Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 Last night, just before I left for Card Night in Cambridge, I finished my Owl Table Runner.

I am quite happy with it.

ABOVE:  They are quite cute.  

Now that it's done, I am going to move on to the Grey fabrics I got in Whitianga.

ABOVE:  I love that there's so many sites (Google, Pinterest, Instagram) where you can go for ideas.

So... that's my plans for the day. A grey Table Runner.

What's yours?  

Anything really interesting? 

I'm a firm believer in 'things' going in Three's.  Yesterday Stew's Aunt Dorothy passed away at the grand age of 94.  He was quite upset about it, even though we had not seen her in many, many years.  She lived in America all her adult life.  She was his Mum's sister.

So, I'm hoping like hell that's our 3 family deaths in a row!  I don't think I could handle any more for a while.

2.37 pm: And it's another day where time is just flying by.

I've been in my sewing room since about 10 am.

Lacy has called in for a visit.

I've had me lunch.

And here's a sneak peek at my latest runner:

ABOVE:  Lol, I know.... I'm really not giving much away am I?
If I get it 90% done tonight, I will show you all of it.

5.45 pm:  I've been sewing most of the day and my back is KILLING ME.  So I am gunna have to stop... and so near the finish line too.

But, it will give me something to show you tomorrow.  I promise, it's bloody cute!

Stew is in for a big surprise tonight.... I'm giving him STEAK for dinner!

I loathe steak, so hardly ever cook it.  But, we had some in the freezer so I thought I'd make his day.  Well... I hope I do.

GOSH I am so tired!  The heat.  The stuff going around and around in my head right now.... so TIRING!

8.55 pm:  And YES, Stew loved his steak!

I made potato wedges and Haloumi cheese to go with it.  

I had baked beans.  lol

Time to sign off... it's going to be another horrible night where my mind's going around and around in circles.


  1. Oh 😔 sorry to hear about the passing of your Aunty Dorothy Dad xx
    #Lacy 💙

  2. I am sorry to hear of yet another loss in the family and I hope this is the end of it all for you. That runner is brilliant, it did make me smile.

  3. The owls are very cute. I like the subtle differences which give them personalities.

    So sorry about your loss, was it Covid related? I wondered because of her age/USA.

    We have 10-12” of snow. So it is beautiful, but makes things difficult, shoveling of course, and keeping the bird feeders full.

    Eager to see that you do with the grays.

  4. Sorry for the loss of Stew's aunt ((hugs))
    LOVE the owl runner, so cute!

  5. Sorry to hear about Stew's aunt, she was the same age as my mum would have turned today. I'm having a bit of a blub day today, it's her first birthday since she passed. I imagine you will feel the same when your mum's birthday comes around. Also I love your hair from yesterday being messy, it makes you look young and hip. :)

  6. Well it may not be a massive peek, but doesn't look like an entirely grey table runner to me... :-) The owl runner looks fabulous. Just a thought re: quilting, my Mum loves quilting too (mainly bed quilts) and has found a few charities that accept them to gift to children/teens with cancer, bushfire victims etc etc. If you enjoy the making but not necessarily looking to sell, you may find lovely homes for some items with people in need.

  7. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Condolences on on the passing of Stews aunt

    Got to ask but does Lacy still manage to get leftovers ?

    1. Hi Dee, no not really, mum is learning to cook smaller amounts for just her and Dad witch is neat xx 💜
      #Lacy 💙

  8. Ohhhh poop 💩 sorry for another loss 🥺 condolences to you both. We've had 50 mils of rain thank goodness I put a fork into the garden last weekend it nearly went over the fence with me attached bahaaaaaa 🤣🤣

  9. Sorry for your loss. No matter the age of a person who passes it’s always hard. Lets hope its the last bereavement for your family for a long time. As you say, these come in threes. Take care xx

  10. Sorry to hear about Stew's auntie passing away. It's hard at any time losing a loved family member but even harder when you can't physically be there to say precious goodbyes at the funeral with other family members. I love your owl runner - that is so colourful and really appeals. I hope that Stew enjoys his steak tonight.

  11. Sorry for your loss. I hope Stew enjoys his steak, it might cheer him up a little! That owl runner is cute. Today here has just been a run and work, but tomorrow is my day off so have a bit planned :)

  12. Oooooo grey fabric, that is what I am using at the present time. Making a quilt from our bed, the bedroom is decorated in grey, (it's nice, even though it sounds ...Grey) I have started this quilt twice, this is the third time and liking it so much better this time. I name my quilts.... this one "Fifty Shades of Grey" but there is not going to be that many.
    Can't wait to see your new project.

  13. My sincere sympathies to all on your loss. The owl runner is very cute. Lucky Stew! Take care.

  14. Condolences to Stew, my wife has had her 3 so I hope it stops too.
    Your latest runner reminds me of a view from Google Earth. Water and city streets...


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