Wednesday, November 27, 2019


So... it's 8 days till we move into our new home.

But we will actually own it in 7 days.

Today I'm going into Hamilton to sign all the documents that will make that happen next Wednesday. 

It's a REALLY BIG DUCK getting in the row!

After the signing, I will probably have lunch with Stew in town, then come home.

Actually no.  I will go to the supermarket and grab some food.  We are almost down to nothing in the freezer!  Which is what I want of course, but we still have to eat for the next 5 nights in this house.

The last time I 'cook' in this house will be on Sunday.  After that we will be in a Motel and probably eating out of tins.

Right, I'm off to get me porridge then get some washing out on the line.


4 pm!!!

OMG what a day.

Got into town and met up with Stew, went to the Lawyer's office.

Because Stew was in their Boardroom last time he was there, they took us in there.  Very swish... gorgeous views.

Anyway I digress... we got the business side of the house's sale and purchase done.  Luckily that process didn't take too long.

After that we went to lunch at a cafe just across the road from the lawyers.

ABOVE:  We did what we often do now, and shared one dish.  Plenty for two that's for sure.

I then said 'Bye' to Stew and did a little grocery grab before coming home.

And that's where my day got a bit annoying.  I had to ring our Insurance company to get a certificate from them for the lawyer.  (legal shit).

First 30+ minutes I talked with a young woman who I really struggled to understand.  Her English was ...  trying to be nice here ... difficult to understand at times.  And she clearly didn't get what I wanted.  I ended up hanging up on her, with me nearly in tears with frustration and annoyance.

I rang back and got a guy who spoke perfect English, and who knew exactly what I wanted.

It still took another FORTY FIVE MINUTES to get everything sorted.  But we got there.

My head is now POUNDING... so I'm going to take some panadol and lie down for an hour!

7.45 pm:  The days are going so fast at the moment.  One minute I'm waking up, the next it's the end of the day!  Seriously... what's with that?   I know I want the days to fly by, but I didn't expect them to!

It's been stinking hot today, so that hasn't helped with the headache at all.  I didn't get to take any panadol till just before dinner either, so it's finally kicking in and helping.

Dinner was Curry Chicken Pasta for Stew, and Brylee and I had tinned Spaghetti.  Kinda a silly bugger dinner as I wasn't feeling 100%.

Another day done and dusted... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Number 8 should have been a big duck picture lol...its starting to get real for you all. X hope it goes smoothly it should wuth all the prep you have all been doing

  2. I have left message via my phone but you probably didn't get them, but in a nutshell, count down to your hearts desire, its your enjoyment that is important - well that was one message I previously left ( re yesterday's post)

  3. So exciting, I am loving the countdown :-)

  4. It's a wonder you can sleep. Id be beside myself with excitement 😃

  5. That's so frustrating, I had to deal with someone like that one day and I was far enough into the thing I was doing I just had to finish it up.


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