Sunday, February 21, 2021


 Another stinking hot day lies ahead.

Another day where I start out just as tired as the night before.

But... it could be worse!

I feel so sorry for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, who are snowed under and some without power.

My mind boggles at what would happen if the power went out for days.  Everything in your fridge and freezer might melt?  Or do ya just go and bury it in the snow?  

Hmmmm... then I think of wild (and domesticated) animals having a field day eating it all!

Dunno what I would do.  Anyone able to answer this? 😊

If today is anything like yesterday, I might just get in me togs and head straight for the pool.

I had a terrible headache all day yesterday, purely down to the heat I think.

No pills seemed to help.  And I had a fan like, 8 inches from my face and that didn't help either.

OK, now I'm just bitching!

Stew has to go into work again this morning for the 'clean up' guys.  With any luck their offices are dry by tomorrow.

I'm going to be ringing Bex soon to check on little Archer.  He was taken to the Doctor yesterday afternoon. Poor little man has tonsillitis and an ear infection.

If it doesn't get too hot in my sewing room, I will make a start on the next Gnome Runner.  PINK HATS I do believe. 😏😄

ABOVE:  Another grandchild hits double digits!  HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY EMILY.  We hope you have a wonderful day.


10.30 am:  And so far, it's not too damn hot.

Stew went to work.

And I went down to Tui Medical Centre to enrol.  Got told I had to do it online, so cool.

We are changing doctors.  We are just not happy with where we are at the moment. 

I also went to the supermarket and bought some mouse traps.  Let's see if we catch any?  Stew is going to put bait under the deck too.

3.20 pm:  Well... it's another lazy, quiet day here.

Stew has done the weeding and mowed the lawn.

ABOVE:  I got a lesson on how to get the mower to work, so that sometimes (if I feel like it of course), I can mow the lawn for him during the week.

ABOVE:  I have been working on my puzzle.  There is a piece missing.  Stew looked for it too.  NO luck.  Damn annoying.

I've looked everywhere it might be, to no avail.  I will 'finish' it then throw it out, no one wants to do a puzzle if all the pieces are not there.

8.28 pm:  Well we had visitors this evening.  Steve, Bex, the boys and Brylee came over for a swim. 

Brylee stayed for dinner.  S 'n' B had already had theirs.

I had a swim with Stew and Brylee before S 'n' B arrived.  It was wonderful, and certainly helped my headache.  I'm sure the headaches are from the heat, and probably a bit of dehydration as suggested.

I have watered the gardens this evening, they were looking a bit parched.

Time to sign off ... and enjoy a couple of hours just relaxing.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I can’t remember exactly when I strarted reading your blog but it was before Emily was born I knew it was some time ago but didn’t realise it was 10 plus years ago.Happy birthday Emily.

    Hope Archer is better today.


  2. What a darling granddaughter and 10 already. Time flies. I am sending good wishes to my friends enduring the snow storms; my post today shows my California magnolia tree buds.

  3. Happy 10th Birthday Emily! Thats a great photo!
    Well, I live in a place that is well below freezing. If our power went out I could put the freezer goods outside. But in Minnesota the temp is well below zero and likely to stay that way. Places that get a big dump of snow or ice and are hovering right around the freezing point - might not have "reliable enough" cold. And they are likely to lose all frozen goods.

  4. It has been cold here in S. W. Ontario, Canada. If the power goes out here, which has happened in the past. I do put food outside, usually in a secure container so no critters get into it. Also have put it in the garage, its not heated. Cook on the BBQ and light the fireplace for heat. You do what you have to do under the circumstances.
    Hope your little Archer is feeling better.
    Send some heat our way to melt this snow.

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Happy birthday Emily! How do you cope with so many birthdays Chris? Must cost you guys an absolute fortune in presents!

  6. Morning Chris, I have finally sent you an email.
    Thank you

  7. Happy birthday Emily!!

    We are just over a hot spell and now the temps are down in the low 20s again (that's Melbourne for you). I hope you find a good GP at the new practice. You need someone you can relate to and who treats you as a whole person not a bunch of symptoms.

  8. Happy Birthday Emily 🎂 nah you ain't bitching maybe you are dehydrated which doesn't help things like headaches. Bloody stifling here too 🌞

  9. I was missing a piece of my puzzle. Found it under the assembled part of the puzzle.

  10. Anonymous4:51 PM

    If there is only one piece missing, you could make a piece for it. Once the jigsaw is finished, make a template of the missing piece, make a piece out of card and then colour it appropriately. Piece of cake with your talent - don't throw away a perfectly good puzzle for one missing piece. Audrey

  11. Anonymous5:20 PM

    The minute you throw the jigsaw out the missing piece will turn up! Been there done that. Kj

  12. Knock on wood, we rarely lose power.

    But we have things built into our house just in case. First we have thick walls and lots of insulation, the house holds its heat well. My stove top is gas and can be lit with a match. We have a gas fireplace that does not require electricity to light and has a chimney. We can keep warm enough if we have to.

    Outside is well below freezing, so our freezer stuff would go out in coolers with bricks on top and then we would eat our way thru it (quickly).

    Many people in our area have household generators. So they can keep a few things running with no power.

    The Amish farms in my area (and there are lots) use generators year round and are never hooked up to electricity.

    My grandparents had an old windmill that they could use to generate power when their lines went down (which used to happen all the time).

    Losing power (here) in summer is actually MUCH WORSE.

  13. Kiwionholidays6:08 PM

    Time poor,,,, but just want to say that Emily’s hair is fabulous,,🌺

    Love the thick heads of hair of young ones ,,,,so many styles they can have
    Cheers 🥂

  14. Kiwionholidays6:10 PM

    PS hope wee Archer is better today

  15. Emily says thank you.

  16. I love the pattern on Stew's singlet. I would love one in that design!

    Hope Archer is feeling better, that is no fun. Especially both at once :-(

  17. Archer is on the mend his ear is still playing up a bit. 🙂 he loved his swim this even and all the attention from marley and coco. Very cute kiwi 💚

  18. I think their houses were cold enough the food would be fine. People had actual icicles in their houses with busted pipes. so sad!


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