Saturday, November 09, 2019


This morning Stew and I are taking the last of the little stuff to our storage unit in Tamahere.

We are hoping to get the kayaks in the unit as well, but obviously won't know if they will fit till much later today.

I have asked Griffin to come around and give Stew a hand with the heavier stuff.  Hopefully he turns up, otherwise it will be up to me to help.
And I'm having a lot of pain with my friggin thumbs.  Have I told you about me thumbs?

Pretty sure I've got Osteoarthritis in them.  They hurt like hell, particularly the right one.  Trying to pick up heavy things hurts, even vacuming hurts now!  

Not impressed, but I suppose it's all part of aging... yeah, like having limited time left eh?  *snort*

Still laughing over that comment!

 ABOVE:  I'm probably going to try and get a brace like this to help prevent some of the pain.

The other thing I've noticed in the past few months is this:

ABOVE:  Same hand, index finger.  Had this annoying lump on the top, then the nail started growing weird.  It's a Mucoid Cyst, pretty much harmless thankfully.  Just another little funky thing going on. 

I wonder what will be next?  *smiles*


Off to get the furniture truck shortly.  I'll be helping Stew after all.  Griffin is 'sick', which probably translates to 'hung over'.

The weather is holding... fingers crossed for tomorrow!

We got the last of our small 'inside' AND 'outside' stuff, and the kayaks into the 2nd unit.  Very happy about that.

We are now heading off to Hamilton to have a nice lunch, then order the new kitchen fridge.
We hope they can deliver it to the new house  the day after we move in.

 That will be a big, fat duck in the row. 

4.32 pm:  back from Hamilton.  Had a so-so lunch at the Base, then went over to Heathcotes and ordered this:

ABOVE:  Last time I asked how many they had in stock, (about a month ago), I was told 27.  Today they only had 10.  So I think it was prudent we bought it today and are having it delivered once we move into the new house.

After that we got some price labels laminated for tomorrow and then came home.

BUT not before doing a 'drive by' of the new house.  *smiles*  The other day I watched the people who bought our home do a 'drive by' here too.  Funny.

OMG so tired.  Stew has spent the past 3 hours just mowing the lawns.  I've spent 3 hours finishing off packing up the garage stuff.

There's three 'piles':

1. Stuff the movers will take.

2. Stuff we will take, like flammables and paint.

3. Dog stuff that we are taking up to Auckland, along with the dogs, on the 30th.

Seriously, I don't think there's much more I can do now till the last few days, when I will pack up all the food and stuff left in the kitchen and our personal stuff/bathroom stuff etc.


We had fish 'n' chips for dinner... no one had the energy to cook.
Now... watching some TV and very soon... off to bed.


  1. Osteo is the proverbial pain in the butt, although I don't have it there, just everywhere else!! I'm even finding that when I wake up in the morning my hands feel like they are seized up! I'm not doing much crafting at the moment so I don't know what's up with that. I hope 'with the time I have left' it doesn't get any!!

  2. I have the same problem with my thumbs,also the tops of my feet, which makes it painful to walk.Take panadol, takes the edge off it a bit.Nothong else seems to work,any other ideas anyone,.THE OLD MOO.

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    shot guys 👍

  4. Sandy in the USA3:36 PM

    Chris, I have the same problems: painful thumb joints, knees and ankle joints. At my wits end, I ordered the Copperfit gloves (they extend beyond the finger joints and the ends are cut off so they are like 'fingerless' gloves) so it's easy to do housework and anything else like that. I bought the Copperfit ankle 'socks' with the toe end cut off half way along the foot so they basically fit most of the foot and up past the ankle. I also bought the fabric knee brace. I use all of these products every single time I start to get those horrible aches and pains and they are FANTASTIC. I don't know how they work, all I know is they work for me. They aren't that expensive and I would say, give them a try and see what you think. These products work wonders for me and the hubs too.

    1. Thanks Sandy, I certainly will try them. I can get them on Trademe here for around $50.

  5. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint.
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    I have arthritis and lots of problems with my thumbs if I am not careful. My physical therapist had me get a splint for each hand. I only wear them when I am having pain. I ordered from Amazon. The name and company are above.

  6. Are you going straight from this house to your new one or will you be "homeless for a few days"/?

    1. Pretty much straight to the new house. Spending three nights in motels so we can pack up the beds etc.

  7. OH man I worry about getting arthritis too. I need my fingers to craft lol. Getting all your ducks in a row for sure! Excited for you.


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