Friday, February 19, 2021


 This morning I'm leaving the house quite early... so I can go on a FBG walk in Cambridge!

Yep, a friggin walk.  It's not part of the 'Urban Challenge', just a social walk.  The girls have been doing them over summer.

This will be the first one I've partaken in.

After the walk, I'm sure we will have morning tea, before heading home again.  I'm quite looking forward to it.  I've not seen heaps of the girls in months and months.

ABOVE:  This is the Table Runner I finished last night. And it's already SOLD.  Thanks Kate for snapping it up literally minutes after I finished it!
After the grocery shopping I am going to be sewing another one!
Probably the same colours.

And that is me for now.  I'll catch ya later.  

I have just finished the walk. We were told it was a 5.3 km walk. It was actually  5.7 km!
Now having morning tea before heading to the supermarket. 

ABOVE:  My walking companions today.  This is called the Blue Bridge to Nowhere, as it leads onto a path that meanders around behind one of the latest subdivisions in Cambridge.
It was a lovely walk, just a bit too hot for me.

I might have to try and do evening walks instead of morning ones.   I can't see me getting out of bed for REALLY early morning walks!

ABOVE:  I drove past our old Cambridge home.  It is stripped of ALL character!  It looks forlorn and just ... unloved really.
We left at the right time, the farmland over the back fence is now all being developed for housing, a shopping block and a new school.
The blue arrow shows where our old home is.
ALL that land will be covered in houses in the next 5 years!

Kate:  I have posted your runner.  You will get it early next week. 
I have bought a bit more grey fabric for a few more of those cute runners.
Impossible to find more Christmas fabric right now in the shops, so I might go online.
I'm really enjoying the Gnome runners.

But for now, I'm knackered and am gunna take a break from all 'jobs' and just chillax.

5.50 pm:  And OMG I've been the laziest tart ever since I got home from my walk!
I have literally sat here and kept my feet up, watched a movie on Netflix and listened to music!

I also worked on an email... might be ready to hit 'SEND' tonight.

Been feeling really down today as well.  Just musing over all that is going on in our life right now... so much of it is quite negative.

I am hoping we have a good weekend, the kids may come around for a swim tomorrow.  That will be nice, have not seen them this week at all.

Well... Steve did call in late last night, just to reassure us they were OK.
Steve's health is a bit 'jittery' right now, so he's been laying low.

I KNEW something was 'up'.  I hate being proved right.  But not going to push any panic buttons, it's early stages and might not eventuate into a full blown flare up for him.

Stew just got home, early for him!  I've cooked him Pork Belly and veges, he will love that.

Annnnnddddd.... scrap that.
He has gone to the pub, and dinner has gone on hold.  We will be having pork belly sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!
I'm at Steve and Bex's until Stew wants to go home from the pub.  It's just up the road from Steve 'n' Bex's.

10.58 pm:  Home again .... and we both had a sandwich for 'dinner'.  lol
Time to head off to bed.


  1. Love love that table topper I can see why it was sold so quickly. You certainly have to make more.

  2. I love that gnome runner! So cute.

  3. That is a brilliant runner, well done Kate for buying it, you will enjoy it for years to come. I hope your walk went well Chris.

  4. I went to movies yesterday seen penguin blooms...I left thinking if she can do all that with a broken back I'm gonna walk again soon as i get moving done it's plodding the pavement for this old duck. Enjoyyour catch up

  5. That runner is ADORABLE - unfortunately, my guy doesn't like gnomes so I don't have any in my decor but I think this runner is GREAT. I think you could sell ALOT of these right now, as gnomes are so IN for decor.

  6. I knew that one wouldn't last long! Enjoy the walk!

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi your runners are beautiful..very clever..glad you enjoyed your walk, have a good day


  8. The red and green is darling. I think all red hats would be very cute as a 3rd color test. Then maybe you could photo all 3 styles (like you have already done) and people could choose a color and order it. Do you have Etsy where you live? I can't believe how many people turn up for those walks! That looks so fun!

  9. I am sure I have asked you this before but what price for your runners?
    And would you do a wonky house one again?

    1. Oh I am sorry Sandra, I must have missed those questions. My Runners are NZ $60 plus $7 postage. I have 2 Wonky House Runners available right now. I can post photos of them on tomorrow's blog if you wish.

    2. Is OK I think you answered them last time but life got busy.
      Would you offer "Layby" so I could pay them over the next couple of paydays?

    3. Yes, with the understanding the Runner would be posted once payment was made in full. Can you send me a private email to arrange this? Thanks.

  10. Kiwionholidays7:04 PM

    💐💐positive thoughts for the next few days and catchup soon

  11. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I'd love to see a runner with gnomes and trees from your tree runners?

  12. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Hi, good to see you out walking again with your girlfriends. We are hoping to head out for a beach walk tomorrow as getting a bit stir crazy being in the house all week. Snow has all melted and we now have heaps of wind and rain, but tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and drier. We will take a flask of coffee and sone sandwiches to make a decent outing. Gosh, your old house does look rather bare and uninteresting compared to when you had it all colourful with your plants/pots and ornaments. I've often found the same when passing any of our old houses, better not to look really, it depresses one ! Hope Steve is ok and you enjoy some family time at the weekend. I commented last weekend about our visit to Whitianga this time last year, which we loved, but it seems to have not published, don't know what happened there.
    Jane G

  13. Oh Steve, hope you are okay! Hugs to everyone. I love those runners!

  14. Nice you got some time with your ladies. Love the runner. Take care Steve. Have a good weekend.


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