Thursday, February 11, 2021


 In keeping with my new resolve... I booked a couple of nights away for Stew and I.  Tomorrow we are going to Whitianga.  

It is a trip I've put off for many years.

Whitianga was my second home for 40+ years.

I spent all my childhood holidays in Whitianga.

Then I met Stew after living there for about 6 months, and we spent our family holidays there until Mum left for Australia.

Then my Dad drowned in the Whitianga estuary.

And 4 years after that, my Mum packed up and left for Australia.
And our family holiday home was sold, then pulled down in favour of new homes.

We did go back for my niece's wedding in March of 2010, since then?  Maybe once in 2013 by the look of it (I went back through my blog to check).

OMG I didn't realise it had been that long ago though.
So... we are going up tomorrow morning... making it a day trip, no hurrying.  I'm kinda looking forward to it!

I used to just feel sick at the thought of going there, but in the last few weeks I've decided to bite the bullet and just go.

It will have changed so much!  New homes, new businesses.  Even the roads leading there might have changed?

I am excited!

ABOVE:  What to do with all the 'left over' scraps after making a blue runner, and a green runner?

ABOVE:  Why, ya make a BLUE and GREEN runner!  I quite like this one.  I have to quilt and bind it before it's finished.

After that I am doing a grocery shop (Ikkk), and then packing for tomorrow's trip away.

So, a full day for me.  

10 am:  And I was up and out the door by 8 am this morning.
I wanted to get the damn grocery shopping done and dusted first.

I have considered Online shopping, but always think about choice. MY choice.  Because when someone else is picking your fresh foods and meat, they might not get what you want.  I've heard if they don't have something you have specified, they will choose the next 'best' thing.

Which is not necessarily what ya want eh?
So, I am doomed to doing it myself.  Cos, I'm too damn fussy!

I have just finished unloading it all, and am very happy it's done.  Stew, I bought some 'treat' type things for our trip, and for visitors to the house.  (read: lollies and biscuits).
OH and remember it's VALENTINES Day on Sunday.  NOT that we bother that much with commercialised days like that, but well.... I might have bought a card at least.  😍😃😆

It's two hours till I open me shop, so I might just relax for a bit and read a magazine I bought.  I've not bought a woman's magazine in about 15 years!  But as it had Brad and Jen on the cover, I had to.  I loved that couple.  Even if they didn't love each other forever.

ABOVE:  Someone suggested I put 'hidden' words on these runners.  Nice idea.  But then I thought about it, and decided it would be too much like hard work, and annoying!  And I would end up crabbier than usual, so nope, decided not to.
BUT, I did decide to put my MARK on them from now on.  CJH... stands for Christina Joy Harvey, and is what I used to stamp on the bottom of all my pottery pieces.  My 'Potter's Mark', or LOGO.

Dogstars, do you have one ??? 

3.17 pm:  And I've just had a really lovely lady in the shop, just looking.  But we chatted for ages, which was just neat.  I kinda like yakking.  😃😂

ABOVE:  And there's another one done.  I love this one too.

I have already started on the next one.  Something totally different.  Might give you a sneak peak tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Tonight's sunset.  Rather pretty.
Notice what's missing?   Yeah, Stew took the top off the tree.  

And now, it's time for me to pack for tomorrow's trip.  I thought I'd get it done this morning, but I got carried away in the sewing room instead.


  1. When did you have time to put that one together? Looks great. Have a fun trip. Just getting out and about is a nice change from time to time.

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Online shopping at Countdown will change your life Chris! I just add things to the Countdown shopping list during the week when we run out. Select when I want delivery (when everyone is home to help lol) and pay. Easy and saves so much time!

  3. You will notice a few changes in Whitianga! Stu's Dad has just bought one of the retirement homes on the right as you enter from the South (just past the Mobil Station). I knew your Dad died but didn't realise he drowned in the estuary, that must have been dreadful. Enjoy your day.

  4. Yes online shopping for sure. Gee Te runners are being churned out now nice. I have always said you should do classes for people, a: company b: company c: company

  5. have a great time away!!!! I reckon it will be more sentimental than you imagine.... I nearly cry when I go to my childhood suburb where my parents had 4 houses over a 30 year period. And I go there all the time as lots of my friends still live there. It's VERY emotional, especially now they are both long dead :(

  6. Enjoy your weekend away! I am the same as you with online shopping - i like to choose and I had a bad experience with substitutions when I did try it - i ordered some low carb bread rolls which were out of stock and instead of that i got about 2kgs of tomatoes!

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      That had to be a mistake - I have never had a substitution other than a similar product and as Dogstars said sometimes it is better (and more expensive) than the item chosen. Countdown rings in the morning of the delivery if they aren't sure whether you will accept the substitute. Audrey

    2. I ordered groceries online from Countdown both in Australia and here while I was in Quarantine. Both times I got substitutions, and both times I was not that happy with them. I certainly did not get rung before they sent the groceries out to see if I would accept the substitution.

    3. No I didnt get a call either! It was okay though we just ate a lot of tomatoes for a while :-)

  7. My son uses online shopping. They go to Walmart. They order things like "generic salmon" and if the store runs out by the time they get there they substitute with name brand salmon. So they have been quite happy with it all. As much as you despise grocery shopping - you might be happier with the produce you receive than the torture of doing the shopping. Give it a try and see what happens. You can always go back to the store the next time!

  8. Anonymous10:27 AM

    If you do online shopping with Countdown you can specify that you don't want substitutes - they will also tell you if something is out of stock before you complete the order. I didn't think that I would like online shopping but started it during lockdown last year and I am still doing it nearly a year later. We still buy our milk (like it fresh and not once a fortnight to freeze) at Pak n Save and can then get any items that have been missed from Countdown. But everyone to what they prefer. Audrey

  9. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Hi sounds like you have a nice weekend your runner...


  10. Love your signature, great idea.
    Enjoy your weekend away.

  11. No - I don't have a potters mark. We make the worry stones - that is our main gig. And no way in heck am I marking each one of those. If I made more "substantial" things, I definitely would!
    A friend of mine knits. She has been putting Secret words in her knitting. It might even be in Morse code. It is mostly political and very subtle. Like "F()ck T---p" . She only makes it for herself or like minded people. No worries about her distributing it to the "wrong person".

  12. Whitianga has changed lots commercially, although some of my favourite shops are still there on the Main Street. More restaurants on the wharf road now, They are nice. Centennial Drive lookout has overgrown with trees. The road down to Simpson’s beach has got residential development on the left comin down the hill now. Go to the French fig cafe, they knew grandma and grandad 💙 and it’s a nice cafe.

  13. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I love that table runner too. Awesome colours and patterns Chris. Enjoy your weekend away. Kj

  14. On your countdown order there's a allow substitute button but if u take that off they just refund if out of stock happend a couple time over the November December orders but i love online or click andcollect the shot in get my own meat and produce...haveva lovly weekend Chris and Stew

  15. I love Countdown online ... I'm probably their worst nightmare customer-wise though as each item gives you the chance to write a comment, so if I have the substitution option ticked, I will often put in a comment about what they can or can't substitute it with if not available. I also tell them that I don't want items that will expire before set dates (e.g. 5 - 6 days on bread), how firm I want my tomatoes etc. If in doubt they ring me - which I find really good. I've been so pleased with the service and quality of goods (and I'm pretty fussy!!). Loving your table runners. I hope that you and Stew enjoy your time away.

  16. Enjoy your getaway. Safe travels.


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