Monday, November 04, 2019


I'm gunna be sewing all day today.
I have a market next Sunday, and as it's my last one for the year, I'm making sure I have plenty of stock.

I made a few more of the Wine Bottle Hats yesterday:

 ABOVE:  These two are technically NOT Christmas ones, but they are adorable!  I will be making a few more 'non' Christmas ones I think.

ABOVE: These are the 6 I got done yesterday.  I can now do about two an hour, so I might aim for another 6 today.

Then I will be making a few Christmas Coasters, cos I really don't have many of them either.

Because it was so bloody hot yesterday, I'm going to take the cover off our pool and get it ready for swimming.  We might as well use it for as long as we can.

I seriously doubt we will get a new pool up and running at our new home till next summer.  Dammit.

ABOVE:  We took precautions last night with Coco... after she tried to scratch a hole in the wooden board over the dog door, put there to stop her from getting outside again.

I don't understand why she tries to get outside when the noises that are bothering her are OUTSIDE.  Silly dog.

The crate worked.  Thank god.

Brylee went over to Tauranga for the weekend.  She's due home today.  She spent the weekend with her cousin Danielle, and yesterday they walked to the top of Mt Maunganui... in the midday heat!
The twats.

But, they got up there and had ice cream, which suggests there was an ice cream vendor up there?  Not sure.  edit:  nope, the ice cream was from a shop at the bottom of the Mount.  *smiles*  Think we have had ice creams from there ourselves.

Anyway, here's photographic proof they did it:

ABOVE: Brylee looks beetroot red.  Silly girl wearing jeans.
After they got down they went for a swim in the sea... I felt a bit jealous of that!
Such a gorgeous day for it.

So well... that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


12.40 pm:  And I've not managed to get much sewing done so far.
Done quite a bit of housework. Fluffing around with my stall set up AGAIN.
I'm always thinking of a better way to display stuff, which isn't always a success. 

Brylee just got home from Tauranga.  She's got work this afternoon, I hope she's not too tired!

Here's what I've managed to get done this morning in the sewing room:

ABOVE:  Not Christmas ones, more a Waikato and Kiwiana combo.  I think they are just lovely.

So many people come up to me at markets and comment on how lovely and BRIGHT my stall is, and tell me it's what drew them over.  That's so nice to hear, cos I do love my brights!

Right... off to make some more stuff.

2.10 pm:  And I've made two more Christmas Wine Bottle Hats.  And that's it for them.
I will make a few more 'non' Christmas ones today and tomorrow, then move on to some Christmas and Waikato Coasters.

ABOVE:  Guess I packed my sewing room rubbish bin.  I made a bit of a mess in there.

But, it's a clean mess, unlike when I did Pottery.  That was really messy and dusty.

Brylee has gone to work, so it's just me and the dogs again.

I've just had lunch...  left overs from last night's dinner.

Time for a little break ... 

7.08 pm: And I got quite a long break due to my friend Sue T calling in after work for a natter.
Lovely visit, then it was time to make just two more 'hats' then prepare dinner.

Which is beef steak baked in the oven with veges layered on top.  I'm no fan of steak, so hopefully cooking it this way will make it more palatable?

10.53 pm:  And dinner was wonderful!  Total success.

Now... I'm literally falling asleep in me chair.  Pretty tired obviously.  Heading off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Way to go brylee.. Hard yaka with jeans on.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Shot girls, hay Danielle I might head over this week, keen to to the mount walk again 😊😁

  3. Oh man, so beautiful! Oh - I like the Wine Hats too!

  4. The wine hats look wonderful, love that view from the top of the Mount, getting icecream used to be the reward for climbing up there, we used to go to the shop opposite the camping ground. The girls did well.

  5. The heat has been mental here too Chris time to get our pool clean

  6. I am sure there are endless color combo's to use on those! Christmas is short lived, those other ones can be used year round and still be "festive"!

  7. But, it is clear you are modeling the wine hats on DIET COKE bottles!

  8. Fabulous Brylee and Danielle had a gtg and good of them for making it to the "top of the Mount""

    Always stunning views from there and the ice cream rewards far worth the effort.

    Wont take long for your pool to heat up now your weather is on the summer course!!!

    We were going to do the walk up,,, then Icecream treat in august when we were home,, but had run of wet and very cool weather, so did the pilot bay shop for goodies and pics and reminiscing instead (smiles)

  9. Anonymous9:11 PM

    mean 😊 leftovers 😉 see ya tomorrow then lol xx 🤣😁
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Totally random and off topic but i got myself an air fryer over the weekend as it mostly just me and my youngest home these days. Super easy and quick! Cooked roast kumera and chicken breast for dinner tonight. No added fats etc. No mess. Crispy potatoes. Juicy chicken. I got if from Kmart for $69. Might be worth looking at for the nights its just you and Stu. 😊

    1. Thanks for the idea, I will certainly look at one. Anything that makes cooking dinner easier (and healthier) is right up my alley.

  11. Can you share the recipe? Sounds interesting. Thanks :)

    1. I seared the rump steak in a frying pan, then I sliced it into large pieces and laid it on baking paper on an oven tray. In a bowl I put diced up red onions, whole cherry tomatoes, diced capsicums and diced carrots, then I added some olive oil, herbs and spices to taste, garlic salt, and tossed it all around. Then placed it on top of the steak. Then I laid some thin potato wedges around the entire lot and fan baked it in the oven for 35-40 minutes. It was lovely.

    2. Oh in hindsight, I would lay it all on the baking paper, poke holes in the paper and sit it on a rack ... on the tray, as it produced quite a bit of fluid.

    3. Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of doing that - sounds like a yummy winter steak recipe.

  12. Maybe some fun New Year's Eve hats? Great for hostess silvers and golds...

  13. I'm so excited, looks like my oldest is moving out so I'm going to have a sewing room. Hope she doesn't change her mind!


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