Thursday, November 28, 2019


ABOVE:  That's gunna be my bathroom in a week!  I love the lights above the vanity.  I might just put a footstool under the bench on the left hand side.... for makeup application.  *smiles*

So... back to today.  ???
I have NOTHING to do .... it's driving me mental cos I know how busy I will be in just a few days.

I might just scrub the dog's area down... the dogs are going to Auckland on Saturday so they won't get it too grubby in two days.  One less job to do next week, and something for me to do today.

And that's all from me for now... 


10 am:  And I've been into town to get a couple of jobs done.
And  I kinda ended up in the gift shop again.
And saw these and just had to get them for my Christmas Garland!  Remember peeps, 50% off:

 ABOVE:  They will fit in perfectly with what I already have! And come on!  Blue berries?  Yeah.  Had to get them.

Standing, yakking to the saleslady... she asked me why we were moving... so many people do!  I think it's because we are leaving just the most lovely little town?

Anyway... I'm yakking and me phone rings.

It's from my DOCTOR.

I'm like... shit.

She says 'Christina, I have some bad news for you'... and I immediately want to die, thinking it's bad news about the needle stick results.  You know, I imagine I've got HIV or Hepatitis C right?

Then she says "Your HbA1c results are in and they are not good.  You have gone up to 94, which is very bad".... 

... by then I've started breathing again... and say "Oh is that all, phew!"

Apparently the 'other' results are not in yet.  So I still have to kinda hold my breath.  

Anyway, I tell the Doctor I'm not worried about the HbA1c at all cos I know I can turn it around.  I've done it before, I can do it again.

ABOVE: So there ya go... I've been bad and that's the proof.  Now to start fixing it.
Bye bye sugar in any form.
Except for me porridge, I'm not giving that up!

A while ago I bought some more 'patchwork' clips to use on my stall.  For holding runners on the screen and so on.  They cost me (close your eyes Stewie)... $60 for 60 clips.  I thought it was an OK price to pay.

Then Bex told me about WISH... and how they are dead cheap on there.  GRRRR.... wish I'd known about that sooner.

I ordered some and they arrived today.

ABOVE:  60 clips for.... $9.

NEVER going to buy shit without checking if it's on WISH first!  I feel utterly ripped off.

But way more clued up now. Thanks Bex.

I just finished scrubbing the dog's area and taking down the dog pen too.  One less thing to do next week.

It's now lunchtime and I'm going down the road for a club sandwich, and to do the Mail Redirection Order.  Must not forget that!

Well I got sick of looking at boxes and things to do (on the weekend)... so I went into town and did the Redirection order, then bought a sandwich and went and had it at a girlfriend's home.  We sat on the front porch and yakked for a couple of hours.  It was lovely.

Now home and I might make up more boxes so they are ready for the last minute stuff on Sunday.  I already thought I'd made up enough, but NO.  *sigh*

I'm going out tonight.  Spur of the moment decision.  Will tell ya about it tomorrow.

Gotta go, got stuff to do.  Catch ya later ... after dinner.

10.37 pm:  Well I went out for a couple of hours, came home and had dinner, which was humble Saveloys, spuds and chuck wagon corn.  But lovely all the same.  It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner to be nice for sure.

Now it's almost bedtime, so catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh boy. Scary 😞

    Love the garland 💙

  2. uh oh!!!.... please turn that number around!!!! On another note: I have been buying some pretty Christmas decorations too. 30-40% off at Bed, Bath and Table with other bits from Kmart (win!!!) and our local $2 shop / discount store. Reindeers and sparkly Christmas trees and.... yes... nativity sets. Love them!

  3. Another duck in the row wonder how many mess ups post gets b4 they get it right...wish quality isnt all that wonderful but if they can hold on a couple times before snapping be good

  4. That result is really scary. I use Wish and also Aliexpress - everything is crazy cheap!

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Ek, id be freaking out over the hbc1a result - its pretty scary.

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Does that mean you went off your diabetic medication??

    1. Yeah ... I packed a wobbly with my doctor and kinda stopped taking it. Knee jerk reaction, only hurt myself. But I a can be a bit of a twit sometimes. My own fault entirely.

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM


    3. Anonymous8:54 PM

      I made the medication comment but not the 7 lol

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Savs have a lot of sugar (and garbage) in them. My son works for a "famous in New Zealand" up market meat company and no one will eat the savs as it's basically pigs assholes, snouts,lots of sugar and offal.


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