Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 Today I am going to finish making the blue table runner.

I've got to quilt and bind it, that will probably take me an hour or two.

ABOVE: That's the top done, not a very good photo though.

I am sure once it's finished I'll get a better photo.

I'm going to rip wallpaper off 'somewhere' once I've finished the runner.  Time to stop procrastinating and just get on with it.

That will keep me busy I suppose. 

And that's me for now.  I am hanging out for the weekend already! We have plans.

This is what got me out of bed this morning:

ABOVE:  I've probably picked half?  Maybe a bit less.  I hope they get taken, or the birds are gunna have fun.

12.15 pm:  I just have the binding to go on my blue runner.
But, I've taken a break for lunch.
It's too quiet.
I am feeling .. ALONE.  I don't like it.
And ya know what?
There is NO fun in going to a mall just to be around people.  NONE.
Loneliness is universal, yet we are a world of BILLIONS.

BUGS!  I have bugs all over me.  I keep plucking them out of my hair, down me back and so on.
It's disgusting, and horrible, and creepy, and I just wanna strip and get rid of them.
Getting all those grapes meant being in amongst the vine and all the damn BUGS.  Think I will strip.  Might even walk around the house NAKED... cos I can.  
Don't visit me right now ok?  

I made toast, put baked beans on top... then as I was eating it... noticed the bread had mold all down the side.  FUCK.  Gross.  Tipped it down the sink.  NEXT...

ABOVE:  Finished.

ABOVE: So nice to get some rain again.  It's cooled things down nicely. 
Brylee has called in for some grapes, and Stew will be taking some to work tomorrow.
It looks like NO ONE has taken any today!
I thought they would go really fast, seems I'm wrong.

While I was busy in the sewing room, the girls were being very naughty in the house!  Jumping on the beds, pulling all the pillows off, same with the cushions on the sofas and chairs!  So, they will be confined to the garage while I'm sewing now!  Little tarts.

Stew is on the treadmill, then he might have a swim.  Then we are gunna have Fish 'n' chips for dinner.  I'm being an utterly lazy tart.

Well... dinner is done.  Brylee has gone home.  And it's just us old farts, watching TV till bedtime.


  1. Oh lovely! We had a grape vine in Adelaide and I loved it!

  2. Hey Chris,
    With all of those grapes you and Stew could start your own wine label!
    Your new blue runner looks amazing. Have a lovely day xx

  3. I know what you mean about loneliness. It sucks. And sometimes the worst is when you are alone in a crowd of strangers. I joined a local craft group on facebook a couple of years ago. Through that I met 3 amazing women and we catch up regularly and talk almost daily. If there isn't one locally maybe start one. That's what the founder of our group did.

  4. Can’t believe the grape haul! Obviously the vine is very happy there! Sorry about the bugs through. One of the worst things about gardening!
    And hope you get some fresh bread today! I once accidentally ate mouldy bread (didn’t realise until I’d had a mouthful) and felt slightly ill all day - not sure if it was psychological or if a small amount did make me a bit sick.
    Onward and upward for the rest of your day.

  5. U r rocking the runners

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I've had days like you are having. They bite. XOXO Mold on bread drives me insane! I'm glad you chucked it down the drain. The runner looks good. Do you ship to the US by any chance? Peace, Ky Girl

  7. The blue runner is just gorgeous. You certainly have an eye for design. Have you gotten any luck finding a sewing group. That really sounds like it would be fun with like minded people.

  8. Well today is going swimmingly for you, bugs, mould - eww to both. I hope it got heaps better :-)

  9. I love the finished quilt. it's almost like there's a secret word spelled out in there. Maybe there's an idea for your next ones!

    1. OOOH she could have fun with that!! What a great idea.

    2. Hmmmm.... let's wait and see.

  10. I love grapes. I would have taken at least a quarter of what you left. That was really nice of you to do and hopefully some of the grapes will have been taken by end of tomorrow.

  11. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Nice to see you getting back to producing your lovely creations. Hope you get some sales in the shop, so many lovely, unique things for gifts. We don't usually have much snow here, being near the sea but have had 6 - 8 inches in the last couple of days. It's sunny now, so lovely to look out on a winter wonderland, but oh my goodness it was a struggle to clear a path to the shed to fetch some things from the freezer!! At least we don't need to go out apart from a little shopping, being still in lockdown. No sign of things opening up here until many more people are vaccinated, although they are setting up centres all over the country to speed up the process. My nephews and brother-in-law will be finishing their work contract in Masterton end of March but their return flights to Scotland have just been cancelled until further notice. Maybe they'll be able to spend some time sightseeing in your beautiful country before they come home. 24 degrees there just now they said, and we are forecast to have as low as -20 this weekend....I know where I'd rather be just now ! I don't see any pictures of Lacy visiting for "leftovers" lately! Hope she and Keira are doing well.
    Jane G

  12. I'd like some fresh grapes! Come on people. Sounds like your day was a tad off. Hope Thursday will be better. Take care.

  13. We've had to keep our store bread in the freezer, just taking out a few slices at a time, because we don't eat it fast enough and it molds! It only takes a minute or two to thaw. Your runner looks great! I would have taken some of those grapes!! They look gorgeous! I planted a concord grape vine next to the wooden fence last year. I'll have to put up some kind of support in a year or so. Cheers!

  14. Trevor is too noisy for me to be alone. Maybe some day ;)


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