Monday, November 11, 2019


Well... it's exactly THREE WEEKS until the movers arrive!

I had a flip flop of tummy nerves just thinking that.  Time is flying!

This week I plan on doing a bit of cleaning with the move in mind.
Today will be windows/windowsills again.
We did them all just before our first Open Home, but they need doing again.

No rush now though, I am bone tired to be honest.  I want to just potter around for the next three weeks, take my time and just relax a lot.

Cos for sure, I'm gunna be damn busy as soon as Monday December the 2nd arrives, as that is packing up day ... 'PROPER'.

ABOVE:  I forgot to show you my Market Stall from yesterday.  It was a different set up from what I usually do.  I like it like this though.  People had better access to look at everything, and I think the back 'wall' of table runners was better noticed this way.

NOT that it helped with sales yesterday.  They were virtually non existent!  Oh well... hopefully the January markets will be better.

I often look at places on Google Earth, and the other day I decided to check out my Mum and Ron's home in Australia.
For the past few years, there has only been a pretty blurry satellite image.  Now though, there's been a new image taken, and it's a really good one:

ABOVE: Mum's partner Ron does an amazing job keeping their conservation block looking AMAZING!  Mum does her bit with the pretty gardens too of course.
They are extremely lucky to have a bore for water, so can keep everything green, and more importantly  ... wet.

There are so many disastrous fires over there right now... it's very scary. They both spend a good deal of time hosing down their home and garden/trees.

I hope the fires stop soon and no one else is lost in them.

OK... time to get me porridge and enjoy the view out of my bedroom window ... cos in three weeks the view is gunna change from my bed.


Lazy day my god!  Done diddly squat.  Reading a book.
Waiting for wax to cool down so Brylee can rip the hairs off me legs... she's been looking forward to doing that forever.  Evil bitch.

I zapped the bottle of wax for 40 seconds, but it was too long... so now we have to friggin well wait.. and wait.

And 30 minutes later, we waxed my legs with Veet Wax.  Total waste of time.  Didn't do a good job AT ALL, and was just so messy.  Sticky, ikky, shitty stuff.

Tried me chin too... it worked, but still ikky.
Chucked the rest in the bin.  Back to pre-waxed strips, they seemed to work best.  And NO mess.

The day is going so slooooow.  I'm bored to death.  But am enjoying reading my new book.  I'm about half way through it... might have to go to the op shop for more soon.

6 pm:  And I just finished my first book in YEARS.  And it was a really good book.  Postcard Killers, by James Patterson and Liza Marklund.  Highly recommend it.

Now I better pull me finger out and make dinner.  People EXPECT dinner.  *sigh*

And that's done. Tonight's dinner was a lovely cheesy pasta with medium rare steak.
Very nice.

And now?  I'm signing off for the day.  It's been a quiet one today.


  1. Yes the fires are dreadful..of course no replies from the txts ive sent anthony he has a property in the bush but not sure if its near the fires and even though he treats me like shit he still my baby boy and cant help worrying ya know hey

  2. Your stall looks so bright & colourful, shame it wasn't such a successful day financially.

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Stall looks amazing well done you! Tick tock tick tock haha George's Mum.

  4. Everything you do seems so amazingly colorful!
    I do exactly the same thing on Google Earth, I love it!


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