Monday, February 22, 2021



All is quiet.

Stew is off to work soon, and I will have the house to myself.

I've got a few jobs to attend to today.

Mostly via the computer, emails and so on.

I have to pop down to the medical centre we just joined, and provide 'proof' of being New Zealanders.  Crazy, as on the enrollment form I had to provide a photo of our Passports and Drivers Licenses.  You'd think that would be enough eh?

But no, seems we have to show our friggin Birth Certificates too!  Overkill.

ANYWAY... once we are verified as members of that practice, I am going to see a Dr for some issues I'm having.

Nothing serious, I just need some new medication.  And a follow up Hba1c blood test, something our prior medical centre has not bothered with.

While I'm out and about, I've got a couple of other little jobs to do then I can come home and get the housework done, which is mostly just a load of washing.

THEN, I might just do some tree decorating.  I've not added anything to the tree in weeks, so it's overdue for some attention.

I've just not been in the mood to do it really.

I got the cutest little critter to put on the tree from Bex:

ABOVE:  I'm sure Marley would LOVE to play with it, and de-stuff it!  But no.  Better not let her.  

Bex nearly had a fit when she saw I'd put it on the floor for Marley to sniff!  Seems that Kiwi took a lot of work to make... apparently the claws were a right shit to do.  😅😂😆

I think working on the tree might take me a while, I want to cut off some of the last little bits I left on it after the last yarn bombing.

After I'm happy with the tree I will be doing some sewing.

10.53 pm:

And the day is going fairly slowly.  I've not managed to get done anywhere near as much as I wanted.
But... at least the washing is out and...

ABOVE:  I've added some stuff to my 'Happy Tree'.
And yes, it certainly does make me happy.

I had three cars stop and have their occupants talk to me.

One guy said "Wow, I've finally CAUGHT YOU"!
What he meant was he's never seen me adding to the tree before of course.  
It certainly lifted my spirits knowing my silly tree decorating is still enjoyed by people.

Another couple walked by, stopped and had a nice long chat with me.
I feel like I should just camp out by my tree ... I'd never be lonely again.

Some days I actually like being me.

I didn't put the little KIWI on the tree today.  He's going to be added in a couple of days.

Right, time to get off me butt and do the next thing on the list.
Visit the Doctor's.  Keeping busy.

ABOVE:  I'm back working.
How about you?
It's freakin quiet on here people.

I rang the Doctor's.  I don't need to take in our Birth Certificates after all.  I didn't read all the info properly.  Doh!
The Passports are enough.  Did think it was weird them needing the Birth Certificates when we had provided the Passports.

Serve me right for not reading properly.  I tend to skim read sometimes.  It saves time.  But not when ya miss important shit obviously.
Right... back to work.

8.15 pm:  Stew and I had a pre-packaged meal for dinner tonight.  It was a pasta dish : Spaghetti  Bolognaise.  I added extra cheese, which made it passable.  But not amazing.
So far, we have only found one that is really yum, which was Chicken Parmigiana with Basil.

Time to wind down for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Lacy! Love your happy curls! Cute pic of the doggy and the darling toy!

  2. Well we don't have friggin birth certificates and I'd be angry at having to supply one when my passport clearly says when and where I was born! That is crazy and I'd be down at the medical centre telling them as much. Obviously you must have birth certificates so not such an issue but I'd be damned if I'd pay the $50 or whatever it would cost to apply for two certificates. I hope the new medical centre is good though and that you get better help there than your last one.


  4. Wow! When we go to a new Drs surgery we have to provide our Medicare card and fill in a new patient questionnaire and... that’s it!! Quite a different system by the sound of it. Hope you get the paperwork done and find a great Dr at the end of it! Liz

  5. Happy Birthday Lacy. Sheesh the years are flying by!!

    Fortunately we haven't got to the stage of proving shit when we go to the doctors. We just need our medicare card. And most practices take new patients. Having said that, new practices seem to be popping up everywhere - mainly the Dr "how long do you want off work" type that bulk bill!

  6. Happy Birthday Lacy, love your hair (same colour as mine but mine isn't quite so pretty). OMG Chris this id thing is crazy, to get a passport here you have to provide your freaking birthday certificates and pledge them your firstborn. We got our ID motorised by a JP who works for our local member but that wasn't good enough when buying this house. I hope you are never lonely, but a tent outside the tree might be just the thing. It looks lovely.

  7. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The tree looks great! Happy Birthday to Drs surgery doesn't let us know when we need blood tests etc...we usually ask for what we what when we lovely Dr has retired so feeling a bit like you Chris wondering what Dr will be good...



    1. Slightly different when you are a diabetic and have been told they will send out a lab form in a month, then they don't. And I sure in hell forgot over Christmas/New Year. I suppose I will have to be more proactive myself, and ring and remind the new clinic if they forget too.

    2. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Especially if you are needle shy. I'm not diabetic but my Dr likes me to have a blood test about every six months and I hate her reminding me so you can't win really. But you do need to be proactive with diabetes or do finger pricks every day - wouldn't you hate that more. Audrey

  8. Just home deadly hot day. Happy birthday lacy. Thankful with my pending move in April i can stay with same doctor she is great.

  9. Kiwionholidays6:28 PM

    Lacys hair is beautiful love the curly sides n all

    So happy you didn’t need the bc as well ,

    Passports are good IID n we have photo licenses here in aus too,,
    Fab thing is got a 10 year one so no photos to speak of for ages yet lol

    Love Bexs wee kiwi there’s something about the guy n gal too 😉
    Tree looks fab

    Hot n steamy now after a few days rain so outdoor stuff rather warm this afty,,

    Take care
    🥂 Cheers

  10. An idea: Why not hang something on the tree (small size??) that says "The Happy Tree to make you smile" or something like that. It will explain to others and make them smile more!

  11. Happy Birthday Lacy!

    Chris, your tree is looking lovely ... I look forward to seeing future additions 😃

  12. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes 😊 I had a nice day xx got my Beach and my Fire fix during the weekend xx 💜 💙
    #Lacy 💙

  13. (Not diabetic. In USA.) My GP sees all patients every six months and requires blood work prior to that appt. very proactive. If you do not remember to get blood work, they are calling a weekend a half before the appt reminding you. I think that is a good system. My daughter’s doctor has her get blood work every six months too, but she is only seen every 12 months (she has a medical condition) unless there is a problem with the bloodwork. I think that is a good system too.

  14. Happy birthday Lacy. Hope you had a fabulous day. 😀

  15. Happy Belated Birthdays to Emily and Lacy. Looks as though you had a busy weekend. Good luck with the new Dr. Take care.


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