Sunday, February 28, 2021



We have three frisky, fresh as a daisy kiddos to amuse today.

Would it be WRONG to make them stay in the pool all day? 

Sadly, I think they would get a bit cold after a while, so we better think of something else.

Talking of the pool, I do have a few photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  They clearly do LOVE the pool!  

ABOVE:  Stew was in there with them. 😄😅😋

COVID 19-  it is still slowly spreading in South Auckland.  Not in large numbers, but worryingly it could continue to spread.

Griffin and his girlfriend Kayla left Auckland a week ago to literally get away from the risk.

They have been tested and are negative.
They are staying with family in Paeroa.

Auckland has gone back to Level 3 today, and the rest of New Zealand is now at Level 2.

It is certainly unsettling knowing how easily this damn virus spreads, and how vulnerable we all are.
It makes me want to just stay home and be safe!

So, I think we will probably just stay home today with the kids.  Maybe a walk to the park just up the road will be nice.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Morning fun with Lacy.  She's been a godsend in keeping the littles happy and entertained.

ABOVE:  Emily was dripping water on Lacy's face!  Such fun.

ABOVE: The girls moved on to making playdoh hair ... note the 'side eye' from Liam?   He's not happy, they wouldn't let him do it too.

ABOVE:  Lacy to the rescue.  
It's a bit difficult having three kids ... there is always one left out.  That would be Liam this time.

We are expecting Brylee soon for lunch.  I wonder if S 'n' B will call in too?

ABOVE:  Before you ask... that's how you make playdoh hair.

I've got scones in the oven.  God I'm a proper wife today!

ABOVE:  I fed them.  Job done.

ABOVE:  My never fail Cheese Scones, with Jam and Cream.  Note the little girl in the background, begging with her eyes.  

Brylee arrived in time for scones for lunch.
Steve, Bex and boys have arrived.
Amanda is due in an hour or so.
Full house!

And I don't have to cook dinner.  YESSSsssss!

ABOVE:  fun in the pool this afternoon.

7.50 pm:  and everyone has gone home.  We had pizza for dinner, courtesy of Amanda.  It was very nice, thanks Toad.
Stew and I are doing our end of night things, watering gardens and so on.  

Winding down, totally knackered after a full on weekend of kids and family.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Looks like fun house to be in...the noise a diff story lol. Scones look yummiest

  2. What a bunch of great photos! Looks like a super fun weekend!
    How far is Auckland from you?
    I hope New Zealand will be able to STOP it in it's tracks. For the past year you have been the country to look to for how to control this beast!

    1. Auckland is an just over an hour's drive away. We have a very small cluster in Auckland, but sadly one person who was supposed to be self isolating DIDN'T... so now there is a possibility of wider spread. I feel so sorry everyone up in Auckland and surrounds who are in lockdown again. We are now at level 2 again as well, though it really doesn't restrict our movements, we just have to use the Covid tracker and masks on public transport.

  3. These sudden lockdowns are worse in some ways. They affect so many businesses who lose money and people who have planned weddings and the like. But better safe than sorry. New Zealand and Victoria seem to have very similar approaches to C19. Much stricter than anywhere else.
    Scones ...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Are we allowed the no fail recipe?? Me loves cheese scones 💙 lovely family pictures 👍

    1. I will post it tomorrow Robyn.

  5. Kiwionholidays3:27 PM

    What a fab filled Whanau weekend,,
    Loving the pics n seeing all the happy memories for you all to treasure..
    Awesome you are kind enough to share them with us ,

    Have a fab dinner tonight ,

    No cooking is choice ,,,⛱🏜🏝

    1. Hey #Kiwionholidays xx was a neat weekend xx

  6. Kiwionholidays8:57 PM

    We felt all the fun as we read it Lacy xxx Fab for you all,,,
    Cheers 🥂

  7. It is so nice to see the family enjoying themselves. May we have the recipe for your scones please? They look gorgeous.

  8. Thank you family for havin and entertaining the littles 💙

  9. Anonymous12:31 AM

    What a fun weekend. Keera is very pretty. Can you please share your cheese scone recipe.

  10. It is so night to have little ones come and visit and after a full day, nice to see them go home LOL
    It does look as if they had a lovely day.
    Yes, recipe, please.

  11. When you post the Scone Recipe, be sure to include whatever type of "cream" that is.

  12. I love your busy house and all the grandkids coming over, so nice!


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