Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 I'm sleeping in.

Go away ... come back later.

I have not slept well AT ALL... so trying to catch up.

ABOVE:  It's just too damn hot, and I have far too much on my mind to sleep well.

Add to that, cramps in my legs.  NOT FUN.

10.41 am:  Sorry about that... I think I might have been a bit rude?

But seriously, I just didn't want to get outta bed this morning.  And I was in the foulest mood ever.

So, I've taken some panadol for the ever present headache, and am trying to make a start on my day.

There is NO MOTIVATION to do a bloody thing though.  

I could be sorting out the back Tin Shed, as it's a cloudy day, perfect for working out there.

But no.  I'm sitting here feeling crabby as fuck.

ABOVE:  I HAVE put all the current puzzle pieces in containers so they simply cannot be lost (if that is what happened to the last puzzle's missing pieces?).

I just spoke with Lacy, and she has agreed to come over and help me with the shed.  So, looks like that's what I shall be doing for the next hour or so.   I  have left overs for her too... added incentive for her to get over here!  😆😅😂

RHONDA AND DEE:  the headaches and lack of sleep are most likely down to the on going issues that we are having to deal with.

The only resolution to them will be through the courts, and that is a process that could take a while to resolve.

I am sure my blood pressure is too high, and will be getting it checked as soon as I'm able to visit my  new doctor.  I am on blood pressure medication already, but it probably has to be adjusted.

ABOVE:  The Tin Shed is done!  With Lacy's help it only took about 30 minutes!  THIRTY MINUTES.  Thanks tart, hope you enjoyed the left over chicken.

Now what shall I do?

Jigsaw?  Sewing?  Watch a movie?  

...Or get meat out for dinner, put a load of washing on, tidy up the sunroom, wipe down the benches, get the bin in (oh I just saw Lacy do that!).  Yeah, housework better come first.

I think a mental adjustment might be in order too.  Start counting my blessings, and be thankful for all that I do have.  A fantastic, loving husband, 6/8th of loving kids, gorgeous grandchildren (those that we can actually see), a lovely home to live in,  and so on!

It's not all doom and gloom, and in a year's time all the current shit will be behind us (all going well), and we can move on, with no headaches I hope!

3.30 pm:  And I have A WIN for the day!  I had ONE edge piece 'missing' from my new puzzle.  I knew it had to be in one of the sorted boxes... so I've been quietly going through every box, looking at all of the pieces.  Hoping to find that edge piece. 

And I FINALLY FOUND IT!  That has made my day, it really has.

And I have just talked with Steve, and while he is having a flare up of his Pancolitis right now, it's still not too bad.  He is seeing the specialist at the hospital on Tuesday next week.  I think he is quietly anxious about it, but I feel confident in the Waikato Gastroenterology team.  

They have done so much more than the Auckland team in getting it under control for Steve.    THIS is another stressor, but I'm doing my best to not let it get me too worried.

10.06 pm:  I'd be lying if I said my mood improved much today.  Let's just say it was a 'FLAT' day.  

Dinner was OK, lamb chops and veges.  I didn't have any.  I had ice cream instead.  

Yeah.  It was that sorta day.

Hoping for a better mood tomorrow.

That's the worst one I could find.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Taking magnesium supplements and/or massaging your legs with magnesium oil may help your leg cramps. Google "magnesium benefits" and discuss it with your doctor at your next visit.

  2. Sleep well! No need to get up early. Stay in bed till noon!

  3. Nothing worse than prolonged lack of sleep! Maybe talk with your doctor when you see him/her about your sleep issues and especially your ever present headaches. A sleep study may be needed ? Hope you get things sorted out soon as you sound very miserable 😖 Getting enough sleep, exercise and eating well is so important to our well being.

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I put my pieces in zip lock bags in the boxes to stop loosing them Nothing worse than loosing pieces, 8 would p*** me off
    Watch those head aches, daughter spent 4 days in hospital recently due to headaches/ migraines turned out her bp was through the roof

  5. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Can you get your blood pressure checked at your pharmacy? But if it too high then the only person who can look to sort that is your Doctor. As far as the family issues are concerned, try not to think about it too much especially if it something you can't control, I suspect we went through a similar thing a few years ago and I had to put it out of my mind and let things take their course or I would have gone out of my mind - I also suspect you are like me that you hate not being able to control things in your family but mostly as grandparents it is outside your control. You can only be there and help when able to. Audrey

  6. Leeann12:08 PM

    I know you said you couldn't get an appointment for days but maybe you could see a nurse and have your blood pressure checked. Some chemists will check it too.

  7. Yip the Chicken was yummy 😋 thanks Ma and ill always help where I can xx
    #Lacy 💙

  8. Yes Chris you have a lot to be grateful for but you’re human and whatever you’re going through is huge so it’s no wonder you are feeling unwell. Try not to give the person/s or situation the satisfaction of gloating that they are hurting you so much, especially if it’s something you can’t change and as you said will pass in time. Without our health we really have nothing. Hugs 🤗 to you

    1. Unfortunately there are several 'situations' that are on-going, and several people who are causing stress to Stew and Me . We both just have to hang in there and do what we can, or put it aside if there is nothing we can do. Thank you for caring.

  9. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hi I hope you feel better soon..nothing is more important than your health...hopefully the situations will resovle without you having to get sick. Try to do happy things just for you....


  10. It is so easy when shit is going on all around you to focus on those causing said shit rather than the ones quietly getting on with life and being there when you need it. (OK Steve and Lacy may not be THAT quiet) Heat, stress and lack of sleep will certainly give you headaches. When is your next getaway with Stew? Can you take an extra day or two?

    1. Next get away is third weekend in March. Tauranga next time. Perhaps we will go away for another weekend before then if possible.

    2. It would be kind to point out that we have support and love from Amanda, Mike, Brylee and Griffin too. And of course, our extended family of Stew's sister, and many Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

    3. I wasn't doubting that for a moment, Chris. Just saying that Lacy and Steve couldn't be said to be quietly getting on with life. As a joke! You are so lucky to have such a large group of family and friends supporting you that the odd ones that cause you grief don't deserve any energy expended on them.

    4. Don't worry Chick. I just felt the need to point out we have more support than just those two BECAUSE it's been put out 'there' that we are a BROKEN FAMILY. Like hell we are! We are 100% UNITED as a family, except for a couple.

  11. I know you have said it is cost prohibitive to cool the whole house.

    Is it feasible to put in some type of unit to just cool your bedroom so you can sleep?

    Or if your bedroom does not lend itself to a unit, another room where it works easier, perhaps away from the afternoon sun? Sleep in there on the very hot days.

    You would not have to run the unit all day, you could turn it on a couple hours before bed. It could even be on a timer and shut off early.

    I am not sure how your roof is built, but I also wondered about an attic fan, since you have Steve to install things for you. (An attic fan runs after the sun goes down to push out the very hot air and pull in outside air to help cool the house. Sometimes there is one in each end, one pulling air in and the other blowing it out. I have friends with them and it makes a big difference. But I don’t know if you even have an attic.)

    I spent one summer in my college town with no air conditioning, and slept on a water bed. The water was not heated, and it sucked the heat right out of me, even though the water had to have been room temperature. Not suggesting you buy a water bed, but it was an interesting discovery all those years ago (I will be 60 in March).


    1. I have a fan on me all night long, which helps heaps. My problem is HOT FLUSHES ... they wake me up every hour or so. Nothing has helped with them, I have suffered from them for over 14-15 years. Hot flushes can be brought on by stress... so HELLO... I am getting heaps more than normal right now.

  12. Might be time to have a look into some type of counselling. Once you do that, you'll start to get your headspace right, and the sleep and blood pressure will follow suit. Much love xxx

  13. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Our pup was unwell 2 nights in a row, vomiting everywhere. For 2 nights my sleep wasn’t great, I was a complete mess and the only thing that helped was more sleep. Put yourself and hubby first, if that means walking away walk away. We aren’t here forever and you’ve given enough. Jo x

  14. Wow great work on clearing the shed and the incentive of leftovers would be a win win!
    Hot flushes lay on a lilo in the pool permanent 😁
    Or sling up a sleeping swim hammock 😂
    I know I’m not being helpful but a good thought

  15. No its not all doom and gloom, you do have a lot of blessings, but those blessings only help take so much of the stress away.
    Hang in there Chris, count all those blessings daily and fingers crossed you can walk away from those stresses sooner rather than later.

  16. That's the way,try and keep a positive outlook, and if your feeling down just remember that no matter how bad things get you birthed this gloriously adorable individual, that thought alone should inspire true joy to burst through your mind 😀

    1. Steve, you are a dick. But we still love you.

    2. Omg.....your suck a twat waffle, I am by far the most awesomnest in the world, but its OK Steve for you to feel in awe of me and my sizzle....ill let you have this one, because I'm just amaze balls
      Your awesomeness
      #Lacy 💙

  17. Hugs, today the lad has decided to stop Chemo. Life is a big booger

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your son Sandra. I don't know what his prognosis is... but I will keep him and you in my thoughts. Stay Strong. {{{HUGS}}}

  18. Sometimes a sleep in is all you need to let your body get used to the day. There is no way you should be still having hot flushes etc. There was a presenter at the retreat I did last year and she is amazing, specialises in women's health. She is based in Matamata and I will try & find her name and let you know.

    As for all the crap going on, our solicitor told us a few years ago when we were having issues to try & not think about the things, unless you have to, trust that they are doing their job their end and try not to dwell on it. Easier said than done I know but did help.

  19. Lack of sleep is the worst and affects everything else. Hope you get a decent sleep soon and start to feel better. Steve is a crack up LOL... hope he is feeling okay and his upcoming appointment goes well.

  20. I hope you had a more restful sleep. Keep counting those silver linings. Take care.


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