Saturday, November 02, 2019


I'm very lucky to be in touch with some owners of our puppies still.

Tracy from Taranaki sent me these photos yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Tracy got two girls from Coco's 1st and 2nd litters.  They are a chip off the old block... they bark at anything that moves!
Charlie was their cat brother, sadly passed away now.

ABOVE: I can't get over how much Molly looks like her Mum Coco.  Both are getting on now.

And don't ya just love Ruby's 'resting bitch face' in the top right photo!  lol  She's pretty cute.

Right... today?

No plans at all!  Maybe a day of rest?  I'm sure Stew needs it.
I know I do.

Feeling a bit excited.


Not only are we looking forward to moving to a new home, one that is going to work so much better for us on many levels... but we have three other things to look forward to.

1.  In early January Stew has promised me a FABRIC SHOPPING TRIP.  We are going up north to Whangarei, where there's an amazing fabric shop called Country Dawn Quilting.

ABOVE:  It's one of the very best fabric shops I've ever been in.  Then on our way home again, we are stopping in at Cushlas Village Fabrics in Devonport, and The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington.

So that's going to be a HUGE amount of fun.  Well... for me anyway.

I've spent virtually every cent I've earned and made on other 'stuff' this past year, so it's going to be amazing to be able to build my fabric stash back up again.

OLD MOO: Wanna come too?  lol

2. In February, we are going to PENTATONIX... it's going to be the first concert we have ever been to together.  I went to Kenny Rogers back in 1982, my one and only concert to date.  lol

AGAIN... huge thanks to Nicole for gifting us the tickets!  Such an amazing thing to do for me.

3.  In March 2020 Stew and I are going on a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand.  We have done a little travelling around the top half of the South Island, but not the lower half.  This time, it will just be the TWO OF US, and we are going to have a blast.

It will only be our 2nd long trip away without kids in our entire marriage.  So, it's gunna be a bit special.

I hope we don't end up killing each other!  lol

So South Island girls... get ya thinking caps on.

Where are all the FABRIC SHOPS?

What are the 'must go to' places?

What's the 'gotta do' things you can recommend?

Where's the best accommodation (think cheap, but not nasty!)

Luckily, we have plenty of time to work on the organisation for this trip.  But ... HEADS UP!

So... lots to look forward to for us.  

In the meantime... just have to move house, have Christmas and not melt over summer.

Yep.  It's starting to warm up and I'm starting to melt.  Just wish the fat dripped off instead of just stayed put eh.  *sigh* 
Dreams are free right?


FELICITY:  Thank You!  Whoop whoop.

I've been in the sewing room this morning, did these:

ABOVE:  Waikato Rugby bottle hats.  I will make 4 more, then make a few more Christmas ones.  It's very hard sewing with black fabric... I'm going cross eyed.

ABOVE:  A few cute flowers that have come up in the garden.  I'm going to put them in pots and take them with me.
Well... Stew will while I sew some more.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  6 more pots with plants from the garden.  We even got some of the thistle plants.  I really hope they perk up and survive.  They are looking rather droopy right now.

 ABOVE:  That's them done.  I wonder if I will sell any on the 10 of November?

Because it's such a RARE event, I went outside and took this photo:

ABOVE:  My wee car getting a clean.  And a vacum too!
30 seconds after I came inside to update the blog, Stew came in and said:

"About a minute ago I was just thinking, I wonder if Chris will come out and take a photo of me washing her car?"

LOL... we think alike SO OFTEN.  Sometimes it's a bit scary.

Thanks Sue W ( for the offer of garden pots.  If we need any I will surely give you a yell!  *smiles*

Well... It's been a lovely day.  Brylee has gone over to spend the weekend with her cousin Danielle, so it's just Stew and I tonight and tomorrow morning.
So, we went to our favourite Indian restaurant for dinner.  We literally eat and run!  We are such home bodies really.

Signing off for the day ... I'm going to get a few Christmas Wine Bottle Hats ready to sew for tomorrow now.


  1. I love Country Dawn in Whangerai. Helen in France

  2. What a fabulous idea doing a South Island road trip!! That is certainly on our bucket list but we're leaving it a little later until the overseas trips are out of the way (mainly because of the higher cost of overseas travel insurance as I age plus my ability to walk long distances with my gammy knees). How exciting!!! You have to include Oamaru and go and see Dot and her castle. I think that would be fun. There's just so much to see it will be amazing.

  3. You made me laugh out loud when you said "Ruby's resting bitch face." And then I looked at the picture and laughed even harder. Thanks for brightening my day.

  4. Bed here for your south island trip

  5. Plants get sad (droopy) when they are thirsty!

  6. The South Island is so pretty 3 trips away up north concert down south welcome to the 2 of you enjoy.

  7. I like those Rugby Wine things!

  8. The santas are cute! Looks like a lot of work. I have to practically give things away to sell them here so I try to keep them easy lol.


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