Tuesday, February 09, 2021


 I'm on a roll I feel.

Today I want to make a runner like the green one I did yesterday.  Only in blue tones, but not light blue/teal like the one two days ago.

I'm also babysitting S 'n' B's two boys, who have got coughs and colds.  No doubt caught last week at school.

Rather normal for kids to catch whatever is going around, when they go back to school after an extended break.

I will be opening my shop this afternoon too.  It's so damn quiet right now out there!  I try not to let it bother me, as I'm not exactly on a main thoroughfare.  And it does take time for word of mouth to get around.  I hope someone pops in today.

Right I better get a move on, the washing is not gunna get done on it's own.

...JEANIE:  lol, I have changed the title so it's clearer.

ABOVE:  And... it starts.

ABOVE: Slightly over half way with the top of this runner.  I'm now taking a break, and am going to re-watch Bridgerton.  I can't wait until the second series!

7 pm:  Dinner is cooking, Beef Ravioli in a tomato sauce.
Stew is on the treadmill, and he'll probably have a swim afterwards.
I finished the top of that blue runner, but have to quilt and bind it yet. 
No one in the shop again.
Thinking it's a waste of time.
Don't know what to do about it.
If I can't sell what I make, why keep making stuff?

And I'm not booking more markets... pretty soon it will be too cold for me.
I've tried selling over Facebook, complete waste of time too.

Maybe I shall just become a housewife who does... housework?

And there ends the day.  Catch ya tomorrow I suppose.


  1. I'm glad your title means you are making a blue runner and not that you are feeling blue.

  2. Is there anywhere in Cambridge you could put up a flyer or leave cards advertising your shop? A local Facebook page?

  3. Kiwionholidays3:20 PM

    Your colours n Kiwiana s are making us more homesick lol
    But loving your work.

    Nice you go off and do some R&R during the day , trying to discipline myself to do the same,,

    As soon as we can get back for a holiday we will be packed n gone lol

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  4. Looks good so far! Brrr. It is so cold here that if you throw a pan of boiling water in the air it explodes in steam. It has to be VERY cold to do that! So, maybe post a "warm" photo so I can dream of summer!

  5. I guess the water turns to snow, not steam. At 22 below zero F.

  6. Love those colours! I got a new running tank that is blues and purple and it is the prettiest print ever. I have one bad picture on my Insta but I reckon you would love the colours. Glad to see you finding your sewing mojo ❤️

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    That's beautiful Chris. Kj

  8. Kiwionholidays9:48 PM

    Aww if we were home again we would shop at your wee shop Chris, or by Mail
    Maybe the past year with Covid 19 everywhere people just not out n about so much,,
    I have found that even my card letters I send back across the tassie are now taking 5 to 6 weeks airmail so using emails and the phone heaps more

    The markets Can sure understand that ,,,when it’s cold and not 💯 % productive is it worth the hassle
    We feel the heat / cold a wee bit more over 50 I have found 🍓

    You do very well with your busy life n family and so glad you have the pool to cool off in too

    Cheers 🥂

  9. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Have you thought of volunteering so that you don't just think of yourself as "housewife". I think the hospital is always looking for volunteers and surely there are plenty of other organisations in Hamilton who are looking for volunteers. Just a thought - I personally don't think there is anything wrong with being a "housewife" but it is pretty boring. It would only be for a couple of days a week so plenty of time to do other things. Audrey

  10. Craft hall markets quilters markets mobile market pop up trailer? That’s be cool

  11. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Chris - I think it being summer and being so hot is keeping people away...they'll come back though, xmas is right around the corner. Really, it is!! So keep making it, you will sell it.

    Happy day to you!! Ky Girl

  12. Would you ever want your own little shop in town? Maybe YOU could be the coolest fabric shop in town!


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