Sunday, February 07, 2021


 Today (at some point),  I am gunna go in my sewing room and make a start on a new runner!

Yep.  Now that it's all spic 'n' span, let's mess it up again.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  you can actually see the floor ... there's NOTHING ON IT.  Can't say I've seen that in about 5 months.

ABOVE:  On this shelving unit (in the garage) are all my WIP's (Works In Progress), or UFO's (Un-Finished Objects).  There's not as many as I thought there would be.  But, there's a couple there that should have been finished YEARS ago!

Maybe once I've got my stock numbers back up again I will get some of them actually finished?

But for now, it's going to be all about getting my stock up.  And enjoying myself, without the stress of deadlines.

So, today?  No idea what we are doing, if anything! And that's how it will stay until I get up.
Catch ya later.

Stew is going nuts.  He's got stones in his wheels or somewhere, making a noise when he drives.  So he's taken his wheels off, trying to find the stones.  No luck yet.  Usually stones get trapped behind the hubcaps, but his car ain't got hubcaps.  I wonder if he will find them?

Meanwhile, I went through all my patchwork books, and am keeping ...

ABOVE:  TWO!  Yep, just two.  The rest are going to an Op Shop.  No point keeping them if they are just taking up space.
Now days you just have to go online to get inspiration.  
I wonder when books will become obsolete?

4.23 pm:  Well seems Stew found the stone... even though he doesn't know how!  No more noise though, so good one.

We went to Chartwell Square for lunch.

Then home, and a swim with the kids.

I've done some SEWING!  Yep.  I will give you a sneak peek:

ABOVE:  It's a runner... I'm doing it without a pattern... cos it seems to be fairly straight forward.

ABOVE:  Well... we got invited to dinner with the kids.  Who were we to say No to a dinner we didn't have to cook!
It was Steve's lovely Butter Chicken over rice, so nice.

When we got home, I continued sewing till 10 pm.  I forgot how long it actually takes to make just ONE table runner!
But ... it's done and I will show you tomorrow.

Time to relax for an hour or so till bedtime.
It was SO HOT last night I almost got up and jumped in the pool at 3.30 am!
I probably should have, because there wasn't much sleeping going on I tell ya.  I hope it's not so hot tonight.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Wish I had a Bex! That's looking awesome. Just seen on Facebook a place called Shipwrecked near here. It's full of marine artifacts but what made me think of you guys was coffee mugs that said Captain, First Mate, Captains word is law and Grumpy old man ( but you dont have one of those lol). Kj

  2. A little tip for Stew if the car is automatic drive fast in D then stop quickly and reverse quickly it works sometimes 😀

  3. I had the worst noise of a stone I remember heading to Whangamata one time. I didn't know what it was it sounded so terrible. Was going to call AA but I rang my hubby who said to reverse up the road for a bit... it worked!

  4. Yes same with recipe books

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Bex has done a fantastic clean up. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to get the job done

  6. How I would love to take the credit for Chris's amazing looking studio.. but I cant, I did encourage her and helped to pull out all her wips and see what she had and try and inspire her to get back into her favorite place. 💚💚

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      You are awesome Bex. Kj

  7. Chris!!!!... those storage containers in the cubes at a 45 degree angle!!! aaarrrrghhh they are making my OCD tweak lolololol

    1. Me too! Plus I think if you put them in front to back - you could stack 2 on top of each other and free up more cubes!

    2. We took our car to a repair shop for a noise. They drove in reverse, the rock fell out and they charged us NOTHING! We still go there to this day if we need auto work! Love honesty in car problems!

  8. Runner looking good! My OCD going off with cubes too LOLOL

  9. Kiwionholidays6:54 PM

    Time poor but read the blog n the runner well what Fab patterns n colours 💜

  10. Leeann8:17 PM

    Heres a link to heaps of runners to make on Youtube. Have fun.


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