Monday, February 08, 2021


 Yesterday I made my first table runner since last September!

I really enjoyed doing it too.  I am going to aim for 1 a week for a while, then move onto cot quilts.

I suppose you would like to see what I made?  Well, I hope you do, cos here goes:

ABOVE:  I found this pattern easy to do!  Well... I didn't actually have a pattern, just a picture off the internet to go by.  It's not perfect, but good enough.
ABOVE:  My sewing room floor didn't stay clean and clear for long!

ABOVE:  Look all you girls with OCD... Stew put the screws on the shelves so I could put the boxes of Fat Quarters up the right way.  I still 'lose' some storage room, but I like them like this, so I can see the fabric at a glance.

Today is a public holiday, so Stew is home.
Again, we have no plans, and that's OK.  
I might make a start on another table runner?
A different one from the one above.
I want a real variety of runners by the end of the year.

There is a good chance I am going to pop over to Cambridge this morning for morning tea with the FBG girls!
I have re-joined the group this year, mostly for the social interaction.  I miss them.  Not the walks so much.  But I will try and do some walks, just not aiming to do the Urban Challenge again.  It would require me going to Cambridge too much.

12.42 pm:  And I did indeed go over to Cambridge for morning tea.  It was neat to catch up with a few of the FBG girls.
I stayed for about an hour, then came home to get on with some more sewing.
I think I've got the motivation going again.

ABOVE:  Today's fabric selection.  Hmmm... what shall I do with it?

Brylee is over visiting.  I pretty much told her she could move back home (if she's too lonely).  What is wrong with me? 😏😆  I think the 'mothering' gene is a bit too dominant in me.

6 pm:  And I've just come in from the sewing room.  This is what I did today:

ABOVE:  This is another runner I just made up as I went along.  It was quite fun!  And that's what I want my sewing to be, FUN.
Not rushed.  Not stressed.  Just fun.

9.32 pm:  And that's a wrap on today.  It's been a quiet day and evening really.  End of the long weekend for Stew, he's back at work tomorrow.


  1. Yay! No more cock-eyed-ness! I like the new fabric displays.
    We are gutting the ceramic studio and rearranging a bit. Inspired by you ! You would not believe the mess at the moment! OMG! But I have just been getting cranky having to step foot out there because there are no clear spaces to work. There is no organization. It is completely inefficient. I hope we can get two pickup loads of crap out of there permanently. Yes, I LOVE minimizing and clearing stuff out.
    I really like the new runner. I even like the stripes layed out on the floor - if you sew them together the way they are! Just stripes basically.
    I am currently putting off the studio cleanse. Ick!

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Great job with the new table runner pattern. When I read that it wasn't perfect I started looking for imperfections but until then it looked perfect to me - still does, because I didn't find any, lol. The boxes do look better but I thought they were OK before but I tend not to notice things like that - is that the opposite to OCD? We had a great weekend in Auckland with our son, grand daughter's family and great grandkids - Leo was six months yesterday and is absolutely gorgeous - I wanted to bring him home with me. The other two are five and they are gorgeous as well but there is something about little babies (you know what I mean, Chris!). Audrey

  3. Love the table runner.

  4. Your table runner is lovely.

  5. oohhhh huge improvement with the storage, well done lololol

  6. Love the table runner. You are so talented Chris. Glad you’ve got your groove back. It takes a long time and you’ve been through so much over the last 6 or so months loosing your dear mum. I lost my mum in November 2020 and I’m still very sad. How is Ron coping? Hehe you certainly got a good dose of the mothering gene, you’ve certainly got it down pat too! Rhonda

  7. You most definitely have the "mothering" gene.

  8. Is she too lonely? I bend over backwards for my kiddo too. It’s okay! I think she needs friend roommates. Does she have friends looking to find a place? That’sa great way to get started on her own.

  9. If she knows that she can come home it might take a bit of stress off her and she will stay put. Personally, once I left home at 17 wild horses wouldn't drag me back but I didn't have the best relationship with my mother although it did improve a little over many years.
    Glad you've found your quilting groove again.

  10. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Yes, it sounds like she should come home...and look to move into a flat with a sounds more like a boarding house type arrangement...I think you will feel happier you will have someone to feed the dogs when you go away..ha ha

    Take care


  11. Oh I like the green one. That same style would be great in BLUE.

  12. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Love the green one. Very unique. colourful kj

  13. Sewing room looks great, as do the runners! I have to go back and catch up on a few days worth of your blog. Have been busy decluttering and organising the house here. Really want to get everything just right. Started with my walk in wardrobe which was the worst dumping ground and it looks beautiful now. That is sweet that Brylee misses you and pops over so often! I think even if she does come back this would have been a great learning experience for her.

  14. Kiwionholidays11:19 PM

    Beautiful one the last pic tonight Chris

    Great work


  15. I really like the two table runners you made Chris! Glad you had the chance to have tea and a chat with your FBG friends in Cambridge.

  16. Your sewing room looks great. Have fun getting all those projects done. Runner looks lovely. Looks like you had a nice weekend. Enjoy your holiday.


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