Monday, November 18, 2019



Have an awesome day, and we will see you tonight for dinner.

ABOVE:  this is one of my favourite photos of Griffin, taken a couple of years ago in Taupo.

It is now only two weeks till the movers arrive.

This is my life:

ABOVE:  Boxes and boxes of stuff.  I packed another 12 boxes yesterday afternoon.

And today I am heading into Hamilton to get MORE BLOODY BOXES!   At least now I don't have to pay for them.

I've also got a car load of small cardboard boxes to drop off to Lacy.  She's going to burn them all for me... so we don't have to put them out with the rubbish.  They are too small to use with the packing up, in case you are scratching ya head!  lol

While in Hamilton, I'm going to try to find a decent map of our new 'home area'.... there's nothing in the stationary shops.  I will try the AA and Hamilton City Council.
I really want one so I can enlarge it and use it to track the streets I walk, as I walk them.  Like the FBG's do here. 

I am not planning on setting up an FBG group in Hamilton by the way.  It's just too much work!  I am going to stay an FBG Cambridge member, but also do some walking on my own once we have moved into Hamilton.

ABOVE: This is the 'area' I want to walk.  I envision it taking me a few years, as it's a much larger area than Cambridge.  I am determined to do it!

I was talking to Stew about it when we went for our little walk on Saturday, and I might do it walking AND biking.  That way I actually have a chance to complete it.  There's plenty of cycle paths in this area, making it safe to bike.

Right, time to get a move on... nothing is getting done lying here in bed that's for sure.


12.30 pm:  OMG what shit weather we are having today!
I've had to stand and wait several times before leaving the car or building due to the downpours.

But it is what it is.  It's good for the gardens and farms etc.

I got me boxes, hopefully I don't need any more.

After picking up boxes I went to the Base.  I had a wander around.
Went into K&K for a look-see.
And nearly spat the dummy and gave the shop assistant an earful.


 ABOVE:  SEE all the 'in ya face, can't miss them' signs in the shop?  Telling you about the sales, deals etc right?

WELL... anyone would think I was friggin dumb, couldn't read or was just blind, because the sales lady literally followed me around the shop pointing out all the sales and 'SPECIAL DEALS'.

She was driving me mental, so I just stopped, looked her in the eye (think DIRTY LOOK) and I walked out of there.

Why do they do that?  It really, really does my head in and the last thing I want or need is for some twat to annoy the fuck out of me when I'm trying to enjoy my shopping.

Grrrrr.  Rant over.

I didn't find a map suitable for enlarging at the AA, so I've asked Stew to wander down to the city council for me.  Hopefully they have something, otherwise I will have to try and copy some off the internet.

You all know I got some business cards and coffee mugs from VistaPrint recently eh?
Yeah, and they kindly sent me a Tax Invoice too.

ABOVE:  Yep.  So far I've received SIX of the exact same invoice.
I'm starting to get really annoyed with them now.  So, I sent them a very nice, polite email asking them to STOP sending them.

I'm getting a headache, and actually starting to feel really CRABBY.

Might have some lunch then dodge the showers and bring in me new boxes.  

Stew just sent me a photo of a new shop opening up in Hamilton at the end of the month.

I'm worried.

ABOVE:  We really don't need this in our lives.  We were safe when the nearest one was in Auckland.  *sigh*
Neither of us have that much self control right now. 

ABOVE:  A very short clip of Griffin blowing out his 'candle' at The Foundation in Hamilton.
We had a wonderful dinner and evening with him and Brylee.  

Home now and off to bed shortly.


  1. Havr put a post up on FB for Griffin..but..
    Haooy Birthday Griffin, Hope you have A Fab Day.. 🎉🎊🎁🎊🎉

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Happy Birthday Griffin 💜
    hope you have a good day, 18 now aye 😊 xx
    #Lacy ❤️

  3. Happy birthday Griffin.Have a good day and enjoy dinner with your family.THE OLD MOO.

  4. Happy Birthday , Griffin!
    I am afraid to ask...... What is MOVENPICK?

    1. It's just the most AMAZING ice cream EVER!

  5. Ice Cream!!!!! Oh Dear! I was thinking shopping, and fabric - but then wondered what they would have for Stew! Ice Cream explains it all!

  6. Oh my god movenpick seriously delish its gonna be a tough one to avoid

  7. I shouldn't laugh but your obviously crabby day has me giggling. You express yourself so well. Hope it improves.

  8. Probably find the poor sales chick is told to push the sales. A lot of places are like that now. Drives ya batty!

  9. Maria6:00 PM

    I think that's K&Ks policy as I've had that in several of their stores. The worst was the lady who pulled open the curtain while I was changing to show me another dress. Lucky there wasn't anyone else in the shop as the change room was in full view if there had been. I've never gone back to that shop!

    1. OMG I've had them open the curtain too... so IF I ever want to try something on I tell them DO NOT OPEN THE CURTAIN or I will immediately leave the shop! It's an invasion of your privacy and should NEVER happen.

  10. I was going to ask what is Monenpick,also but ice cream sounds lovely,why avoid it,enjoy.Just walk it off.


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