Sunday, February 14, 2021


On Friday, when we arrived here,  we did a little shopping.

We went into the best gift shop/art gallery in town (Mosaic) and had a good look around.

I spied a painting, and fell in love with it.

But... I didn't want to 'IMPULSE' buy, so said I'd go back on Sunday if I really wanted it, and get it then.

I took a photo (with the shop owner's permission), so I could look at it and ponder if I really loved it enough to buy it.

ABOVE:  TWO... HOURS... LATER - on Friday.

Yeah, I just had to get it.  Stew agreed.  It's totally our sort of painting.
Best thing was... it's done by a local artist, so it felt good to support local.

ABOVE: This is the painting.
What do you think of it?  It's certainly NOT going to be everyone's cuppa tea.
But it's ours.

ABOVE:  I found two of these beach towels, we will use them as throws on our outdoor furniture at home.  They were half price, so that made them even more desirable!  😉😊

ABOVE:  The inside of our car... anyone would think we were at a beach eh?  

ABOVE:  Beach face, beach hair, don't care.  Scruffy but HAPPY.

After ten years of not visiting Whitianga, we have come to the conclusion it's gone from an average but pleasant little sea side town, with no frills or graces, to a much more 'upmarket' version of itself.

ABOVE:  Everything has been smartened up, redone, upsized even.  
There is a gorgeous new children's playground.
Boardwalks.  Sea walls.  A bigger Ferry. 
And so on.  
It's like Whitianga got a 'RENOVATION'.
It's nice, but a bit strange too.

ABOVE:  That's the 'new' Ferry.  It goes from Whitianga to the other side of the estuary, connecting people who live or are staying 'on the other side'.  
The other side has Front Beach, Flaxmill Bay, Cooks Beach, Hot Water Beach etc.

Today we shall take the ferry across, and walk to Front Beach.  It's not that far to walk, except for the bloody hill.
But, I've done that hill many, many times before, so I'm sure it will be just fine.

After that we will meander our way home again.

That MIGHT involve going via Coromandel, or back the way we came.  We've not decided on that yet.


ABOVE: Stew buying our Ferry tickets.  On our way to 'the other side'.

ABOVE:  Crossing the estuary on the ferry.
It's about a 2.5 minute trip!

ABOVE:  Looking back at the wharf, much changed from 20 years ago, and even more so from 50 years ago when I first started going to Whitianga as a kid.

ABOVE:  There was this boat on the wharf, getting a marlin weighed.
My Dad fell off this wharf and drowned 20 years ago... and I felt it was a bit twisted that the boat's name was "UNDERTAKER".

Like... really!  

ABOVE:  Front Beach.  We both love this beach.  It's so pretty, with stunning views of Mercury Bay and the Shakespeare Cliffs.

ABOVE:  Back waiting for the Ferry ... such a gorgeous little bay.

We are on the road home, via Whangamata and Waihi.

4.41 pm:  We have been home about 90 minutes.  Time to unpack and have a swim to cool off.  It's about 30 degrees today.  Kinda hot.

I took a few photos of Whangamata beach and Waihi Beach, but will 'save' them for tomorrow.  There is plenty on today's post already.

ABOVE:  Red sky at night, Sailor's delight... and our sky is bullshitting us!  Our forecast for tomorrow is for RAIN... all day.
And I hope like hell it does rain!   It's been too damn hot and dry lately.

I am going to bed early tonight.  It's been a busy few days.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I love that painting. Enjoy your trip home kj

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Thank you for sharing all of the pictures of your trip and of what you are doing. Your country is beautiful and I love seeing all of the different areas. It is fun seeing our old haunts, as we say in the States, and I am glad your weekend trip was so awesome for you and Stew. Happy Valentines to you both!!

    Ky Girl

  3. Good Morning!
    The Painting. I DO like it. It's a bit more "troubling" than your usual fare - with all the sharp teeth, skeleton bones, and all. The sky looks like a totally separate painting than the fish. All in all, it is colorful, well painted, and unique!
    I really LOVE the towel though. Two years ago, back when I could go to crowded places.... I found "Turkish towels" at the state fair. That looks like the same style. I LOVE them! Lightweight, soft, quick drying, smooth so it doesn't hold on to sand at the beach.... Here - we usually use thick terry cloth towels. They are heavy, bulky, take so long to dry they get stinky, and they hold on to sand like a precious gift and fling it into everyone's eye balls when it's time to go home! I am a Turkish Towel convert!

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Love the UNFILTERED photo of you. When you put a filter on your face it distorts your face and makes you look very weird, no offense!

    That painting is so cool!

  5. i have some of those towels gathering dust in my cupboard as they make really crap towels and I didnt even know what else to do with them! Now i do! Throws for outside furniture is a brilliant idea! Thank you xx

  6. mmmmm not sure about the painting itself BUT I love the colours.

    Happy Valentines Day.

  7. Kiwionholidays11:41 AM

    What a fabulous three day thread
    Loving all the pics of Whitianga etc etc
    You ones are surely taking time out and having a great time together ,

    Can only refresh you both and it’s so neat you are taking all those lovely photos for us to enjoy 😉
    Have a safe trip home n the pic is surely a one off and that’s the beauty of local art and artists

    Will look stunning at your home wherever you decide to hang it

    Cheers 🥂

  8. You look like you've both had a relaxing weekend well done 💙 the painting is neat drive safely 😀

  9. lolololol that painting is so you!!... not my style at all but I can see why you love it x

  10. I love the painting love today’s pictures we are very lucky to be to move freely just now.

  11. I can't remember when you were so happy. It is great to see.

    I swore I would never ever ever be tempted to get on an overseas aircraft ever again. You are rapidly convincing me to get my citizenship and passport so I can come and spend a couple of months over there. It is a stunning place.

  12. Oh - and I love the painting. So you and so much to see in it.

  13. Your poor Dad and family having to go through that. What a terrible tragedy.

  14. The painting is cool and so are the beach towels! Love your beach look you look very content x

  15. What a great weekend away. Thanks for sharing. Great photos

  16. Looks like a great weekend away. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing

  17. That is freaky to see that boat name. I asked Stu's dad if he knew your parents and said that your mother went to church with Diana (his deceased wife).

  18. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the painting x

  19. A nice get-away, so glad you both enjoyed yourselves. The painting!!! not my style, but I know you both like it.
    Wow, look at that tan.

  20. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Had to comment, your face is freaking gorgeous. Jo x

  21. Great painting. Looks the the weather was perfect! Happy Valentine's Day.

  22. Every thing is so pretty! Everything around here seems to be turning into homeless camps and trashed. So sad. Wish there would be more facelifts for our areas

  23. So lovely to see you and Stew getting a chance to relax and spend time together, much deserved!


  24. So lovely to see you Stew finally getting a chance to relax, holiday and spend time together. Can’t wait to see more of it! Much deserved!!!


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