Saturday, February 20, 2021


 Did I tell you that I didn't do the darn grocery shopping yesterday?

Well I didn't.

I decided to wait until today and have Stew help me with it.

So that's on the agenda today.

Then Stew wants to get some stuff called 'Hit Man', which is an organic weed killer.  He wants to try it down the 'dogs' side of the house.  He always worries about the  girls eating weeds that have weed killer on them, so he hasn't been using any.

But OMG the weeds!  They have gone crazy.  So... he's gunna get this stuff and give it a try.

After that, he has to go into work to open up for a bloke to check his equipment (don't go there!).  There was a flood in their offices, so there's big fans blowing trying to dry everything out.  

The kids are coming over for lunch today, we shall be having pork sandwiches.  Then we shall all hang out by the pool and enjoy ourselves.

I've not been in the pool for a few days... I've been enjoying my sewing too much!

SANDRA:  Do you want me to post pictures of the Wonky House Runners that are available?  I will if you confirm.

Time to get up and start our day.  It's supposed to be a cracker day.

11 am:  And our jobs outside the house are done.
The groceries are put away, thanks for helping Darling.
We are now waiting for midday, so Stew can spray the weeds with the new weed killer.

It says it works in only 2 hours.  We shall see.

I am probably not going to do any sewing today.  I'm not in the mood.
Perhaps my current jigsaw will be attended to? 😊

1.50 pm:  Well... lunch is over.  The pork sandwiches were very nice.

Bex and I went out to Gordonton, to look for grey/silver fabric for me new runners.
Found a small smattering:

ABOVE:  I now wish I'd gotten more from the Whitianga shop!
But... never mind.  In a few more months the shops will start stocking Christmas fabric again.

When Bex and I arrived home, it was to find Archer crying.  He's had a cold for a couple of days, and now it looks like he has an ear infection.
So they have gone home to dose him up on paracetamol, and keep an eye on him.

Stew is at work, so it's just me again.  And I might have a nap, cos OMG it's stinking, stinking hot today, and I have one hooah of a headache.


ABOVE: the three Wonky House Runners I have right now.

10.06 pm:  it's the end of the day.  We have spent the evening watching tv, you tube etc.  Nice and quiet.
I've also been watching a little mouse come in and out of the sun room, into the family room.  Hmmmm.... think we need to lay down more rodent bait.
And on that note, I'll say...


  1. Have a great day πŸ’™ am heading down the line to see my parents shortly Dad's turning 85 tomorrow. Going to be a warm one here expecting around 28 degrees ohhh well have to keep the fluids up 🍺🍺

  2. So funny! I just finished my first puzzle of my adult life! A friend had the same puzzle and she took a few pics of her Valentine Flowers on it and I thought it made a great colorful backdrop for photos. It looks like a color wheel. Anyhow - I got a bit obsessed and did it in 2 days. 1000 pieces. Now, I am working on a borrowed puzzle from a friend. And I just bought my second ever puzzle and it will arrive Monday. I found that doing a "real" puzzle beats wasting time on my ipad. And it's fun to listen to Audio Books while you do it. Win win!

  3. happy day ahead YYAAAAYYY.... I'm interested in a Christmas runner too!!!! Silver background with green stars!!!! But about 1.6m long as our dining table is huge

    1. 1.6 long would be NZ &75 plus postage. And just stars dotted here and there, or some sort of pattern? If you know what you have in mind and can supply a picture, that would help.

  4. Kiwionholidays1:32 PM

    Thinking of you all in the sunny Waikato as we are having complete opposite heaps of rain ☔️ But the farmers need it , so outside jobs postponed n indoor ones may give us some r n r this afty to watch a sailing live from sunny Auckland lol

    Hope that weed killer goes good so tricky when lil 4 legged ones roam the grass areas

    Have a nice weekend with all the crew ,,,,as we will here

    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  5. I'm so glad you mentioned the weed killer - I didn't realise it was organic - and obviously more pet-friendly. We have a cobblestone area that could definitely do with some of that so will go hunting for some tomorrow. Glad you managed to get some more grey fabric - I especially loved that last runner you made - I can see why it was snapped up so quickly.

  6. And I would like a gnome one as well, thank you


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