Saturday, November 30, 2019


TODAY... we are off to Auckland.

The dogs are going to spend the next week with Steve, Bex and the boys.

Such a relief we don't have to put them into a kennel.  I have never had a good experience with kennels.

The girls will LOVE LOVE LOVE being with the family in Auckland.

Archer adores Coco, it's going to be difficult getting him to give her back I reckon.

Tears will be involved I feel sure.

So, we will be leaving mid morning and getting home again mid afternoon.

Because we are expecting visitors tonight, we can't stay for dinner, but that's all good.  We will need a quiet night before the madness starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have to do the final packing up of everything we have been using for the past few weeks.

So in fact today will be a 'relaxing' day.  lol

TOMORROW IS DECEMBER... Our moving month. *%#  WHOOP  WHOOP  WHOOP *%#


8.55 am:  And we are still fluffing around trying to get ready to leave for Auckland.
Stew is just putting our big BBQ on the trailer.
We are doing a swap with Steve and Bex.  Their small BBQ for our big one.
We just don't need or want a big one now. 

And at our new home there isn't anywhere outside to put the big one either .... well except right around the back of the house, and who wants to stand on their own out the back of the house doing the BBQ if you have visitors?

Yeah, no one. 

It is going to be a scorcher of a day.  It's already unbearably hot in the sun.

But, it is SUMMER ... so I better stop bitchin'.

ABOVE:  Tie down time.  Then we can leave.  
Must not forget the dogs....

...12.15 pm and we finally got here. It was a stressful trip. A cable broke then all four burners rattled off... so 4 times we had to stop on the side of the BUSY AS HELL road to fix things. 

ABOVE... the dogs are VERY VERY interested in the RABBITS.

The boys and Stew have gone to get some lunch now... then we will be heading home.

7.31 pm:  We are safely home again.  It was a very stressful trip up, but a good one home again.
We stopped in at Mitre 10 in Hamilton before coming home and ordered a cage for the trailer.
It will make trips like that much easier in the future, and next weekend for sure.

In no particular order:

 ABOVE:  I do believe this will be the dog's 'spot' over the next week.  Stalking the rabbits.
The just can't get enough of them... or rather, they'd like to get them.  

Not sure if they would play with them, or eat them!

 ABOVE: Archer and 'his' Coco.  Though he seems to be enjoying playing with Marley too.

 ABOVE:  Coco curled up n Steve... 

ABOVE:  And under the table with Dante. 
They didn't seem upset when we left... the little tarts.

When we left, Steve had a bushy beard and moustache.

ABOVE:  Then he sent us this photo, and asked us "Yes or NO".

I said "Nah, NOPE, NO F*@ken Way!"

So hopefully he has shaved it off.  Shudder worthy that is!

But OMG he looks like my brother Vern!!!

Don't you think so OLD MOO?

Our expected visitors just cancelled, so it's just us tonight after all that.

I'm signing off now, it's so bloody hot and muggy all I want to do now is blob out in front of the fan.


  1. Sold sign in the back ground Chris have a great day safe travels

  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Wow it’s getting exciting, it’s silly I can’t wait to see what you do in your new house. Have a great weekend, Jo

  3. Haha my poor bunnies keep getting stalked lol marley now stands in that spot and just eyeballs them 😂😂 and coco is loveing that mint spot.

  4. Look at the love for their dad in those little mens face. Glad u home safe.

  5. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Steve looks hot with a mo!

  6. Anonymous9:35 PM

    wow Steve yea you sure do look like Uncle Vern xx
    Glad you are home safe Ma and Pa 😊 see you giys tomorrow xx
    #Lacy 💙

  7. Haha, that wink along with the goofy 70's mustache are to die for! So funny! It seems the mustache is coming back into style, but sorry Steve, that one is WAYYYYYY too dated! And, I didn't even notice that was Stew holding your new #5! Good idea!


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