Friday, February 05, 2021


 Today I am going into town on a family mission with Bex.   Then we are visiting a fabric shop somewhere in there, one I don't think I've been to before?

Dunno.  I'll find out I suppose.

Then I am going out to Grandmother's Garden Patchwork shop in Gordonton.  I might get a pattern book for runners if they have any.

It will also give me a chance to find out if they have any classes or sewing groups I could join.

Time to get out of the house and make some friends here. Well, hopefully I will.

ABOVE:  Stew let both the boys have a very small turn on the treadmill last night.  No shoes.  Not safe I know, but as Stew said to me, it's going super slow, and they were only on it for a couple of minutes each.

ABOVE:  Coco's turn to get groomed later on today.  Half the time I mention things like that on the blog so I simply DO NOT FORGET! lol

ABOVE:  That was our amazing sunset last night.  We get so many really lovely sunsets here.

It is so tempting to cut the top off that tree!  It blocks so much of the sunset!  Somehow I doubt Stew will let me though.

Right I'm off.   Catch ya later.  

... 8.50 am:  And I'm doing well.  I got up earlier than usual cos Bex is due here soon.

I've managed to get the housework done, water the gardens and think about dinner... all before 9 am.  That's rare for me!

ABOVE:  I also just picked our first grapes of the season!  I hope I don't get a tummy ache, we have so many!

ABOVE: Tonight's dinner will be something using Chicken/Bacon and tomatoes.

Grrrr, I'm a dick.  After spending a good few hours looking for patterns online yesterday, just now I thought:  "Hmmm, I'm sure I've got some patchwork books somewhere", so I went hunting.

And umm...

ABOVE:  I found this pile in the back of the sewing studio!  That's not to say they will have any patterns I want to use necessarily, but at least I should look in them eh?

I'm still gunna go out to Grandmother's Garden later on, I want to ask about classes/groups.  And of course, I can look at the fabrics!  LOOK....

Look, said no serious 'fabricaholic', EVER.

1.08 pm:  And Bex and I have had a very productive morning, and got everything accomplished on our list.

ABOVE:   I got Bex to take this photo.  I thought it was rather neat signage.
A truck full of eggs.

Gordonton, Bex had never been to Grandmother's Garden before.
As I walked inside, I kept saying to  myself:  "DON'T spend too much Chris"...

ABOVE:  I got this Quiltery jig saw puzzle!

ABOVE: And this Table Runner kit.  I get to make it, then I have the pattern for more.

ABOVE:  I fell in love with this panel of butterflies!

ABOVE: This was an 'end of bolt' fabric, so was only $12 a meter.  It's really pretty.

ABOVE:  And I couldn't resist this cute cot quilt panel.

While in Gordonton, we stopped in at a local craft/art shop.  Last time I was in there the prices were semi OK, expensive, but not prohibitive.  

ABOVE:  A ball of barbed wire?  $480

ABOVE: A little 6 inch pot with pottery 'plants'?  I've seen very similar pots at markets for around  $10.  At this shop?  $75 !

I was utterly disgusted in the pricing, how anyone would think to pay their prices is beyond me.
I will refrain from naming the shop.

After our shopping trip, we had lunch in Chartwell Square, then came home.
I'm now going to relax until the kids come over for an afternoon swim.


7.57 pm:  And I made pies for dinner, Steve, Bex and family joined us.  

ABOVE: We have enough left overs to feed us all again tomorrow night.  Love that.  

Steve and the little boys are now having a swim, it's still rather hot.
Then we will all just chill out till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The tree looks like it's laughing and enjoying the gorgeous sky. Think of it as one of your new friends in the neighborhood, heh.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I think the tree looks like a rearing horse and we need as many trees as we can get!! Audrey

  3. Such a beautiful sky!

  4. I saw your Doppelganger today! Your twin. It was uncanny. She even had your exact blond high top bun! I pointed her out to my husband (who has had a few glimpses of your blog) and he totally agreed!

    Just to make sure I used that word correctly: haha

    an apparition or double of a living person.
    "he has been replaced by an evil doppelgänger"

  5. Look. Pffft yeah right 😉. Gorgeous sunset ❣

  6. OMG. So many things. Our snow plow person just kicked up a chunk of barbed wire. Now, I know what to do with it! I am sooooo going to make that silly cactus. It's soooo juvenile. I can TOTALLY make that. It will be fun to see if I can get $75 for it on Etsy. I will keep you posted!

    1. Those cactus would have cost like $4 to make, having been a potter myself I know this! Crazy shop, full of some really lovely art, and utter crap! But ALL grossly overpriced.

    2. Were the cactus glued in somehow? Or just setting in a pot full of rocks or sand?

  7. I love all those fabrics. And the runner. And the sunset. Your blog is a splash of colour today.
    And that jigsaw puzzle will be so much fun

  8. I love the fabric flowers LOVE IT....
    Ummmmm a girl here paints rocks into cactus type shapes and hers are only )10 that’s outrageous pricing

  9. Love the cot panel. Obviously :)

  10. That shop was lovely today. So much to choose from even I got some beautiful mint green with little flowers on it. I think I am going to attempt a item of clothing. 💚💚

  11. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Hi sounds like you and Bex had a lovely day, I love all the pics and hearing of your adventures,



  12. Lacey hasnt been around for left overs this week

  13. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Those pies look delicious

  14. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Why would anyone want a ball of barbed wire in their garden? The mind boggles. Loves your goods from grandmothers garden. Ice got some awesome table runner patterns I could send you if you want. Kj

    1. Yes please Karen! I will text you our address.

  15. Sounds as though you and Bex had a delightful time. The pies looks oh so yummy. Have a good weekend.

  16. Love the butterfly fabric!


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