Wednesday, November 20, 2019



It would appear that I will not be taking my thistle plants anywhere.  

IN fact, I will be killing them.

How sad, they are so pretty when they are purple.

But, as has been pointed out to me, they are banned ... YES, BANNED in the Waikato!!!

So, all my careful tending and watering and protecting is for naught.  We will be killing the plants this weekend, before they can seed and possibly spread.

I'm just a bit sad.

The Nodding Thistle (ABOVE) is the chief culprit, and I know it is just a bloody weed.  I had no idea the one I am growing is on the banned list too.  It looks nothing like the nodding thistle by the way.

Now today?  *sigh* ... twiddling me thumbs?
There is only so much I can do around here now.  Most things have to wait until the end of the month.

Then it will be all go, go, go.

OK... I just said 'twiddling me thumbs'... which is ironic cos that's the last thing I will be doing!

Just so ya know, I've tried quite a few creams and ointments to try and alleviate the pain:

ABOVE: This is some of them, I know there's at least two more somewhere around here.
NONE of them help.  And nor do over the counter painkillers.

So I'm pretty much giving up on pain relief ... but I will try and find a suitable brace to at least help it from getting worse.

Right, I'm off to start the day.


Getting shit done today after all.
Lacy came out ... so I got her onto the bathrooms.

ABOVE:  Everything came out of the cupboards and drawers... and she cleaned them for me.
That's a good job done, instead of leaving it till the last minute.

She has had a lesson in how to clean properly... I did pop her balloon when she thought she'd done it 'perfectly'.  lol

OH WOW! I took a Tramadol. For the thumb pain. And it's worked! My thumb, which was throbbing and hurting like hell this morning, is no longer sore.

Hmmmm... is it advisable to be taking Tramadol every day though? Tell me.

I sliced the top of my thumb this morning on the clothes basket... put a sticky plaster on it of course.
Then this afternoon Marley decided I didn't need that on me thumb, and she took an hour (I let her)... to lick and nibble it off.  It kept her highly amused ... was sorta cute.

Dinner tonight is home made chicken burgers.  I'm thinking they will be yummy.

8 pm:  And Yep, dinner was lovely!  I added beetroot chutney and Caramelised Onion Relish to our burgers, it makes SUCH a difference!  So much flavour, which we just love.

Full as a bull now... probably going to blob out for the rest of the evening in front of the TV.
Like... well, most nights!  lol


  1. As i lol about your thistle plants... Gordy says take them who is going to know u have them unless u tell them or they visit u..

    1. I agree its your garden and im sure the hybrid ones dont seed and spread miles

  2. Take yourself off to the physiotherapist for your thumbs, if the stupid doc does't want to help. They'll give you some exercises and treatments (probably a few sessions) which will help a lot.

  3. Chris, I use Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 hourly on my thumbs, gives me relief. I can send you some if you can't get it locally.

    1. Thanks Chick, I will be going out soon so will look for it.

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    yes go out she did, and did not see my tex saying I was heading out lol, I'm I'm patiently waiting. . twiddling fingers 😂🤣
    #Lacy 😊

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    missed a few little excuse is... Nothing no excuses I'm useless lol absolutely useless...i drove home with my head down in shame lol nah 🤣 but got some more goodies lol 😂 ***and I would like it noted I do not go and help my parents for goodies or anything...only leftovers***
    always happy to help xx
    #Lacy xx

  6. Hi Aunty, Tramadol is fine to take daily. A lot of people take it daily for chronic pain. Great that it worked for you! 😊

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Perhaps a good idea to make sure that Tramadol is compatible with other medications that you are taking as it can have quite a few side effects. Otherwise god that it worked for you. Audrey

  8. Penny6:16 PM

    Just don't mix it with alcohol! I know you don't drink much. I had a glass of wine with Tramadol once and had a harf time convincing my sister I hadn't had the whole bottle!

  9. What in the world is beetroot chutney? Do you buy it or make it? Post pics of those 2 condiments! I have never tried either! Also - what is the concoction you eat every morning, these days? I look your food influences! You introduced me to Pork Belly!


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