Friday, November 15, 2019


Stew and I were talking last night about our upcoming move.
We both can't get over just how fast the weeks are flying by!

When we signed up to buy our new home it was a full 8 weeks away.  It seemed like forever to wait.

Now?  It's only 2.6 WEEKS to go till we actually move into the house.  And only  2 weeks and 3 days till the movers arrive and we go into a motel for three nights.

Today?  I'm going into Hamilton for a few groceries.  Then home to pack up Brylee's room... she's been lucky I've held off this long to do it.  We did de-clutter it way back when we were getting the house ready to sell, but most of her stuff just got put under her bed.  Time to do it properly now.

I need to do Griffin's room too... most of his stuff is in his wardrobe.  Not sure what we will do with his stuff yet, might end up having to take it with us to Hamilton and just store it till he's settled somewhere.

THEN I might even ... actually nah.   I can't do much more than that right now!   Everything else has to wait till the last weekend dammit.

OMG you fulla's must be getting sick to death of listening to me go on and on about the move! Sorry.

ABOVE: I think this is the very last thing I have to 'get rid of'.  Because there is no chance of any more little babies by the look of it, I shall be listing it on Pay It Forward today.  Sad. 

Moving on... time to get me porridge then start the day.


Whoops. Poor Stew went to get rolled oats out of the pantry for his breakfast this morning... only to find NONE. I had packed them up, not realizing he used them EVERY DAY! 

Oh well... I better put them on the grocery  list lol. 

12.40 pm:  Just home from Hamilton.  It was a nice trip in actually, even though it's one thing I will NOT miss once we move.
It takes an entire hour to get in and out from our house to Hamilton, an entire hour of shopping time wasted! *lol*

Did me grocery shop.  I swear there were 100+ shoppers there who needed their heads read.  So SLOW, standing in the middle of the aisle so you couldn't get past and so on... I just wanted to kill them all!  (road rage in a supermarket? YEAH)  That one of the reasons I loathe grocery shopping.

Anyway... rant over.

After the shopping I went to JB Hi-Fi in town to get this:

ABOVE:  It's a thingee to hold my phone.  Now I can legitimately use me phone for calls while driving.  HANDS FREE.  It's cool.  Took me forever to finally get one.

On my way out of town I saw a Hospice Shop in Hamilton East.  So decided to stop and have a gander.

ABOVE:  I don't know if this is the 'Mother Ship' within Hamilton, but it was certainly an excellent shop!  Big, bright, well set out and stocked, and lots of staff by the look of it.

I didn't buy a thing, tempted though I was by a few things.  I kept saying "NO NO NO.... I don't need a bloody thing".  *smiles*

I'm now going to take an hour to relax before attacking Brylee's room.  

ANON:  "Bragging"... really?  You are a sad git ain't ya?

SEVEN boxes so far from Brylee's room.  I swear she's like so many of our older girls... a bloody squirrel!

I was gunna superimpose her face onto a photo of a squirrel... but my photo editing sucks.  So just imagine it OK?  lol

I'm tired.  Time to take another break.

5 pm:  And Brylee's room is done, apart from her last minute stuff.

Tomorrow I will do Griffin's room.  There's more in his wardrobe than I remembered ... *sigh*
I think we will need more boxes.

I wish I'd kept a count of how many boxes I've packed!  It's got to be getting close to 100 now.  That is large and smaller boxes mind you.
But still, a shit load of boxes.

Dinner tonight is kinda the usual Friday night fare.  Some of this, that and the other... with some left over potato salad too.


  1. You can always get more kiddy items if need be! I love hearing of your move. It's kind of fun!

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You're so right. We are sick of you talking and bragging about the move and how busy you are. We're busy too but don't like to spill our laundry on everybody's yard.

    1. If your so sick of reading about how excited my parents are to move (they are not bragging either you retard), STOP FUCKING READING THE BLOG THEN you absolute twat. Luckily for you I'm too busy to give you the full reply you so desperately need (oops probably shouldn't have said I was busy, you seem to dislike that), so why dont you just stop commenting if all you have to say is negative things, no one appreciates it.

    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      you annon get a bloody life and take a bloody hike....your almost to pathetic to give a shit about but its just a bit funny out pathetic you are 🤣😂. go on and harrass me for whatever....i don't give one f*ck....
      now f off or we will get Leim Nelson to find you and take your phone and computer away from you for being a naughty pathetic little keyboard worrier lol 😂 🤣
      p.s hope that made sence lol am multy tasking, cleaning and renos don't do themselfs 😂😘

    3. Bragging really... So what if our parents are super excited that they are moving...

      If ya don't like it Fk off and stop reading..

      Or do you just like the attention your getting.. As her kids don't like your Annon comment..

      Go away and try upset someone else's day you pathetic human..

    4. Just to clarify.... Anonymous, You take time out of your busy day to log on to the internet, go to this blog, read this blog (and follow it for weeks or months) and then complain that she writes it?

  3. Man I need to act like I'm moving to get some shit done.

  4. Of course you should talk about your move! Your blog is about your life. Selling a house and buying another is a big deal!

  5. I'm very excited for your new house and the impending move! Can't wait to see how you style everything xxxxx

  6. It's your blog - brag away! I know I got a hard time for saying I was going on holiday a few years ago so now I try really hard to not 'brag' about that but then why the heck should we have to be quiet about things we love doing? I'll be away (haha, bragging now...) when you move but I'll still be interested in it all!

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I love it. I am excited too for you. I wish it was me. As for the silly bitch who leaves those comments, shes such a waste of space. Obviously jealous! Is it someone you know Chris?

    1. I have no idea who left that comment. If I did I'd certainly be saying something to her/him!

  8. I don't get why people leave comments like that - why read a blog if it pisses you off. I fully get why you are all so happy and want to talk about why cant others? Doh, jealous perhaps. Anyway, brag away, I love seeing/reading it when I can pop in. Thinking of you all xx

  9. Us full as are just as interested and excited about you moving as you are.what a dull life Annon must have.we are all too busy to listen to the sour comments.Good on you Steven.And no, no, no,no more op shop looking even till after you move.THE OLD MOO.

  10. I think it is great that you are excited about your move and that so many are excited for you.

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Do you think Brylee may have inherited your love of shopping and collecting? Audrey

    1. Shopping NO... she's very careful with her money and never impulse shops like me. Collecting? Yes for sure... as long as it's anything to do with 5 Seconds Of Summer (the boy band). She's nuts over them. Typical teenage girl.

    2. Anonymous12:13 AM

      ewwww but they are so dum lol 😂 🤣 xx 5SOS that is 💙 night DCR

  12. Good luck packing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Wow you are so organised and after the weekend will be twiddling your thumbs lol


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