Friday, November 22, 2019


Today... I'm off to Mitre 10 here in Cambridge, to see if they have the Christmas Lights I have my eye on.  I want some for our Sun Room in the new house.

ABOVE:  Have I even shown you the Sun Room? Oh yeah, I'm bound to have.  lol

It's got to be the best 'bonus' room ever!  We are going to put the exercise equipment in that spa room (the spa is being removed by the current owners).

I'm not sure what lounge type furniture we will get in here yet, but this is where the Xmas tree and lights are gunna be too.  

I wasn't planning on putting up any Christmas decorations this year, but now, thinking about it, I'm sure I can get it done.

Even if they are only up for a week before Christmas, I really want to celebrate our FIRST Christmas in our new home.  It's so exciting!

I spend ages each day just flicking through all the photos I have of the house... imagining living there, where to place furniture, tidying up the gardens, bla bla bla.  

We only have 10 more nights in this house, then we move to a motel for 3 nights before moving into our new home. 

Still counting down!

This weekend we are going to do the very last big tidy up of the section.  Stew will mow the lawns and we shall both do all the weeding.
I must admit while this section is GORGEOUS, it's a lot to keep tidy and mowed, hedges trimmed, and so on.

I'm really looking forward to getting it done for the last time.


ABOVE:  Success!  Found what I wanted within seconds and got them.  Now I just have to work out how best to attach them to the top edge of the sun room walls?
I did see some Command Christmas decoration holders, but they were like $20 for a pack, of which half you wouldn't even use. So I'll work on that once we are in the house I suppose.

I'm bone tired today.  I didn't sleep well at all last night, just could not get comfortable, and of course, the brain wouldn't turn off.  So frustrating waking up feeling more tired than when you went to bed.

TRAMADOL:  Not gunna work for me.  Yesterday after taking the Tramadol I felt a bit sick.  Today, OMG I'm so nauseous... it's a wonder I've not thrown up yet.  It can only be the Tramadol... so damn.  Even though it works for the pain, it isn't worth it to feel sick all day long.

7.45 pm: well another super quiet afternoon!  This is what happens when ya have nothing to do but sit and WAIT.  I did some washing.  Watched it dry. Pulled a couple of weeds.  Yakked with the dogs.
Twiddled pain free thumbs, while feeling like throwing up most of the day.

I made a really lovely chicken/pasta dish tonight for dinner.  It went down well.

Now... chilling out watching TV.  Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Sheesh time has flown by for the move cracking day here in Napier I managed to wangle the day off George's Mum.

  2. Havnt got my tree up yet was planning to do it today but very hot already and im in a foul mood so best leave it until after the weekend...going to Christchurch for the christmas hut house tour 4th year 4th time ive been my xmas treat to myself.
    Before we even looked at this place then after signing up for it i would do the same look at photos all the little details right down to counting power points and picture hooks (not like you Chris the hookk holes weren't plastered and sanded and walls repainted) still love it here and hope to stay till end of my days

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Can you take Codeine because I believe it is similar to Tramadol. There doesn't seem to be any pain killers without side effects - perhaps you could ring your doctor's surgery and find out if there is any anti-nausea meds that you could take at the same time. The only pain killers my husband can take are panadol and codeine because he has a stomach ulcer so he has to just put up with the pain of chronic arthritis. Audrey

  4. Panadol does it for me, only makes me a bit tired,although that could be an age thing also.35deg here fires nearthank goodness.THE OLD MOO.

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    The Dr can prescribe anti inflammatory tablets or you can get them over the counter...panadol osteo is another tablet they give for arthritis...same as your mother taking panadol is is a slow release to the chemist...Tramadol would not be recommended for a long term drug...

  6. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Tramadol makes me violently ill and I dont part with my food easily at all. I wish I could offer you some good advice. Maybe acupucture? Have you tried it? Im going to see them about my eye. Cant keep going like I am. Kj

  7. Yup tramadol will do that for some ppl

  8. Yep . Tramadol = vomit city for me. Have asked my doctor to say a definite no on my records so I'm not given it.🤢

  9. Glad you found the Christmas lights. Hope you feel better. Have a wonderful weekend.


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