Saturday, November 23, 2019


Today at least, it's going to be all about gardening.

I want to get the yard 100% done for the very last time.

Stew and I will do all the weeding first, then he can do the edges and mow the lawns.

THIS is one of the very first things that made me think of moving from here.

The huge yard and all the time and effort it takes Stew to keep it tidy.

He works more often than not 50+ hours a week in his job, and to see him have to spend a whole day doing the gardens and lawns?  Well I decided it just wasn't fair.

Add to that the other reasons and well... it really is the best thing for us.

So, I'm hoping like hell it's not a blistering hot day, and we have heaps of cloud.  I simply can't hack the heat we have been getting lately.

I am not a summer lover at all ... at least in winter you can add more layers or just stay inside.  Over summer there is no escaping the heat... bar jumping in a pool.

As we won't have a pool straight away at the new house... I will just have to suffer... and bitch and moan about it!  *smiles*

Anyone who's been reading my blog for a long time will know I'm good at bitching and moaning eh? lol

Now... other than gardening, I'm going to pop into town at some point to find a couple of soft overnight bags for when we move from here to a motel.  I've ummm... packed all we already have!  Didn't even think of it at the time.


Before I could go buy bags, Stew found some in our wardrobe, so that's a saving.

We went outside to do the gardening, and I lasted like... 20 minutes before I was done!
I just can't be in the sun too long before I start feeling over hot and ill.

So, I've come inside to make up some more boxes... so we can box up the wood we have for our brazier.

Stew has been out in the garden for 4 hours already, and he's still not done.  Poor bugger, it's so very hot today too.

I took a photo of him mowing the lawns, and decided to do the 'HEDGE' photos:

 ABOVE:  I have wanted that back hedge to grow and give us privacy ... and FINALLY!  It's high enough.  And we are leaving.

ABOVE:  See?  It has finally covered the neighbour's windows for us.
Stew is 50% done on the lawns, then he will be DONE here.  I bet he's thrilled to bits.  I know I am.  

Though, I will miss our gorgeous back yard. 

Busting for a piddle, so I'll make this quick.
Nice evening.
Nice dinner of chicken steaks, wedges and salad.
Off to bed soon cos I'm tired and it's stinking HOT.  Airless.


  1. I'm with you Chris, I can't deal with the heat !! We've already had some very hot days here...thankfully I work mostly in air-conditioning!!

  2. It takes me about 5 hrs to do our lawns they r huge...dont know how long i can keep it up.

  3. You certainly have a good sized back yard there ... hopefully you and Stew manage to put your feet up tomorrow and enjoy some relaxation.

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Stew must be so looking forward to that easy lawn at the new house. So close now.


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