Friday, November 29, 2019


ABOVE:  Yeah, that's ME in the blue.  Stew trying to shove me out to sea and some skinny bitch laughing at me.  But she's ugly, so I'm all good.

Have you heard that saying "I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can diet" ... I love it.

Now... Obviously I'm a bit concerned about the unfavorable HbA1c blood sugar result.

I'm not stupid.  So.... *sigh*... last night I did something I vowed I'd never do again.

I re-joined Weight Watchers.

NOT to follow the 'programme',  cos they are always changing it and annoying the fuck heck outta me... but more to be accountable to more than just ME.  AND I might even meet and make some new friends too?

I think I will be a bit more determined to get the HbA1c number down and keep it down if I'm doing it with SUPPORT.  And if that support is through WW, so be it.

I clearly can't do it on my own.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT WEIGHT.  It never will be again. It's about health.

The meeting I attended last night was in the suburb we will be living in, but it's a very, very small meeting.  Last night there were 5 there, sometimes it's only 1 or 2.  So, I will attend a few meetings in various locations in Hamilton till I find a meeting I feel comfortable with.

Now, just in case ya didn't know already:

Yeah.  Three more sleeps here, three in motels then we be sleeping in our new home.  

I'm so ready for this move I tell ya!  It's going to be so awesome setting up a new home, I won't be getting bored any time soon.  *smiles*

*SQUEALS* ... getting a bit excited.


Oh my it's been a busy morning.  I packed up the pantry, and only kept out on the bench what we need for the next few days.  Same with kitchen ware.
I've filled two more big boxes.

Lacy has arrived and is in here:

ABOVE:  Scrubbing out the pool again.  It went green in the past week!  I didn't put chemicals in it...  and in this weather you just have to!  So, by Tuesday it will be gorgeous again for the new owners.

I've got a few more little jobs to do today... then I can relax and do nothing.

Well... lucky I stayed home today, because I'd forgotten Stew's sister was popping in on her way up to Auckland.

It was lovely to see her and have a good yak.

ABOVE:  Our first Christmas present.  Another thing to pack up! *smiles*

Lacy has gone home, it's STINKING HOT and I'm tired from doing bugger all.
I might take a nap... it will pass a couple of hours if nothing else.

4.35 pm:  I'm feeling frustrated.  The pool has not started to clear up at all today.  The pump has been on for around 6 hours and it should have started to look clearer.  Grrrr.
Stew talked me through how to do a 'backwash' of the pump, so I've done that.  Now I hope it starts to clear.

We just had huge thunder clouds pass overhead, and now we have a little bit of rain.  It's helped cool the afternoon down a bit.  Thank god, it was getting diabolical.

Stew is going to be late home tonight (not too late though), so Brylee and I are going to have something quick and easy for dinner.  Not sure what though, cos there's virtually no food left in this house!

I'm really happy with how well I've managed to run the stocks down, so much less to unpack at the other end.

Brylee finished working at the Rest Home yesterday.

This afternoon she found out she has secured a new 'over summer, casual' job in Hamilton, which COULD turn into a more permanent job after February.

So all good there!  She can still pay her board.  ha ha ha.

Right, rant time.

BLACK FRIDAY SALES. Are we a State of the USA now?

NO. So why the hell do we 'celebrate' friggin Black Friday? (And Halloween?) (I DON'T)

Why do all the retailers have sales today?


Greed. Money. Profits.


It totally does my head in how so many people/retailers adopt American 'traditions'.

Next thing ya know we will have Thanksgiving Day here too.

How about Independence Day? Veterans Day. Columbus Day. Memorial Day. President's Day and Martin Luther King Day. And god knows what else. Let's go the whole hog!

Grrrr. Rant Over.

Stew is home from his work end of year function.

He's now off work for a week.  Next week he will be home for 'THE MOVE'.

It's now the end of the day and I'm signing off.  Now watching the finale of Master Chef Australia.  It will be really interesting to see who wins.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    YAY YAY YAY 6 sleeps. So exciting! My no is 80 and I need to pull finger too but I'm an emotional eater and I have had a few months of it lately however I've set a goal to get serious.

    1. I'm an emotional eater too... and the stress in this house for the entire year has been high... hence going off track. But, I'm sure you and I can turn it around.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      We will Chris. Oh I'd love to be in that pool right now.

    3. Anonymous1:19 PM

      We will Chris. You motivate me.

  2. wow only 6 days to go. So exciting. You are so right Chris - it is about health not weight. Well done you for rejoining WW if that is going to help get that HbA1C down. You can do it.

  3. I love the countdown

  4. Lacy's a good egg! You'll do well on WW - like you say it's the support that you (we) need! Your move will be very exciting - all that floofing of the new house!

    1. Anonymous10:05 PM

      yes 😁😊 I am a good egg xx
      #Lacy xx

  5. Oh hope u not leaving that beaut urn by the pool. Lacy has been a god send to your move xx

    1. Anonymous10:08 PM

      thank you for your lovely comment but as I have said many times before...I am just me doing what I think us Kids should do naturally xx
      #Lacy 💙

  6. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Shot Brylee 😊

  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    At least with weight watchers you can attend more than one meeting per week so you could go to the local one as well as another one. It is nice to have support... I always really like the meetings... Good that Brylee has found another it in aged care?


  8. I totally agree about Black Friday!! We are in US at the moment and the TV ads are wall to wall Black Friday ads. Stu joked that we could get to the shops by 6.30am with the rest of the crazy crowds.. Hell no. I like the idea of "Thanks giving" as it is a non-religious day where all people can give thanks but as you said, not for New Zealand. Good luck with your health going forward and with your move. Not long now!

  9. Good luck with WW. Well done Brylee all the best with the new job. We have Black Friday sales as well. Some folks cross the border and shop US. But the Merchants here have caught on and have equally as good sales here. People were lining up to get into the Mall on my drive into work. I will be avoided anything to do with it. Have a lovely weekend.


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