so much better, sleep better and have heaps of energy. I haven’t given up any food groups either.

  20. It has got to be Stews names, love them. What a great day you have had with the children.


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