Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Who hates paperwork?

Yeah, me too.  But , sometimes ya just have to pull ya finger out and get it done.

So ... I've got some work to do this morning.

Then I can relax for a while.

I SHOULD have gone over to Cambridge for an FBG Social walk this morning, but it would have meant getting up and out of the house by 6.30 am.  And well... I'm simply NOT an early riser.

I loathe getting up early, mainly because I simply feel SICK AS A DOG if I get up too early!

Does anyone else feel sick in the morning if they get up really early?

Or am I abnormal?

I mean, I literally feel like throwing up ! Anything before 7 am is pretty much EARLY for me!

Yes, I can be awake much earlier, but NOT UP OUTTA BED.

I don't know how the hell I managed with 6 babies in 10 years, and all the early mornings I had to endure!!!  Oh and ... let's not forget the next two babies in my 40's too!

Today is a 'shop day'.  I had no one in on Tuesday.  So fingers crossed I get a visitor or two today.

I am going to start on another Gnome Runner today.  Not sure what colour hats I am going to do today. 

I've now done Blues, Red/Green and Pinks.

SHIT!  Did I post a photo of the Pinks?

Dang, I forgot didn't I?

I will take one later on and show you ... but remember, it's already SOLD.  

Sandra, I hope you like it. 

I am hoping to have a much happier day today. 

 And that's all for now peeps... I am gunna roll over and catch a couple more Zzzz's.

Then get up and start me day.

WOW!  Like wow.
I rolled over and went back to sleep.
And woke up at 9.51 am!
Man I must have been tired.

I've now had brunch, baked beans on toast, and am feeling half human.
Time to get some shit done.

ABOVE:  Sandra, there is your Pink Gnome Runner.  I this it's so cute.
2.15 pm:  Well it's very quiet here.
I've sat in the garage working on my puzzle (the green pieces 😆), while listening to Cold Cases on Netflix.
Nothing is moving.  It's super calm outside, just the odd car passing and a bird chirping now and then.
I am not sewing today.  I'm just not in the mood to.
I'm perfectly content just sitting here being a lazy tart.

I have decided we are having some sort of takeaway for dinner.  So Stewie, don't expect any lovely dinner smells when ya get home!

It's good to just sit sometimes.  I thought of more stuff I needed to add to me paperwork. So have done that.
Now I might just do a ring around the kids and check on all of them.
Bex said Dante was off to the Doctor today as he's sick.  They are certainly having a run of it.

7.15 pm:  And Stew and I ended up going to The Foundation at The Base for dinner.
I had the Seafood Chowder and Stew had a Chicken Burger.  It was very nice as per usual.
I forgot to take a photo!  
But I did get this:

ABOVE:  You don't see many 'colour change' vehicles now days.  This one was particularly beautiful, and a Mercedes no less.  Just a little bit drool worthy. 😂
This evening is gunna be spent just relaxing, feet up.  I doubt there is much on TV, so I'll probably watch something on You Tube. That's what Stew does too, if there's no sport on that is.


  1. Red Hats, cute, festive and traditional.

  2. I feel sick every morning, I don’t know why and I never get up early, I can only manage to eat toast, the idea of a cooked breakfast, no way. I hope you have a more serene day cChris.

  3. LOVE the runner! Man something is in the air today my head has been bothering me too.

  4. What is an FBG social walk? 6:30 a.m. is TOO early, I am with you on that. Your gnome runner is very cute.

  5. That runner is gorgeous, love the colours.

  6. My diabetic daughter feels very ill if she gets up too early. She is usually up by 7 but often feels unwell for some time after that.

  7. I looove my runner 😁😁. Thank you do much 💙

  8. Well I must be the odd one out here 🤔 I start work at 6am and finish at 2:15pm (give or take) so I'm up before the birds are 🐥 I struggle to sleep in even at the weekend 😴

  9. loving the runner style..... I know why they are so popular, gorgeous!! xxxx

  10. If I am tired or have to get up early I feel like chucking. Those early days with babies were sheer hell! Even now if I smell a particular flower (was given heaps for some reason when the boys were born) I still feel sick.
    Love the pale pink gnomes. They would make lovely baby quilts. Something a bit different.

  11. Love the pink gnomes but I have loved every runner. Hope today goes quietly for you.

  12. Great runner, I love pink & grey colour combination. Keep up the good work. Have a good day & relaxing weekend. Ro xx

  13. I’m an early riser for my runs! Some mornings 5am but some mornings a bit more civilised at 7am. In summer it is so hot here it really is the only time it’s bearable. I do love my sleep though so go to bed fairly early. Glad you had a relaxing day I think it is just what you needed :)

  14. I'm up at 5:30 and on the treadmill before 6. Always been an early riser and certainly not a night owl. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Take care.


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