Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I just found a photo I took the other day in Hamilton.

It is just too funny.

Often, people inadvertently buy dogs that 'look' like them right?  

So, we were waiting at the lights on our way home, and a beat up old truck pulled up next to us... and bugger me!

This is what the occupants looked like:

ABOVE:  The bulldog and his man.  I swear they both had the same expression on their face!  We laughed our heads off.

And that truck?  Seriously, it looked like someone had used it for shooting practise, then tried to cover up the holes with paint.

I'm NOT mocking the man by the way, we thought they looked cute, in an ugly sorta way.  The dog was hysterical, so grumpy looking. 

Heck, maybe I should get a bulldog?  lol

Today I've got a Doctor's appointment.  I want to get my stupid thumbs checked out, if only to make them stop hurting so much.  I've got far too much to do coming up, that will require me having full use of me hands.
I expect to be told to get some sort of brace... hopefully she will tell me where and what to get.

ABOVE:  A few photos from last night's 'birthday dinner' with our Griffin.

And that's about all I have on my agenda so far today.


Well.. Just home from the Doctor's appointment.

How did it go?

YEP.  She looked at me like I was a twit and said : 

"It's Arthritis, nothing we can do except tell you to take pain killers, and perhaps see a Hand Physiotherapist who might give you a brace".

Then she took my blood pressure, which was rather high, so I better start taking me pills again I suppose.  

OMG such a waste of $50.  

I knew it was arthritis.  I have not found any painkiller that works.  I'll just have to live with it eh?  *sigh*

Moving on... it's almost lunchtime, so I'll feed me face then get on with making up the last of the boxes (taping the bottoms together), then placing them in the areas still needing to be packed up.  

Which are Bathrooms, our wardrobe, last minute kitchen stuff and fridges.  I think that's all!

4.20 pm:  OML what a quiet afternoon.  I've done virtually nothing.  But that will change soon cos I'll need to get dinner sorted.
Spag Bog tonight.

Stew isn't due home till about 7 pm from memory.  He's in Wellington today, he flew down early this morning.

ABOVE:  I just had a walk around our garden.  My thistles will be turning purple soon, I don't think I'm gunna get to see them purple though.  Sad.
I've got two in a pot to take with us, so hopefully they survive the move.

We are gunna have to do some serious weeding this coming weekend, the weeds are growing something rotten in this hot and wet weather.

11.13 pm:  Well Stew got home safe.  He had a pretty bumpy flight out of Wellington apparently.  
Dinner was lovely, and we have plenty left for tomorrow's dinner too.
Yaaa, don't have to cook tomorrow.

Time for bed, catch ya later.


  1. Griffin looks well!
    Can't waith to hear what they say about your thumb. You really do need both hands in working order coming up!

  2. The picture of the man and his dog is hilarious! It made me laugh out loud. Also, young Griffin is very good looking.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Have to laugh at the man and his dog. I hope you get some help at the Dr. Its not great when you cant do what you want to do.

  4. Love the pix of man and dog. I like bulldogs but you are too pretty to be the human equivalent. Nice birthday boy pix.

  5. No that isnt the dog for you Chris although it has your blue eyes

  6. OK, I have to say. I can't believe you are growing thistles!! They are noxious weeds in the Waikato! But hey, if you like them... :)

  7. Bummer about your thumb. I was hoping it would be "treatable".

  8. OMG I just can't imagine packing up a whole house with painful thumbs.... the WORST. Really hope they feel better soon, Christy xxxxxxx

  9. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Hi Chris

    I’ve just ordered this for when I travel in case I get a flare up.

    Hope you’re move goes well and you’re settled quickly xx Glenys

    1. Hi Glenys... I looked at the link... which product do you use? There's a lot there!

  10. Hi. love reading your blog and hearing all about the move. I have had a lot of problems with my thumbs. Mainly thr right one at first, and I think it is mainly because of the way I use the control pad on my lap top. I use the middle finger on the pad but realised that my thumb is against the front of the lap top, and sort of "forced back" against the joint if I spend a lot of time online. The left one started as well when I was doing a lot of quilting on the machine and again it was placement of the hands. I tried adjusting the way I held the fabric, and also bought some gloves to grip the material better and that improved. The right one still plays up though and I keep meaning to get a separate mouse to use (either plug in or wifi) to see if that helps. I tried all sorts of pain killers and the rub in gel but nothing really works.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to Griffin. Sorry to hear the Dr was of no help. Love Thistles too. Take care.

  12. Love the man and his matching dog!

  13. That sucks about the Dr. I hate going. I probably need some blood pressure meds but I keep thinking I'll just lose weight lol.

  14. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I’ve had pain in my right knee for a year now, sometimes making it hard to climb stairs ( I live in a two story house!). I’ve just got back from the UK and in some of the pharmacies there they sell CBD capsules. They’re not particularly high strength, apparently, and I’m taking 2 a day and the difference in my knee is unbelievable. I bought 6 bottles! Not available in Australia, but maybe in NZ? Otherwise try a good quality Circumin, with black pepper. Turmeric/ Circumin is a really good anti inflammatory.
    Ally S Melbourne


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