Friday, February 26, 2021


 I've done a boo boo... today's post has gone 'elsewhere '.

I will sort that out once I get home.

HOME AT 12.20 AM!   Here's what I posted earlier, but didn't publish here:

 Stew and I joined a new medical practise 5 days ago.

And today I am going to see one of their doctors.

He's a doctor I used to see 20 years ago, before we left Hamilton for Palmerston North.  I really liked him.  I was surprised to see he was still practising!

So, he has a 'drop in' clinic in town, which is part of the medical group we now belong to.

So, I'm going there first thing this morning.  I wonder if he will even recognise me after all this time?  Probably not.

But I'm sure to remind him. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†

After my Doctor's appointment I will be coming home and starting another runner. 

Another Gnome one... not sure what colour hats yet, but I'm thinking of multi-colours?

Not sure yet.

Later on today I am meeting up with Stew for some business in town. So, I am expecting it to be a full on day of stuff to do.  Places to go.

8.45 am: Right now I'm standing in a queue outside the doctors... waiting for it to open. 

There's 5 ladies ahead of me so I expect to be here for a couple of hours. 

ABOVE: Well that was quicker than I expected.  I'm now sitting waiting for my prescription.  

Then home to fix the blog. 

OMG... this is turning into the morning from hell. 

I'm STILL trying to get my prescription filled.

More when I finally get home.

12.20 pm:

FOUR HOURS, that's how long it has taken to see the Doctor and get my prescription filled.

Let's start at the beginning.

9.15 - I see the Doctor, Leo is wonderful.  We always have got on like a house on fire.

He gives me some new drugs... so off I go to our usual chemist, Chemist Warehouse out at The Base.

And I wait.  And wait.  And finally after about 30 minutes they call me up to the counter and tell me that one of the medications cannot be found anywhere in the country, and I will need to go back to my Doctor for an alternative.

So, I get in me car, and drive back to the Doctors.

10.30 am.  I get back to the Doctor's office.  I tell the receptionist why I'm back, and she gets Leo ... who marches out of his room and tells me The Chemist Warehouse are idiots, and they should have given me the GENERIC ALTERNATIVE instead, which is clearly stated on the prescription form.  

So I drive BACK to The Chemist Warehouse, bearing in mind it's a 15 minute drive depending on traffic.

I get back to the chemist, and point out the words 'Generic Substitution can be used' or words of that affect on the prescription, to the Chemist.

AND the chemist said "Sorry, there is none of that in the country either ...  go back to your Doctor"!

By now I'm starting to feel really, really pissed off and on the verge of crying.

I get back in my car and drive BACK to the Doctors office.

Go up to the counter, the receptionist looks at me like YOU ARE BACK!  I tell her what the Chemist said.

She goes out the back, I sit down to wait.

And next thing, Leo is STORMING into the waiting room, saying "Where is she?"... meaning me.

He says "FOLLOW ME"... and marches me next door to the chemist beside his office.

Up to the counter we go, and he says to the Chemist there "DO YOU HAVE THIS MEDICATION?"?  

And she replies "YES WE DO".

Leo pats me on the back and tells me to stop going to The Chemist Warehouse, they only stock 'common, easy to source medications', and he goes back to work a happy man.

I get me medication, and come home.  A full 4 hours after I left home.

But.  I got me medications.

What a rigmarole that was.

Stew rang me and told me our appointment this afternoon is postponed until next week.  The person we were seeing has a sick child in hospital.

I'm now quite frazzled.  Think I will just sit here for a while, might watch something on the telly or You Tube to wind down.

Our daughter Amanda visited me this afternoon... and we yakked for hours.  Then I invited her to stay for dinner too.

ABOVE:  LOL, I caught her with a mouthful.  
It was lovely to spend some one on one time with her.  

Now it's back to just Stew and Me.  And he's watching friggin RUGBY.  I am gunna put me ear phones on and watch something on me computer.

Righty ho, it's been a long day and I'm ready for bed.  Fingers crossed my new meds kick in over the next few days and I start to get some decent sleep and my mood lifts eh?


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I wondered what was going on, you have always posted by now even if it is to tell us to go away so you can sleep lol

  2. Good luck at the Doctors. I too wondered what had happened, figured you were having a lie in or just had something more important to do :-).

  3. You did NOT give up!! That is marvelous! Even better, you like the Dr., and you found a new Chemist that stocks the meds you need. (I hope they aren't more expensive, but at least they are available.) So Congratulations to you and may the rest of your weekend be better!!

  4. Yeah i dont use those wholesale chemist or the countdown ones, i keep my local pharmacy going and its only one visit and on free scripts any way lol.. some days i rattle.
    How is master Archer today.

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Our local chemist will price match chemist warehouse, it’s just as well because twice chemist warehouse have been out of my bp pills. That’s not what you want to hear after a trip that is 2.5 hours return

  6. I would be very frazzled at all that run around too. It is a bit like a nightmare, all that driving and waiting you did. But you did get your medicine finally, thank goodness.

  7. Whooshda! What a day... yes, some days are like that. Ugh!

  8. Oh How frustrating! Turn on a mindless show or audio book and work on a puzzle. Don't do ANYTHING else today (unless you WANT to of course)!
    That stuff is just nerve wracking!

  9. Tania3:01 PM

    Chemist warehouse are the pits like that! I also only stick to my local chemist now as at least they get to know you (great where Diabetes is concerned!)

  10. Jesus what a fuck fest!! Have a beer or wine ๐Ÿท๐Ÿบ

  11. What a crappy morning. So much for stress reduction!!

  12. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What a difficult morning, ask today’s chemist if they will price match chemist warehouse. That was my occupation before I became ill so know it can be done. Jo

  13. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Glad there's a chemist joined onto my new doctors surgery. Saves me going between 2 chemist warehouses because most of the time one wouldn't have my stuff so they would send me to the other๐Ÿ™„

  14. After your morning, telly or Youtube sounds just the thing!

  15. Yep! The Chemist Warehouse are cheap and nasty :)

  16. Well that was a horrible morning to add to your stress. Great that you finally got your medication. Have a relaxing weekend.

  17. Looking Gorgeous there Big Sis xx
    #Lacy ๐Ÿ’™

    1. Anonymous11:09 PM

      Amanda's eating your leftovers lol

  18. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Love tonight's Nite Nite picture! I hate it when pharmacies jerk us around and I am glad you got your meds worked out. Good luck with them and with sleeping...sending you many Zzzzzzzzzzzz's to help.

    XO, Ky Girl

  19. Sounds like a rough day, at least your got your meds all sorted. Have a restful and relaxing weekend.


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