Thursday, November 14, 2019


TODAY.... Our youngest child (by birth) turns the big 30!

He was my easiest birth by far... very short labor and almost no pain!  Considering he was 10 pound 4 ounces, that's saying something.

ABOVE:  Some photos of our boy from recent and older photos.  Interesting how often that freakin' beanie pops up!  *smiles*


Today?  I'm going on an FBG walk first thing this morning, which will be followed by morning tea at a local coffee shop.  That should be a nice way to start the day.

I will then come home and potter around the house... There are a few jobs I can do I suppose, I might even start packing up food items (non perishable) that I know we are not going to be using in the next 2.6 weeks.

Yes, I'm still doing the countdown *smiles*.

I got a phone call from the owner of the Hamilton Para Rubber shop yesterday.  He was wonderful, said he was going to sort out the lack of knowledge with his staff member, and was very apologetic about the 'service' I got the other day.

I've dealt with him before, so fully expected a good response.  In fact, Jeoff is going to be coming out to our new home once we move in, to help us ascertain which pool would be best suited for our site.  

And we will be employing him (in a limited capacity),  to oversee and help out with the installation where necessary.

So I'm feeling much better about that now.

Another little duck sorted and in the row. 

And that's all I have for now... I'm off to get ready for my morning.


Woo hoo!   Got mail:

ABOVE:  The last parcel I expect to get here in Cambridge.  My business cards and the two coffee mugs arrived.
Now we have 5 coffee mugs in the house *laughing*.
I will be using them for my markets though, not in the house.
I'm very happy with the cards.  250 seems like an awful lot, I wonder how long they will last?

My 9.30 walk got cancelled as it was raining at 7 am.  Now of course, it's not raining at all and we could have gone.  Happens all the bloody time.
Once I move to Hamilton I will be doing walks on my own more often, and it won't matter if it's raining or not.  I like walking in the rain.

Of course, I could have gone on a walk on my own today too... but I chose to lie in bed and read a book for a while instead.

Now though, I'm going to attack the pantry.  Pack up a few things.

 ABOVE: Brylee and I have managed to empty 6 more kitchen cupboards, and condense the pantry and baking cupboards down to just 8 shelves.

Lacy?  Came out for left overs.  Of course.

ABOVE:   We have probably got 2 more big boxes of food to pack up in the last couple of days, then the kitchen will be done.

Well it's now 5.30 pm and I'm cooking dinner.  It's gunna be an All-In-One Potato Salad tonight.
Diced Potato, Bacon, Onion, Tomato, boiled egg and mixed veges, all stirred together with a Potato Salad Dressing.  

It should be nice.

I feel like we should have a birthday cake ... But we didn't have any.  *sigh*

The potato salad was WONDERFUL, we all enjoyed it.

Time to sign off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How far is your new home from your current home? Will you be able to stay with the Fat Bottom Girls? How far from your kids? I just wonder if you will be closer or farther from all of these things?

    1. We are currently in Cambridge, moving to Rototuna, Hamilton. The distance is about 30 kilometers, or approx 18 miles. I will be staying with the Fat Bottomed Girls. We have four grown kids in Hamilton, so much closer to them. I will be much closer to all the shops I frequent, which is awesome. Also, Stew works in Hamilton, so hopefully his travel time will be less... though given the traffic in Hamilton, that is debatable. Time will tell.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Mike.
    Love the coffee mug and business cards.

  3. Maybe you can start your own version of FBGs in Hamilton.
    Also the Country Yard has moved to 55 Port Rd in Whangarei, for when you go up there in January.

  4. Nice cards. Hey, I had an idea... when you move why don't you put up a permanent display in that workroom? You could sell and market your creations from there via Facebook etc. You could certainly make appointments for people to come and view or have items tailor made! Just a thought :)

  5. Been following your blog on ipad last week or more ,,,so up to date with whats happening at your home etc

    Hope its still ok where your Mum is etc Like us they are packed and prepared to go which is good .
    We are not in the immediate danger area and very close to the sea which helps..

    but dont seem to be able to comment on ipad (cos in the smoke areas for bushfires keep something thats mobile with us not the office PC which I am on today

    Its exciting all your moving plans etc and think The guy from Para Pools is gr8 and will get you ones up and running asap once you move in in less than 3 weeks now Wow not long


  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Happy Birthday Mike 🎂🎉😊❤️

  7. Happy Birthday to Mike. Looks like you got your pool sorted away. Good luck packing up the house.


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