Friday, November 08, 2019


Well... our visitors left very early this morning for the airport. 

Deon doesn't like having his photo taken, but I did get one for you Old MOO:

ABOVE:  He's looking good. And super talkative!  OMG he can talk.  He looks a lot like both my brothers, so it was special to see him really.

I don't have any plans for today yet.  I know I need to go down to the bank to get change for my Market on Sunday.

The weather forecast is utter SHIT for Sunday, and normally I would cancel.  But as it's going to be my last market for the year, I will be doing it, rain/hail or shine.

At least I am under a shop roof and won't get too wet.

Didn't get in the pool yesterday sadly, it just didn't happen.  Might do today?  We will see.

I've got to strip the beds and sort out the bedding again.  It is all going into storage tomorrow, when we have the Storage company's truck to use.  So neat, a free furniture truck to use!  

Right, that's me for now.... catch ya later.
Gotta go make the most of my limited time left.


Late last night Brylee informed us that the toilet in the family bathroom had sprung a leak!
WTF?  It's only just two years old!

It's leaking from the cistern, well under the cistern where there's a couple of nuts 'n' bolts holding it together.  I know EXACTLY what has happened too.

ABOVE: On the left is my toilet's underside.  On the right is the kid's.

Our toilet's nuts n bolts still look brand spanking new.  The kids ?  Totally rusted out and even the rubber seal is corroded away!

Hmmmm.  'BOY' ...  2 years of constantly being pissed on will do that to nuts n bolts obviously.

So, today that will get fixed.  I think Deon said he would call back in here on his way home from Auckland and fix it for me.  

So, Deon didn't stop in, so Lacy had a go at taking the rusty bits off.
Some success, but one side is being a bit stubborn.  Might leave it for the man of the house.

We went down to our local Mico Plumbing shop to get the nuts 'n' bolts we need, but OMG... they didn't have any.  WTF???

So we went to Mitre 10, and there was this really lovely young man who found us the parts and gave them to us ... FOR FREE!

So OLD MOO.... not money down the toilet after all!!!  ha ha ha!

Hopefully Stew can get it up and running again tonight, cos I don't want all and sundry using MY LOO. 

Coronation Street... then bed.  Nothing else happening around here tonight.


    You truly are a good sport!

  2. Well you know your time is limited - don't want to be djng pesky toilet repairs :-)

  3. You will have to buy new fittings,more money down the toilet literally.THE OLD MOO.

  4.,hosting down house and Bush down drive and in front of house. E.xtremme fire Danger,and smoke everywhere, cant see town at all.So you folk in NZ be thankful for rain. Nice you got some free bits for the toilet, there are still some good people about.YHE OLD MOO.

  5. I hope the rain holds off for you. Have a wonderful weekend.


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