Monday, February 15, 2021


 Right, here's the last batch of photos from our trip away:

ABOVE:  Whangamata Beach, looking right.
There were HEAPS more people on the beach compared to Whitianga!
You could only see 3-4 on Buffalo Beach (Whitianga).  Here there were dozens.

ABOVE: Whangamata looking left.  There was a  surfing competition happening while we were there, so lots of people on the grass watching.
Kinda hard to see in the photos.

ABOVE: The Whangamata wharf and jetty. Again, lots of people jumping off swimming, playing on the beach etc.  A  happening place.

ABOVE:  Whangamata, if it wasn't such a shit of a drive to get there, I'd go there often.

ABOVE:  We were both surprised to find Waihi Beach had shops!   Not a lot, but certainly more than NONE!  😂😅😆
We did look in a couple that were open, but nothing took our fancy.  Or rather, MY fancy.  

ABOVE: This little old, falling down bach has to be PRIME real estate in Waihi Beach (well the land it's sitting on)! 
It's directly opposite the main beach and surf lifesaving club.

I look at places like this and just wonder, who owns it?  Does some 99 year old, little old lady or man still live there?  What tales it could tell eh?
And what will be there in it's place in another 20 years?

So just to recap our little jaunt away, we had a FANTASTIC time.  It was so good to see the changes in Whitianga, and also what hadn't changed.

The beaches are still perfect.
The roads were the same... twisty and hilly.

Stew said as we left, "Well, we don't need to come back for at least another 5 years now!"
He's right.   I doubt much more will change in that time, except a few more homes will be built.

It is back to 'normality' now.
Stew goes back to work, and I do the housework.
Then some sewing.
I will continue working on the runner I started on Thursday afternoon.

Catch ya later.

...  2 PM:  And so far today, I've done nothing I indended to do!  I ended up going to town on business.
Now that I'm home though, I shall get on with my sewing ... just have to do a bit more on the computer first.

ABOVE:  Gosh my head is pounding!  I might have to take a pill and lie down till it feels better.
I had a headache all day yesterday too. Travelling in hot weather always does that to me.  Oh, and the heat rash from sitting too long.

ABOVE:  I'm not a cat person, but how cute is that?  I'm happy now, pills will work soon.

8 pm:  Well  😂😆😅... my afternoon was like my morning.  Non-productive.  I literally spent hours on my computer, drafting a few emails, updating and documenting things and listening to some music to keep myself calm.
It's been quite a day to be honest.

I had to do stuff that I've put off for a while... head in sand type of stuff.  But, it's done now, so hopefully I can relax.   I hate it when my mind is going around and around in circles!


  1. Chris you sound so relaxed the weekend away did u good...lets hope it stays that way for at least a couple of days xxx

  2. Lots of good memories from days gone by. I had an aunt and uncle with a bach at Cooks Beach. Loved going across on the ferry and such a lovely sandy beach. NZ has so many!!!!
    Thanks Chris

  3. I think you had a proper mini-vacation there. Sounds like it was fun, and relaxing. Just a perfect little jaunt. So much beauty, warmth, and sun! Surfers, fish and chips, sunshine!

  4. Keep up these weekends away as they look as if they are doing you both good. More beautiful photos to drool over, thank you.

  5. Whangamata looks as beautiful as ever, looks like you had a great time away.

  6. Glad you have had such a wonderful weekend away with Stew! Pictures are gorgeous! X

  7. Can I relocate to New Zealand? I think I was born in the wrong country. I was born American, but I identify as a New Zealander. Someone needs to correct this horrible mistake. New Zealand has much better accents, terminology (lollies, wee lad, etc) , Covid response, and weather.

    1. You would be a welcome addition I'm sure sweetie!

  8. That places looks so nice. I would love jumping in that water and swimming about! Hope your headache is gone. They are the worst :(

  9. Good to hear you had a great time away. What a beautiful place!

  10. You're making me want to go on a day trip or 2!


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