Wednesday, November 13, 2019


So, remember I sent an email to Para Rubber yesterday, just saying what shit service I got in the Hamilton Store?


THREE responses.  Two from, I presume, someone in head office. Very apologetic and assuring me he would get to the bottom of it.

The other was from a man who worked in the Tauranga store.

Both were very helpful, and I got most of the information I needed to make an informed decision on our new pool.  I still have questions, but am sure they will now be answered.

Seems the person who 'served' me yesterday is going to be getting some more training.  
She needs it too. 

And I am told to expect a phone call from the Hamilton manager today.  So all good. 

THREE WEEKS TODAY..... (I feel like I said that on Monday).... but oh well.  THREE WEEKS TODAY we get the keys to our new home.  
I expect we will spend a few hours there on the evening of December 4th, just measuring up things, and enjoying owning it before all our furniture and effects start arriving the next day.

I talked to my Mum last night about the fires in her area.  They are quite close actually... so they have an evacuation plan in place.   I hope they don't have to execute it!
But they, like so many others, are prepared and ready to leave if necessary.

ABOVE: This is a photo taken by my Mum's friend Christina.  She took it yesterday, she lives on the same road as my Mum.  It's a bit scary.

Back to today.  I am going to join a group of FBG's for morning tea I think.

Apart from that... no other plans.  OH, I might go down to the op shop for some books, I didn't do that yesterday.


12.20 pm:  And I did indeed go for a walk with the FBG's this morning. I met them half way and only did 2.7 kms, but it's a start back into walking if nothing else.
It was neat to hang out with the girls and natter for half an hour or so.

Might do it again tomorrow. *smiles*

After morning tea I went into town (Cambridge) and did some op shopping.

ABOVE:  I know!  Yep, I bought a blue glass vase.  I have somewhere in mind for it in the new house!  And yep, got some books.  I was pleasantly surprised at their price, only $1 each from the local Hospice Shop.

I'm looking forward to going to all the op shops in Hamilton.... * insert evil laugh here *

As for the books I bought today, I'm hoping I've not already read the Patricia Cornwell ones... I can't remember how many of her's I've read, but it's gotta be dozens!  If I find I have read them, no loss.  I will just take 'em back and get something else.

Time for some lunch, then I might plough into one of those books for the afternoon.

MUM update:  they are all good.  The temps have dropped and therefore the fire risk too.  They are still on guard for any change, but are safe right now.
They are probably sick to death of the phone ringing from worried friends and family, but we all care.  

7.30 pm: another very successful dinner tonight.  I did the chicken/bacon/cheese roll up thingee again.  This time I used some onion and basil pesto too... it was delicious!

And best thing is, we have enough for everyone's lunch tomorrow too.

I'm now going to enjoy watching some TV, might read some more and just chill out.


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I was just reading the latest news on the fires and thought of your mum. It is frightening how fast it has moved and so much devastation. I hope it bypasses them and their besutiful land.

  2. Hope your Mum stays safe.

  3. Dam.. That's definitely too close for comfort.. Hope you are OK... Thinking off you all in Oz...

  4. Glad the temperature has dropped a bit they desperately NEED rain and a break for sure. We have hideous strong winds and makes me think we wouldnt have a show in hell if a fire broke out with that wind. I read yestrday 2 adukts and a nine yr old boy caught lightimg seperate fires they should be made to go out and help fight the fires

  5. Thanks to all our blogger friends for your concern, we are ok, just tired on edge all the time. THE OLD MOO.

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    leftovers 😉 😊
    #Lacy 💙


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