Thursday, February 04, 2021


 I think I'm actually getting into the swing of just 'doing' for me and Stew.

Yesterday I cooked what I thought was just 'enough' Beef Curry for our dinner.  But, there was enough left over for both of us to have a smaller serving for our lunch today.

So, one 'meal' will do us for two meals each.

Can't ask for better than that can ya?

And once summer swimming is over, I will only be needing to do two loads of washing a week!


OMG that is incredible.

I can remember back when we had 4-5-6 kids at home, and I had to do two or three loads of washing A DAY, just to keep ahead of it all.

I could never keep up with it all now, being that much older!

See, there are some advantages to being older.

ABOVE:  I have done quite a big shuffle around in the shop ... and am feeling like it's set up better.

Today I am going to finish tidying up the back work area, then  I want to have a go at making a few more 'traditional' table runners.

ABOVE:  My Aunt Ethel also does patchwork, and she had recently finished this runner.  I love it.

Where do you get the patterns for runners like this?  Online? Shops? Pinterest?

Cos I really would like to make a few more like that, or similar.

So yeah, that's what I am gunna be doing today.

Open me shop at midday, and do some searching for patterns I suppose.

Before midday, I'll be pottering around the house, just making sure everything is in it's place!  My OCD is alive and well, just joking!  I really don't think I have OCD,  just an obsession with having a tidy house.

I say 'TIDY', not spotless!  You should see my windows! And dusting?  Pfffft.  Hate dusting.

But, it's TIDY.

Right, I better go ... catch ya later.

12.34 pm:  And OMG I'm already knackered!
I did the housework, then I transferred the jig saw I'm working on to a smaller table, so I could do it in the garage.
That took some doing, and I got so damn hot and bothered I nearly screamed in frustration!

Anyway, I'm now in the garage, the shop is open and I'm looking at some patterns online.

I think tomorrow I will go out to Grandmothers Garden (Patchwork shop) in Gordonton, and see if they have any books.  I also want to ask if they have any classes or informal get togethers.  I need to make more like minded friends HERE in Hamilton.

I am starting to feel lonely most days.  When we were in Cambridge I saw my FBG friends every few days, either on a walk or for a coffee or informal meet up.  I miss that.  It's no fun being lonely.

Right, enough about that.   

ABOVE:  Mum gave me all her fabric.  So I washed it and hung it all outside.  It will literally be dry in half a minute!  So, so hot out there.
Sad I can't get in the pool till after dinner.

Bex and the boys came over for a swim after school.  Bex offered to watch the shop for me, so I could have a quick dip, but I said I'd wait till after I shut shop.

ABOVE: That might have been a dumb idea!  That's the sky right now.  
Derrr.  But, it's still warm so I might yet get in the pool.

NO one in the shop today.  Another day in the garage on me own.  But, it's enforced relaxation eh?  Got to look for the positives.

10.12 pm: Well, it didn't rain!  Looked like it was gunna bucket down, but it just moved on and away.  Disappointed.  
Some rain would have been refreshing and helped cool the night down.
Steve, Bex and the boys came around for a swim after dinner.  I was actually feeling a bit down, so didn't bother having a swim.
Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I was surprised to read that YOU didn't make that runner. I know it's not your wonky style, but it IS your colors! And it looks lovely. I think some more traditional or simple runners will be a good add to your stock!
    I LOVE leftovers. I would be bummed if I cooked and didn't get another snack or meal out of it! But, I am a lasagna for breakfast type of girl!
    This year for Christmas I bought my mom a "Stripology Mixology" quilting pattern book. It has runners and different size quilts based on the same pattern. Or something like that. For example - the runner above.... It would have the pattern for that as a runner, and a few different quilt sizes, based on the same pattern blocks. Sorry - not a quilter... Don't know the lingo!

  2. Wow.That table runner your Aunt has made is devine.You can do it Chris.Your Aunt has the same colour sense as you.


  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Morning Chris, theres a lot of good patterns online. I downloaded some for Christmas presents but didnt happen. Have a wonderful day. Kj

  4. Lots of free patterns on line. This one would look nice in blues! There’s also lots of tutorials on you tube 😊

  5. Morning love the runner has your name all over it.
    The the pink onward dusting well if you minimised to no ornaments voila no dusting buwhahaha said no one ever
    Enjoy your day

  6. Welcome to the world of the empty nester, I love it!! I often make enough for another meal, we love leftovers so if it's a meal like curry or stew we love it the next night as well... it's often better the second night. With regard to washing I do small loads because my nick name is "Dame Wash-a-lot". Towels every other day and black/non fluffy stuff about every three days.

    My house gives the impression of being spotless because it's so tidy but don't look too carefully :) Life's too short to obsess about housework for me.

  7. Hahah am so OCD about my home, I clean before the cleaner comes in.....

  8. I really like the layout of your shop.

  9. Anonymous1:38 PM

    What about starting up a FBG group where you live? Would that be an option?

  10. Anonymous3:58 PM

    There is a quilt club in Hamilton and they have a library so you can borrow books for a month. It's an awesome group.

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM it's this Saturday

    1. Thanks for the information Chick. Their next meeting is on 13th February, and I won't be able to attend that one.

  12. Your mum's fabrics look gorgeous hanging on the line. Some days I feel lonely too; I live by myself and miss meeting friends for coffee and lunch, for Bible study, and even browsing in small local stores. Fortunately my dog Bounce is here so I can talk to him!

  13. Did that cloud burst looks rather like thunderstorm brewing

  14. The fabrics looks lovely on the line. Are you planning to make something special with them? Or use them for the shop?

    Ps. Hope you had time for a swim before the rain.

  15. Hope you feeling a bit better Chris 😍

  16. Hope your spirits lift. Have fun finding projects to do with the fabric. Take care.

  17. If you type in 'quilting blogs' into your google search window it will come back with scads and oodles of blogs. Bonnie Hunter, at has books and patterns and pictures and stories of her life on her blog. It's fun to read about her doings. She has an online shop full of patterns and rulers, books and tutorials too.
    I love to read about your life in New Zealand! (I was going to type 'in Down Under' but maybe that only refers to Australia?)

  18. Maybe you could put some kind of doorbell on the shop door so you wouldn't have to sit in there all day?


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