Wednesday, February 03, 2021


 Poor Stew.  He's back at work today, after taking a 5 day 'long weekend'.

I feel guilty as he didn't really get much of a break.

What with us doing the market on Monday, and then he had a couple of 'jobs' here yesterday.

Our next long weekend away should be a bit more relaxing.

So.  Yesterday I asked if he could make me an easel, to display some painting in me shop.

ABOVE:  And he did a damn fine job of it!  I'm rather chuffed with my easel.

Then the other job was to remove a raised garden bed that was, of all places, right under the friggin clothes line!

ABOVE: I struggled to reach the back lines with it there, AND it stopped me hanging towels and sheets at that end of the line too. That's an old pre-purchase photo btw, it never looks that unkept now.

ABOVE:  Now it's gone (arrows show where it was), and I was thrilled to see there were paving stones under it too.

So no messy dirt patch to fix up either.  SCORE.

Today my plans go like this:

- Feel grumpy about having to get outta bed.

- Get up and do the housework.

- Ring a locksmith, cos we have a door that is not locking properly.

- Take Marley to the groomers (Coco's turn on Friday).

- Swim in the pool, cos it's supposed to be DAMN HOT again today.

- THINK about stripping some wall paper.  Or not.  Depends on me mood.

And that's about it!

Nothing too riveting.  

Now I am going to lie here and think about getting up.  Probably won't for another hour or so... no rush is there?

10.21 am: And 75% of the housework is done.
AND I've got dinner cooking in the crock pot too.

ABOVE:  *sigh*, got a bit complacent with the sharp knife and whoops!  Sliced right into me knuckle.
Bloody hurts.  
But ... moving on.
Just have a big basket of linen to fold, then I'm moving on to my sewing room.
The back 'work' area looks like a bomb hit it. 

4.02 pm: Marley is at the groomers.
The little boys are in the pool after school.
Dinner is cooking:

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight is a beef curry, over rice with veges in it.
Should be nice.
Though the smell of cooking beef kinda turns my stomach.

Can't wait until I've picked up Marley, so I can get back in the pool.  It is incredibly hot again today.

6.24 pm:  Just had another swim with the clan from Flagstaff, who come over most days for a post dinner swim.
Stew is on the treadmill, before his swim.
I'm gunna thicken the curry and prepare the rice for our dinner.
What a neat day!
And all you buggers must be busy too... I hope you are having a neat day too.

10.11 pm:   And our dinner was lovely, and I followed it up with a Rhubarb/Apple and Raisin pie!  Sure in hell didn't need that, but I'd been given some rhubarb from my Aunt in Kinloch and didn't want to waste it.

Time to head off to bed soon, to toss and turn half the night with the heat.


  1. I am not having much sympathy for your hot weather. This week is supposed to be the coldest it has been in the past 2 years. Negative 33 F or Negative 36 C. That is miserable and dangerous, it freezes dog feet. It's bad for the cars. I would rather be tan in a pool on a floaty with a cold beverage in the sun! I have been sharing the morning reluctance to get out of bed - the chaos of politics and pandemics is getting me down.

  2. I'm waiting for SN9 Starship to launch - very exciting if you are into big rockets!

  3. If I click on your blog real quick looking for an update. .. I see "BREAK UP" and I think oh no! Who's breaking up???!!!

    1. Gosh you're a worry Christine!

  4. That IS a Great easel!! So simple, yet just what is needed. Smart Man.

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Hi you are so organised! lots of great pics, and I love your new outfits from the other day, the leggings and top look have an amazing tan! Do you still have 3 dogs?



    1. We have Coco and Marley. Denim left home two years ago and is happily living just up the road from us. We see her now and then, but because of the vicious animosity she showed towards Coco, it's not too often. I have not blogged about it as I just didn't want the backlash and nasty, hateful comments I was sure to get.

  6. We’re in strict lockdown here (Perth, WA) as there was one community case of COVID recorded, so they shut the metropolitan area down for a week. It’s very dull. I wish we had your pool!! It’s been hot and there’s bushfires east of us, so also smokey. Still, at least we have a home and food and half the air conditioning works. Ha! I need your motivation for housework!!

    Love the easel - looks great and works well.


  7. Kiwionholidays7:53 PM

    Time poor but lovely day for you all same here,
    Big day taking fur babies etc back n forth,

    Well worth the effort,

    Lots to be thankful for where we are with Covid 19 so bad in other countries. ,,

    Dinner sounds delicious,,

    Grocery shopping tonight when it’s quieter and cooler 👍
    Cheers 🥂

  8. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Hi you are a caring pet owner...


  9. Loving your nite nite pic house hunting gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince applies to finding something half way decent for a resonable rent...not my plan for this bloody summer heat and shifting oh joy!!!!!!!!!

    1. OH bugger! I thought you were happily settled where you were? Sorry to hear you are on the house hunt again chick.

  10. Sounds like a nice day except for the heat and the cut! I nicked my finger with my rotary cutter yesterday. Luckily it bled more than it hurt lol


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