Tuesday, November 26, 2019


*smiles*.... I promise not to do a number countdown every day!
But today?  Yeah.  Cos we are in single digits.

When we signed up to buy our next home, we had 8 weeks till settlement.  It seemed an eternity!

Now... we are nearly there.

So, I'm celebrating single digits. 

First up today I'm off to get me latest blood tests done.  My HbA1c count is bound to be high... cos I've not been good at all.

I'm also having the 6 month follow up blood test, for various things I was put at risk of, when I pricked my finger on a needle in the Rest Home.

I've been hanging out for the follow up test to be honest, all going well I can finally relax about all that and put it in the past.  I should have the results in a few days.

Once I'm home from that, if it's not too hot I will do some housework, washing, and so on.

Then I might read a book.  Cos well... I can.

I will now show you the garland I put together for our new home:

ABOVE:  It is very understated.  And I love it.
The 'candle' is fake, runs with a little battery.  No mess.  

edit:  just remembered we have some little fairy lights on a copper wire, perfect for wrapping around the garland!  It won't need anything else after that addition.   Hmmm... wonder what box THEY are in?

Now... off to get me porridge.  Funny how I am still loving it.


Felt sick all morning.  Nerves about the blood test no doubt.  I went to the Lab and the nurse was really lovely.  She remembered me from when I went in 6 months ago after the needle stick.  She reassured me that all was bound to be OK.
But ya just never know do ya?

Anyway, as I walked away I said to myself "Another last for here in Cambridge", cos the next time I have blood tests it will be in Hamilton.

I'm feeling quite woozy now, don't know why.  Maybe I didn't sleep well AGAIN.

There's so much going on around our property now!  When we bought here 3.6 years ago it was so QUIET.   Now it's all go with new housing developments starting all around us.

 ABOVE: This is at the beginning of our road, there were once a couple of lovely old houses here.  Now they are long gone and the developers are digging up the land for ?  No doubt heaps of houses.

ABOVE:  Then over the back fence of the neighbours behind us, used to be all farm land.  We had cows as neighbours for 3 years.  Now... it too is being ripped up and sub-divided into hundred of sections/houses/shops and a new school eventually!

And this morning I woke to hear a digger two sections over from us, and it too is being ripped up ready for development.

So, kinda happy we are moving.  We won't have to listen to construction work for the next goodness knows how long, probably years.

So, as it's much cooler today, I've been washing the windowsills, and windows that need it.  Trouble is, I'm feeling sick as a dog.
I'm NOW starting to think it's the Metformin I take for diabetes.  I had stopped taking it for MONTHS, but started again about a week ago.

And I've been feeling sick for about a week... I thought it was the Tramadol, but now?  It's gotta be the Metformin.

Grrrrrr.  I suppose it's just my body getting used to it again, but still.  Just so annoying.  Very bad timing I must say.  

Now I have to ask myself... keep taking it and hope I get over feeling ill... or stop taking it again?  Hmmm.

So anyway, I'm taking a break... I've done about half the house's windowsills.  The rest can be done later on today.

And shoot me now.  I'm looking at that garland on my fireplace mantle ... and I'm already thinking "I WONDER WHERE I CAN PUT A FAKE FIREPLACE IN THE NEW HOUSE?"

Probably nowhere.  Which will please Stew no end.  But... we.  will.  see. ha ha ha

Quiet afternoon.  Did nothing.  Lacy came out and ate food.  Then packed up the wood we have for our brazier.  Then she went home again.

I'm going to Card Night soon.  I am sure it will be fun, it usually is.

Stew will be late home, he's in Rotorua today.

9.50 pm:  A lovely evening playing cards.  I was the loser tonight.  But it's all fun.  I will be still coming over for Card Night once we are in Hamilton, I enjoy it far too much to stop.  *smiles*

Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like it is a good time to be moving.

  2. Why not do a countdown? I like it!

    1. I don't want to drive people mental! Or get accused of bragging again? Dunno. I might do one every couple of days.

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I like the countdown! Keep doing it :-) Nothing wrong with being excited about a big life event ... but then again, I love moving. You are lucky to be moving before all that building starts. We have so much going on around that everything outside is constantly covered in dirt and I have never had to dust so much inside. The pool cleaner is on almost permanently. So annoying.

    1. OMG I never even thought of the dust to come! So glad we are moving!

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I guess you are better off taking your diabetes medications...you did really well when you reversed your blood results...I had a bit of a scare myself but my HbA1c was normal...I don't have diabetes.I am trying to lose weight and get healthier...very hard...our health is the most important thing...


  5. I have a friend who is diabetic who takes Metformin. She said while she does okay on it, she has been told that it can cause upset tummy for a while when you first start taking it. So could well be the issue. She get a needle now and then, too (not insulin) which has the same affect.

  6. I wondered that too chris the fitreplace loks so good...did a Christmas house tour on weekend and 2 of the house had fake fire surrounds so lovly mantel displays

  7. Chris... this is YOUR BLOG!!!! If you want to put a number up each day for your countdown then YOU DO IT!!!!! Bloody hell, it's been a long wait and you deserve to countdown these last 8 days! I am so excited for you!

  8. You have every right to be excited about your new home and as others have said,this is your blog! I dont see it as bragging,just excitement about your new home. I have taken metformin on and off and getting back on usually makes me feel like crap for several days. Hopefully it will level out in a few days. And keep that countdown going!

  9. Perfect timing on the big move! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. I'm excited about your move! I've been following it on Facebook!


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